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In a perfect world, waking up with glowing, healthy hair would be as easy as snapping a selfie. Every curl would catch the light with radiant shine and unbelievable volume. Frizz? Never heard of her! There's no such thing as a bad hair day with beauty goals so high they're out of this world. Let's come back down to Earth for a minute and celebrate the fact that as busy beauty gurus, we can't always be on our style A-game. That doesn't mean we can't all enjoy A-list hair tips. A few simple, time-saving hair hacks can mean the difference between average and amazing when it comes to achieving healthy hair.

At RevAir, we believe in living life unfiltered. Check out these ultimate time-saving hair hacks for all of our adventurous fashionistas. Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your day looks like, and most importantly whatever your hair type, these hair hacks can help to simplify your daily hair routine. 

Choose a Low Maintenance Hairstyle

Finding a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle is a lot like finding your soulmate. Stop fighting against your hair and learn to embrace your natural hair. The first step to this is to get to know your hair type. If your hair is on the fine and delicate end of the spectrum, you'll want a style that creates fullness and dimension. Curlier hair types should spend some time getting to know their exact curl pattern, then select a style designed with curly hair in mind (i.e. no styling tools or heat treating required).

For glam goddesses with Type 1 or Type 2 hair, consider layers to enhance your natural volume, add movement, and keep your hair from looking dull and lifeless. A chic A-line bob is one of our favorite low-maintenance hairstyles that looks as if you've just stepped off the runway.

Wavy hair that falls between Type 2 and Type 3 has some of the most versatile options when it comes to easy hairstyles. Some of the most popular looks are a tousled pixie, long and layered, or an asymmetrical bob or lob.

Easy natural hairstyles for curly and coily hair range from cute and casual to date night sophistication. For active lifestyles, consider a protective style for Type 3 and Type 4 hair such as Senegalese twists, Fulani braids with beads, or classic box braids. Protective hairstyles are an excellent tool for shielding your natural hair from the elements without sacrificing the look.

Embrace the In-between

You may think washing your hair more often is the key to success, right? Wrong!

Top stylists have weighed in with their go-to hair tips and the consensus is clear: less washing means healthier hair. Most recommend washing your hair every 3 days for Type 1 and Type 2 hair, and every week to 2 weeks for Type 3 and Type 4 hair. This is because frequent cleansing strips away moisture, leaving hair dull and brittle. Curly hair is especially prone to breakage when over-washed.

Our top curly hair hacks to avoid over-washing are a leave-in conditioner, and a nourishing pre-poo treatment prior to washing days. For straight, sleek, and fine hair, add a touch of Argan oil to your daily routine in place of a pre-poo treatment and use dry shampoo to extend your hair for longer between washes. 

Get on Your Hair's Schedule

Once you've got a healthy hair calendar in place, you'll find that caring for your hair properly actually saves time. No more rushing to dry your hair before work. Get your curls on a routine schedule with these fabulous hair hacks for managing the days between washes.

  • Carry a travel-sized bottle of dry shampoo in your purse or gym bag
  • Treat your hair to a refreshing moisture mask at least once a week
  • Use budget-friendly hair hacks like coconut oil to tame curls without harsh chemicals
  • Opt for a reverse air hairdryer over harsh heat styling, like the RevAir Reverse Air Dryer

Never Underestimate Conditioner

A good conditioner is the single most important tool a DIY stylist can have.

From sun exposure to routine styling, our hair undergoes a lot of stress throughout the day. Environmental stress strips color, weakens the delicate proteins in each strand, and unravels natural curl patterns, leading to frizz, breakage, and dull, lifeless hair. Deep conditioning is the best way to prevent and reverse damage -- and the simplest too!

Look for a high-quality deep conditioner designed for your unique hair texture. A good conditioner should be free of parabens, sulfates, and TEA (or more technically Triethanolamine).

When it comes to time-saving hair hacks, the best hair tips are often what not to use. Many of these ingredients are non-water soluble, which means they'll suck up the moisture from the hair itself. In some cases, they're even combined with drying alcohol and cheap wax. 

When we invest in ourselves -- and the right products -- it saves time in the long run. No one likes fitting in a corrective styling session at the salon or fighting with their hair for hours every morning. Simple consistency with the right hair care products is key when it comes to hair hacks that work with your hair, not against it.


Curl Small Sections

Soft curls are one of the most timeless styles on the list of top trends. However, frequent curling and heat treating is time-consuming as well as damaging for your hair.

Rather than curling every strand, try styling sections instead. For straight hair, curl only the bottom portion for a gradual, rippling effect. For messy waves, add a few curls throughout to give your hair an edgy chic.

This same hack can be used for straightening hair too! On days when you're running short on time, straighten the strands closest to your face, sweep the rest up, and enjoy face-framing radiance without an extra twenty minutes added to your routine.

Busy? Make Bedtime the New Haircare Time

Sometimes it may feel like there's just not enough time in the day to focus on a sustainable health and beauty routine. One of the best hair hacks that everyone from runway models to celebrity stylists to every day goddesses use is taking advantage of your "out of office" hours to fit in some extra hair care.

Make bedtime your new haircare time. Not only is this a relaxing nightly ritual, but dedicating 5-15 minutes to yourself is a great way to unwind and practice a little self-care throughout our busy days. Try an overnight hair mask designed to have you saying "I really did wake up like this."

On days when you aren't quite in a full spa experience mood, use silk hair wraps and silk pillowcases to combat overnight static.

Type 1 and Type 2 hair can be braided before bed so you can wake up with gorgeous, rippling curls. A volumizing spray is a great hack for thin, delicate hair that needs an extra boost before bedtime.

No time for a shower in the morning? Try showering at night and patting your hair dry. You can smooth the curls with a light round brush to keep the shape while you get your beauty rest. Be sure to spritz your braid with a nourishing blend of hair oil or apply serum to lock in moisture while you sleep. In the morning, use a styling cream liberally throughout and brush through with a flat brush or wide toothed comb. Tame any frizzy or unruly sections with your RevAir and walk out the door with both confidence and plenty of time saved in your morning routine.

Get the Right Brushes

Just as the right products are essential for your unique hair type, finding the right brush is equally important for time-saving hair hacks. All hair types will benefit from a detangling brush, while textured natural hair can be brushed with a wet brush, unlike more fine and brittle Type 1 hair.  A flat brush, paddle brush, or boar bristle brush is a great option for curlier hair. 

Delicate hair types will prefer a volumizing option, such as a round brush. Round brushing fine hair while drying (even with a reverse air hairdryer) is a fantastic way to sculpt, smooth, and style without adding an extra step to your morning routine.

Feel like your hair texture falls somewhere in between depending on the season? Save room in your beauty cabinet for a few different brush options. Having all of your hair tools readily available will help you better manage sudden humidity shifts and other factors that may affect your hair's texture and quality.

The best hair tips are the ones that make our lives easier. There's no need to search the world looking for a salon-approved brush. With a bit of knowledge of your unique hair type, finding the right brush is a convenient and simple way to improve your at-home haircare routine.


Loving your hair is like any other relationship -- sometimes a healthy hair dynamic is all about compromise. On days when you simply don't have the time to properly style your hair, focus on the strands that frame your face and give yourself some grace for the rest of your hair. Baby curls, wispy strands, and a half-up, half-down 90's vibe is the perfect way to make the most of what some might call a "bad hair day". 

Styling products are your best friend on days like these. Be sure to keep clays, mattes, and gels on hand for easy sculpting on mornings when your hair needs a bit of a lift. Volumizing powder for thinner hair and Moroccan oil for dry, textured hair are great additions to any beauty cabinet. Don't forget to accessorize! Headbands, scrunchies, hair ties, and bows can take a ho-hum style from dull to dramatic in seconds.

With a little flair, it's easy to convince the world that you never have a bad hair day.

Start living your life unfiltered! These healthy hair hacks are the best way to save time in your natural hair styling routine without compromising the look. With all of the #hairinspo available, it's easy to lose sight of the best hair tips of all -- the ones that focus on simplicity and amplify your inner beauty.

Let us know what your go-to hair hacks are for saving time on your hair routine. Keep styling and keep living the adventurously glamorous life with RevAir!

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