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Checking off your summer bucket list shouldn't come at the expense of your hair. Protective styles are a great way to continue growing out natural hair for Type 3 and Type 4 textures while staying on-trend. Minimizing damage to your radiant curls is key when it comes to enjoying a #hothairsummer.

You love the pool, and can't wait to hop in this summer. But there's one problem: Every time you take a dip, your hair takes a beating. The chlorine in swimming pools might be great for killing bacteria and keeping swimmers safe from disease, but it's harsh on the hair and skin. So should you avoid swimming this summer? Of course not, but, there are ways you can protect your precious strands from the potential damage caused by chlorine. So let's explore how chlorine affects the hair and skin.

The summer has finally arrived, filled with long days in the sunshine and swims in the pool. We all enjoy hanging out in the water, often wishing these dog days would last forever, but spending long hours outdoors.

Ever had one of those "I wish I had discovered this sooner" moments? For those with curly hair, plopping is one of these moments.
Here are the top 12 hair heat protectants that'll shield, protect, and strengthen your hair - which is crucial for hot, sun-filled summer days. 

From wind and rain to funky fashion colors and bleach, our hair puts up with a lot. The average head of natural hair undergoes hundreds of changes throughout our early 20's and 30's, not to mention those wild teen years (who thought THOSE bangs were a good look?). It's not surprising all of our “don't-care” days have done some damage to our delicate curls. 

Summer is here, with temperatures soaring high. We all love the season because it's time to vacation, travel, and enjoy barbecues. However, the heat can be uncomfortable. The high heat and humidity get to most of us - and our hair. Summer means fun, pools, and beaches, but it also means cute summer styles. Finding the right hairstyles that protect your hair and accentuate your style and beauty can prove challenging.

Bad hair days happen a lot more often when our hair isn't healthy. Having beautiful hair every single day isn't something that happens by accident. However, you may not realize there is a lot you can do to improve the health of your hair. You don't even have to spend a lot of time or money to do it. Here are some quick and easy hair tips that will allow you to wave goodbye to bad hair days for good.