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Your summer hair care routine needs an update to keep your fall hair healthy and shining. Welcome autumn with the team at RevAir and these fantastic summer to fall hair care tips for transitioning in style.
"How am I not bald yet?" If you have curly hair, chances are you've exclaimed this question out loud to your comb, bathroom floor, or shower drain. Hair shedding is a very common phenomenon, especially for thicker curl patterns. However, seeing a few strands caught in your brush can be alarming. You may even be left wondering if you're going to wake up to a bald spot! Hair loss in curly hair can be a frightening idea.
Sleeping with wet hair can seriously damage your soft tresses.Wet hair is twice as likely to break, fray, and split. Read more to find out about how to care for your hair and avoid breakage.
National Hispanic Heritage Month may last one month, but you can honor your heritage all year round! Let's look at the hair care tips from Latinx people on keeping your hair shiny and healthy - whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, or curls!
When we take the time to create special memories of hair days at home, we're honoring our kids' natural hair and empowering them to love their locks. RevAir has put together the best curly hair hacks for parents to make doing your kid's hair a breeze. 
National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of Latin culture. We honor the legacy of Latinx style icons, pioneers in the natural hair revolution, and trendsetters that have inspired the hair and beauty industry to reach new heights. Explore the impactful influence of the Latinx community on natural hair.
When our hair looks good, we feel ready to take on the world. Learn some time-saving, back-to-school hair care hacks for teens and young adults.
End of summer hair damage is a common seasonal woe for all hair types and textures. RevAir has the best ways to combat hair damage ready to restore your hair's vibrance.
If you're tired of fighting flaky scalp, dryness, and inflammation, it's time to take back your hair care routine and banish dandruff and build-up for good.
With the much-talked-about frizz-free results, it's no wonder the viral bowl method is #trending. Discover everything there is to know about the famous bowl method for curly hair.
Treating your hair to DIY hair masks boosts confidence and makes us feel our best from the inside out. Find out the best DIY hair masks, DIY hair mask ingredients, and the benefit of working in an at-home salon day.