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Did you know that the most common curly hair complaints are due to not caring for your hair correctly? Get to know your hair a little better by determining your hair type and porosity.

Is your scalp in need of a refresh?  Knowing how to maintain a good balance can be difficult when caring for a healthy scalp.  Find out how a scalp detox can improve the health of your natural curls.

Styling curly hair is one of our favorite items to check off our beauty routine. Detangling curly hair? Not so much.

For many with natural hair, tangles are a serious source of stress on us and our healthy locks. The frustration of trying to detangle hair often means our curls' health takes a back seat. In fact, improper detangling techniques are among the leading causes of hair breakage and thinning. There's a healthier way to detangle hair without damaging the curl pattern or disrupting your hair's natural bounce and elasticity.

Many are surprised to learn that protective styles can save time in your daily routine. Find out the ultimate simple protective style look book for easy styling and healthier curly hair.
Stay on track with these 4 warning signs of damaged curls and learn how to fix your natural hair without damaging your beautiful locks further. Let's enjoy a healthy hair lifestyle by honoring our curls with gentle care and plenty of love this year.
If you're like many of us in the curly hair community, you probably grew up without seeing your hair type represented in beauty products and media. Curls weren't frequently portrayed on the red carpet and worst still, most commercial styling products were not designed with your hair in mind. Ideas of "good" and "bad" hair are easily perpetuated when there isn't enough natural hair love in the world. We're here to break down false beauty stigmas and celebrate the incredible diversity of healthy hair.
A few simple healthy hair routines can dramatically improve edge growth for natural curly hair. Learn the 5 tips for gaining edge control and length and make 2023 your best hair ever.
Healthy hair is the foundation of confidence. These simple tips can help you refine your routine in the new year for softer, more luxurious natural locks.

The weather outside may be frightful, but your hair doesn't have to be. Take a look at these winter hair care hacks to add to your routine.

Join the RevAir team in setting 2023 natural hair goals you'll stick to. Cheers to a new year and new hair!
Whether you're looking for a big change or a subtle step outside your comfort zone, 2023 is the year for good hair. 
What are your new hair resolutions for 2023? Get inspired RevAir's new year's resolution list for healthy, glowing locks.