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    We all get into this mode where we will literally try anything to make sure our hair is healthy. Sometimes it is because we see something viral going around the internet, other times we just get curious and want to put our recent Pinterest pins about hair care to the test.

    Sitting home scavenging the house for something to do is extremely painful. You know you have made it to the depths of your boredom when you are just wandering around your house.

    One of the greatest cures to boredom is learning how to do something new. It saves you from staring at the ceiling but it also makes you productive, it's essentially a win-win.

    Fortunately for you, we understand boredom and want to be your cure! We have curated some easy hairstyles you can master at home.

    Each stage of life affects your body and hair differently, such as puberty, adolescence, even aging – and especially pregnancy. During pregnancy, it’s clear that the body goes through many changes…ever wondered how specifically it affects your hair? In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at the changes (both good and potentially bad) that pregnancy can bring to your strands...

    The hair salon has been the home for women and men making drastic changes to their hair. Whether it’s bleaching it, cutting it all off, perming it, or even braiding it, the salon has been the safest space for people to do their hair. Hairstylists are professionals, so they make you feel more secure and confident in making alterations to your hair.
    If there's one thing I know, it's that natural hair needs correct care - which means taking protection to the next level and not just assuming that the products and techniques you are using are right. When it comes to styling natural hair, the variety can be endless, but if you are not taking protection seriously, you may end up with damaged strands and regrets. 

    In 2016, Beyonce set the trend for one of the most popular and demanded braided hairstyles today, lemonade braids. The name of this signature look came from Beyonce’s album by the same name. Her visual album Lemonade is perhaps her most signature work, garnering the singer nearly a dozen visual award nominations.

    The album gave us an hour-long retrospective of Beyoncé, and lots of representations of black hairstyles, including the popularized Lemonade braids.

    Winter weather can be very harsh on all hair types Your hair needs protection from the cold to remain soft and healthy. It’s important to defend your tresses from breezy air, damaging winds, static electricity, and even indoor heaters.

    Cold weather outside combined with dry indoor heating can wreak havoc on your strands and result in breakage.

    What better way to get ready for your date night than to try some new hairstyles to see which makes the cut for your special night? We’ve curated 10 hairstyles for hair types 1-4 that are trending this season. We’ve even added some tips for jewelry and outfit ideas. Check them out...