Who We Are

RevAir is a high-tech beauty company that is unafraid to change the game.

Our commitment to our customers is second to none.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative, disruptive and life-changing products so you can live a life unbothered and uninterrupted.

Origin Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was one dad’s struggle to do his daughters’ hair. In a move brought to you from equal parts resourcefulness and desperation, using vacuum suction to make ponytails became our “ah-ha” moment.

After nearly four years in development, hundreds of prototypes and thousands of trials, RevAir, “The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer,” was launched in 2018 by a passionate and highly skilled team of beauty industry experts who knew this game-changing system would truly benefit all who use it.

We’re here to truly make your hair dreams come true with our revolutionary hair styling tools, cleansing shampoos, enriching conditioners and so much more. That’s why you can find us ideating, exploring and creating so we can develop the next best products to make them a reality.

Our team is just as determined to provide tips and tricks to boost your hair care routine, all available in our Healthy Hair blog. Revitalize your hair after too much heat or too many chemicals. Customize your daily regimen to fit the season. Learn how to detoxify, hydrate, protect, style and so much more for your lovely strands. We’re happy to help you at every step along the way.

Our Beliefs

We believe that loving your hair is important, no matter what type. And we’re here so that everyone can have a great relationship with their hair. From frizzy hair products to formulas that give you fuller tresses, we have what you need to bring out your natural confidence.

Our Purpose

We’re driven by a desire to enhance and empower people’s lives. Everyone wants - and deserves - to feel good about how they look. So, we create and innovate disruptive and life-changing products that let you live your life unbothered and uninterrupted.

We challenge the notion that hair care has to be time-consuming, damaging or frustrating.

We create positive hair experiences that empower everyone to feel confident and proud about who they are, exactly as they are. (Yes, that means you!)

We support a happier hair journey for every walk of life, inviting you to discover an easier, faster and healthier way to achieve YOUR desired styles with the best hair tools and products out there.

We're confident that you’ll LOVE your new RevAir products, and we want you to know we’re here for you if there’s a little trouble in paradise. We’re ready and waiting to help!

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    Advisor Manager

    Genuinely connecting with our owners is the best part of my job. Seeing the difference that RevAir makes in real lives is everything. ❤️

  • Lorena headshot



    At RevAir, we really add a personal touch to each interaction and it’s so rewarding to provide that kind of service to our users.

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    I love working for RevAir because I’m given the flexibility and power to go above and beyond expectations to really make someone’s day!

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    I love making each customer experience with RevAir feel special for each individual. Every person is my priority.

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Words from our founder

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"We get to hear every day how RevAir has helped so many people and how our customers love their RevAir, love how it works for them and love how we support them. Because of this, all of us at RevAir love what we do each and every day."

-Scott Thomason, Founder & CEO