boost length, density & fullness

Get long, full hair for all textures and walks of life with this collection of hair growth products.

Woman shampooing hair in the shower

step 1 cleanse

We offer an easy start for increasing hair density and getting longer tresses. Boost Fullness Revitalizing Shampoo removes product build-up throughout the hair and scalp to help you increase hair fullness and overall wellness. For healthier-looking hair, use Revitalizing Shampoo every time you shampoo to support a healthy growth environment for fuller strands.

Woman working product through her wet hair

step 2 condition

Boost Fullness Rejuvenating Conditioner restores moisture to the scalp and hair with every use to create a strong growing environment for all hair types. Vitamins for hair growth are infused into this nourishing formula to continue cultivating longer hair. Stimulate your scalp for better hair fullness and length, thanks to this creamy product that supports smooth detangling.

Woman spraying conditioning leave-in treatment on her wet hair

step 3 treat

Our unique Nourishing Scalp & Hair Conditioning Leave-In Treatment supports a healthy growth cycle for improved density, length and fullness. Trust the clean, vegan ingredients in this proven treatment for your healthy beauty regimen. It’s that simple to become an expert in how to get thick, full hair that helps you feel confident.

Woman with twist outs hairstyle drying her hair with the RevAir dryer, inset closeup showing deeply conditioned hair strands, and icons representing heat activated ingredients

revair advantage

The Nourishing Scalp & Hair Leave-In Treatment, when used with the gentle styling device, provides a deeper penetration of the conditioning elements into the hair. Make the most of these hair-fullness products with a fast, easy-to-use RevAir device.

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