hydrate, replenish, nourish & detangle

Take care of dehydration for all hair types with this enriching hair care collection.

Woman in shower shampooing her hair

step 1 two-step cleansing process

Begin with Detox Pre-Wash Rinse to remove product build-up, impurities and excess oils, preparing the hair and scalp for a more impactful cleanse. Coconut water, apple cider vinegar and antioxidants will help cleanse and tend to your dehydrated strands. Follow with the Cleansing Oil Shampoo for a luxurious lather that gently cleanses while leaving hair soft. More coconut water combined with hyaluronic acid and olive leaf extract all work together to replenish and hydrate hair.

Woman with wet curly hair combing product through hair

step 2 two-step conditioning process

After cleansing, apply the Deep Conditioning Treatment to restore moisture levels and provide superior slip for easy detangling. Follow up with a light spritz of Hydrating Leave-In Conditioning Spray to lock in moisture and get heat protection, then comb through and style.

Woman squeezing a drop of RevAir moisture-rich scalp oil onto her hand from the product bottle

step 3 finishing moisture seal

Seal in moisture and shine with Moisture Rich Hair & Scalp Oil. The lightweight formula is sheer enough for daily use. Infused with olive oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil and the ideal blend of vitamins, this hair and scalp oil can be used on damp or dry hair to help make dehydration and frizz a thing of the past.

Protect and Polish Duo: Hydrating Leave-In Conditioning Spray bottle and Moisture Rich Hair and Scalp Oil bottle

protect & polish duoThe Perfect Pair

Prep, protect, preserve, and finish with a duo that is rich in benefits and versatility. Each can be used on wet or dry hair and are lightweight enough for daily use - providing the extreme hydration your curls will drink up.

Weekender bag with 5 hydration haul products including detox pre-wash, cleansing oil shampoo, conditioning treatment, leave-in conditioner, and moisture-rich scalp oil

full regimen save even more

Get the top-selling Weekender Bag with your full hydration regimen! Soft, buttery neoprene with zippers and interior pockets—perfect for a weekend trip, duffle bag, or storing your RevAir device.

Woman using RevAir device as closeup of hair shows deeply conditioned hair strands, and icons represent heat-activated ingredients
RevAir device plus RevAir hair care product

revair advantage

The Hydrating Leave-In Conditioning Spray, when used with the device, provides a deeper penetration of the conditioning elements into the hair. Encourage faster results and pamper your dehydrated hair like it deserves with this winning duo.

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