RevAir is for all hair types and textures! The Reverse-Air Dryer works best on hair that is at least 3 inches long. RevAir is the only hair tool on the market that can also dry extensions, twist-outs, braids, locs, and wigs in half the time. The 7 tension options and 3 heat settings allow you to choose the combination that works best for your unique hair.

Absolutely! Unlike traditional drying methods, there is no heat blowing directly onto the scalp, face or neck. RevAir eliminates the tugging and pulling of hair with a comb or brush and dries hair in less than half the time. RevAir is totally #kidapproved

No, internal temperature sensors maintain even heat significantly below the temperature where hair is subject to heat damage. RevAir is designed with 3 heat options. Setting II heat measures at 220°F/105°C while Setting I heat measures at 158°F/70°C. Setting O is our no-heat ‘cool shot’ option.

No, RevAir’s technology stretches and smooths hair using gentle warm airflow. Your curl pattern will not change and you can expect your curls to bounce back after your next wash day.

Yes!  RevAir offers multiple payment plan options that allow you to receive your RevAir just as though you paid in full today. You can choose between Shop Pay Installments or Afterpay during checkout. Visit our knowledge base for more information on available payment plans.


No, your hair cannot get stuck or caught in the RevAir Wand. The only thing inside of the Wand is reverse airflow - nothing that can snag or pull hair strands.

Diagram showing RevAir wand features and airflow pattern: Reduced Heat Exposure, 3 Heat Settings, Root to end drying, uniquely engineered wand

Each hair section size should not exceed the size of the Wand opening.

If your hair has a lot of density or volume, start with slightly smaller sections to allow free/unrestricted airflow within the Wand.

Should a section of hair be too large in volume, the Heat Chamber will shut off, indicating the section size should be reduced. Simply remove the hair section and retry with less hair. The Heat Chamber function will reset and resume automatically.

Drying times vary by hair type but commonly range from 30 to 90+ seconds per section.

To ensure a section is dry, pull the Wand a few inches from the scalp to feel for dampness. If you still have a bit of dampness, repeat until the hair feels dry, noting the time it took to get it just right.

Once dry, pull the wand away from the scalp, comb through, and move to your next section.

You can use your favorite leave-in products before Reving. Freshly washed, damp hair is RevAir’s best friend. The Reverse-Air technology does all the work by sealing the cuticle around your products, so you can use less product and expect better results! The best products to apply before you Rev should have "slip" and are meant to hydrate and/or seal:

Products that don't play well with your RevAir are those containing fixative or tack-building ingredients that are meant to create volume or hold. These products cause hair to harden inside the RevAir during use which can negatively affect results or cause tangles. Examples include:

  • Styling Gel
  • Mousse
  • Hairspray
  • Thickeners
  • Texturizers
  • Paste

If your roots are not drying, likely, you are either not holding the mouth of the wand against your scalp for long enough, or you may not be reaching all the roots of a given section.

Be sure to reach the full scalp area by gently moving the mouth, or even “dabbing” it with a gentle motion around the scalp, focusing the wand mouth where you want the heat concentrated. You may also find improved results by making section sizes smaller.

When build-up occurs on or within the filters, it obstructs the airflow of your RevAir. This can cause your device to run hotter, and the tension may even be noticeably decreased. Be sure to remove and scrub the Filter Basket often for the best airflow.

Keeping your filters clean is crucial to maintain your RevAir's performance over time. Visit our knowledge base for complete maintenance instructions.

When used properly on well-maintained hair, RevAir does not cause tangling or knots.

When hair tangles occur, it can be due to a few different factors such as:

  • The tension is set too high for your hair
  • The Wand mouth is being “pumped” up and down, causing tangling
  • Your section sizes are too small or too large
  • Your section consists of layered strands of dramatically differing lengths—make sure your sections are mostly similar in length overall
  • Your ends need a trim
  • Your hair has been chemically treated or has excessive heat damage
  • You have used a product that contains sticky fixatives such as mousse or hairspray

If you are experiencing tangles while Reving, visit our knowledge base for additional tips and tricks on improving your RevAir experience.


Your heat settings are located on your RevAir Wand.

Setting II heat measures at 220°F/105°C while Setting I heat measures at 158°F/70°C. Setting O is our no-heat ‘cool shot’ option.

Start with Setting II, the warmest air. This is the setting used by the majority of users and provides the smoothest finish.

The Tension level regulates the amount, or strength, of suction within the device. Tension levels are selected on the Base by pressing the + or - buttons. The selected Tension level, between 1 and 7, is displayed on the LED pad.

The O heat setting sends room-temperature air through the wand and acts like a cool shot. This can help seal the cuticle downward for a smoother finish and lock in shine.

To find your most effective setting, we recommend starting on a tension level of “3”, and heat setting 2 (II).

Test a wet section of hair on a tension setting of "3" for 10 seconds. Repeat this process, increasing in tension setting one level at a time, until you find the level that gives your hair the best results. If at any point tangling occurs, decrease the tension by 1 until tangling stops—this is your tension speed setting for best results.

Most users find that they get their settings and technique nailed down after 1-3 Rev sessions, and then they are set for life!

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