Extreme Hydration product bottles, spray bottle, and boxes

Extreme Hydration

Infused with Coconut Water, Hyaluronic Acid & Olive Leaf Extract to help replenish and hydrate moisture-starved strands.

Everyone knows curly, coily hair is prone to dryness which can lead to tangles, knots and breakage. Our NEW Extreme Hydration collection is specifically formulated to help provide ultimate hydration and nourishment to hair during manipulation and styling.

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Boost Fullness product bottles, spray bottle, and box

Boost Fullness

Infused with Biotin, Turmeric Extract and Natural Antioxidants to help restore strands and nourish scalp.

Whether you have straight hair, wavy, curly or coily hair, we all want fuller, longer and denser hair. Our NEW Boost Fullness collection is specifically formulated with restorative benefits and creates a healthy environment for growth.

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together with RevAir

We developed the Extreme Hydration & Boost Fullness product lines to provide healthy hair benefits while working in conjunction with the RevAir device for an elevated experience. Our Leave-ins are formulated to provide a deeper penetration of actives to promote benefits faster than any other product used with the RevAir.

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  • Reduce breakage & shedding

  • Infuse heat-activated ingredients into hair strands

  • Improve health, strength, & shine