Why RevAir?

Drying hair with negative pressure airflow closes and seals cuticles from root to end and aligns strands. This leaves your hair sealed, protected and shiny. See how simple this process is with our how-to videos for every hair type.

Go beyond reading client reviews by checking out RevAir in the press to see what your trusted publications and bloggers have to say, from The New York Times to Curly Nikki. You’ll find details about our nourishing hair care lines with shampoos, conditioners and beyond. We’re here to help transform your hair journey to fit your lifestyle.

RevAir wand closeup with the text: level 1, 158F/70C, level 2, 220F/105C, level 0, no heat cool shot

No Heat Damage

Internal temperature sensors maintain even heat (158 degrees low/220 degrees on high) significantly below the temperature threshold at which hair is subject to heat damage. As a versatile hair tool, RevAir makes an exceptional curly hair dryer because it will not impact your natural curl patterns.

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Woman showing before with hair coily and after with hair stretched, and the words: Wet to smooth in minutes

Faster Drying

RevAir is proven to save you more than HALF the time going from wet to smooth compared to all other hair tools. Enjoy having more time back in your day, depending on your hair's volume and thickness.

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Mother styling daughter's hair with the RevAir device nearby and the words: No stress, no sweat, no problem

Best Experience

RevAir does all the hard work for you. The only one-handed, tear-free, mom-approved, wet-to-smooth dryer in the world. Check out our social media @myrevair to see what real people have to say about their innovative hair care device.

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Woman with twist-outs smiling and using the RevAir wand, with the words: Extensions, twist-outs, braids, locs, wigs


Meet the only hair tool that can dry extensions, twist-outs, braids, locs and wigs in half the time. With seven different tension settings and three heat settings, RevAir is the best hair dryer for fine hair and textured types. This adaptable device can be used by the whole family.

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Woman with curly hair using the RevAir wand, with the words: Friction-free airflow and arrows showing reverse air direction

Healthy Hair

Friction is the silent culprit behind a multitude of hair problems - from frizz and breakage to split ends and lackluster shine. RevAir’s friction-free airflow preserves hair’s strength, shine, color and overall health.

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