How to Rev

We know the look of RevAir is different than the dryers you’re used to. (It gives results you’re not used to either… amazing ones.) See how easy it is to Rev, rock, and go!

Hair Type 4: Coily/Kinky

Dry and prep your strands for amazing style in a few simple and easy-to-follow steps. (You’ll wish you’d gotten a Rev sooner!)

Hair Type 3: Curly

Drying and stretching your curls just got a lot faster and easier. Follow these simple steps to get yourself Rev'd and ready.

Hair Type 1 & 2: Straight & Wavy

Follow these easy, step-by-step instructions to rock your RevAir if you’ve got wavy hair. Smooth, sleek, straight—You're welcome!

Setting Up For Success

Follow these essential tips to achieve your best results.

Each hair section size should not exceed the size of the Wand opening.

If your hair has a lot of density or volume, start with slightly smaller sections to allow free/unrestricted airflow within the Wand.

Should a section of hair be too large in volume, the Heat Chamber will shut off, indicating the section size should be reduced. Simply remove the hair section and retry with less hair. The Heat Chamber function will reset and resume automatically.

You can use your favorite leave-in products before Reving. Freshly washed, damp hair is RevAir’s best friend. The Reverse-Air technology does all the work by sealing the cuticle around your products, so you can use less product and expect better results! The best products to apply before you Rev should have "slip" and are meant to hydrate and/or seal:

Your heat settings are located on your RevAir Wand.

Setting I heat measures in at 158°F/70°C while Setting II heat measures at 220°F/105°C. Setting O is our no-heat ‘cool shot’ option.

Start with Setting II, the warmest air. This is the setting used by the majority of users and provides the smoothest finish.

The Tension level regulates the amount, or strength, of suction within the device. Tension levels are selected on the Base by pressing the + or - buttons. The selected Tension level, between 1 and 7, is displayed on the LED pad.

To find your most effective setting, we recommend starting on a tension level of “3”, and heat setting 2 (II).

Test a wet section of hair on a tension setting of "3" for 10 seconds. Repeat this process, increasing in tension setting one level at a time, until you find the level that gives your hair the best results. Should you experience even a tiny tangle, the tension setting should be lowered.

Most users find that they get their settings and technique nailed down after 1-3 Rev sessions, and then they are set for life!