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Healthy Hair Blog

The relationship between mind and body is an integral part of finding balance. Learn more about self-care and hair tips for incorporating wellness into your daily routine.

Even the best hair products can have a "bad hair day" when paired with the wrong hair type. Learn more about some of our favorite products just for your unique style.
Scalp care is essential in maintaining radiant locks. We've put together a simple healthy scalp care guide to get you started.
Despite your proper hair care routine, it can be frustrating to know that you might still get frizz or damaged hair. You can still repair and revive your curls with these simple tips.
If you've reached a plateau in your journey to grow out your natural hair, don't give up hope! Instead, check out these scientific length retention tips that'll leave help you to achieve the hair of your dreams.

Health and wellness experts have found that the food we put in our bodies plays a significant role in growing long, voluminous, and radiant hair.  If healthier hair growth is one of your 2022 #beautygoals, fill your kitchen with these suggested whole foods to fuel your fab!

You already know how important hair care is. Here are simple hair habits you can incorporate to bring all those healthy curls you've been manifesting to life in 2022!
With a few easy hair tips for winter hair care, every hair type can stay sunny year-round. Find out the best hair tips for your locks.