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Beauty is so much more than skin deep. Our unique features are a connection to our heritage, our community, and our identity. Natural hair holds a deeply personal significance that resonates with how we perceive ourselves and those around us. Loving our naturally gorgeous curls boosts our confidence while teaching our daughters and sisters to love their one-of-a-kind beauty as well.

Curly hair care is often a neglected aspect of our daily beauty regimen. We tailor our skincare to our unique skin type, match our foundation to our exact shade, and pair our earrings with our nails. So why is it that our hair tends to take second place? We're so used to complaining about the "woes of curly hair" that we miss the exquisite beauty of Type 3 and Type 4 hair. A lackluster curly hair care routine makes enjoying our luxurious locks a challenge when half of our get-ready-with-me time is spent fighting our hair.

Curly. Coily. Kinky, Zig Zagged. So many ways one may describe their hair texture. But RevAir users agree on these three - sleek, soft and shiny.

The RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer continues to amaze those with textured tresses. Able to provide swoon-worthy results in a third of the time of traditional devices, and minus the heat and damage known to come along with them, RevAir really works. As reported, and raved about, from one customer REView, she has “VERY thick Type 4 hair and this was gaming changing!!!!!!” Yep, those are her 6 exclamation points, not ours. But that is just how mind blowing you will find the RevAir results.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, RevAir is continuing to WOW MOMs across the country with its unbelievable results on their Curly and Coily kiddos. This easy to use device has restored not only the health of their hair, but the health of their relationship too. The littles appreciate the lack of tugging and tangles, while the Mamas rave about the reduction in time it takes to go from wet to wonderful.

Getting the perfect hair solution for both the summer and autumn is probably every woman's dream. Most women think they must use two different hair styling methods for each season. Luckily, you can keep your curl definition throughout the seasons with proper care for people with hair types three and four.