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Stretching isn't just a great fitness prep but an essential part of hair care prep too. Learn reliable tips for getting the most out of your protective styles today.

Did you know that the most common curly hair complaints are due to not caring for your hair correctly? Get to know your hair a little better by determining your hair type and porosity.

Healthy hair is the foundation of confidence. These simple tips can help you refine your routine in the new year for softer, more luxurious natural locks.

Natural hair is beautiful, from coils to curls. We know that embracing your radiance isn't always easy. The voice of our inner critic comes out on every "bad hair day," especially when we first begin the transition to natural hair. Growing out curly hair can test our patience and make us feel as if our locks are simply not enough.

Hydration is the key to health. Not only is your daily water intake important for things like skin care, metabolic health, and overall wellness, but natural hair needs luxurious moisture to thrive. 
If you're tired of fighting flaky scalp, dryness, and inflammation, it's time to take back your hair care routine and banish dandruff and build-up for good.
With the much-talked-about frizz-free results, it's no wonder the viral bowl method is #trending. Discover everything there is to know about the famous bowl method for curly hair.
Treating your hair to DIY hair masks boosts confidence and makes us feel our best from the inside out. Find out the best DIY hair masks, DIY hair mask ingredients, and the benefit of working in an at-home salon day.

Protective styles are one of the best ways to keep your natural hair healthy while staying on top of the latest trends. Whether your goal is new hair growth or simply a new style for every season, there's a look on this list for you.

Prepping for protective hairstyles is a fun and exciting part of the natural hair routine. Learn some tips and tricks on prepping your hair and scalp for a protective style!
Have you been wondering how to make your hair grow faster? What about restoring your hair's natural strength? If the rapid hair growth mystery has been trying your patience, it's time to start thinking outside of hair products and take a closer look at the ways we can support our hair's health and wellness from the inside out.
Don't fear the salon chair. RevAir has created a simple list of tips for finding the right hair stylist, along with questions to ask your hair's new BFF. Feel confident walking into your next salon visit!