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Summer is here, with temperatures soaring high. We all love the season because it's time to vacation, travel, and enjoy barbecues. However, the heat can be uncomfortable. The high heat and humidity get to most of us - and our hair. Summer means fun, pools, and beaches, but it also means cute summer styles. Finding the right hairstyles that protect your hair and accentuate your style and beauty can prove challenging.

You have your outfit all set, shoes, and accessories picked, and nails all done - but your hair is a mess and you have no time to get it done. Why? Your friends are downstairs yelling to hurry up because you are late for the party. This can be problematic if you don't have easy hairstyles to create a look in ten minutes or less.

For sure, your hair can make or break all the effort you put into the preparations for your upcoming party. Therefore, you should have a list of easy hairstyles you can choose from if you ever find yourself in a time crunch.

So, whether you like your hair worn down, loose, flowing, or even crimped, we have a broad selection of easy hairstyles for you to pick from. Here are the top 18 party hairstyles that are easy and quick to do:

What is yaki hair? Long story short - it is a type of extension that mimics the look and feel of chemically-straightened textured hair. Yaki hair offers a different kind of glamour based on emerging trends and the urge to switch things up. Hair extensions have been trending on the style scene for decades. In fact, the global hair extension, wig, and weave market is expected to grow by a significant 8% in the next two to three years. You can also rock the look on natural hair (details below)!

So your short-tapered cut just transformed into a teeny weeny afro – leaving you in the wonder of what to do with your hair whenever the Lakeside beach beckons you to go for a swim; say once a week. 

Finding a natural hairstyle that can keep hair maintenance simple is not always easy, what with all the expectations for how hair should look. If you have naturally curly or textured hair, a simpler hairstyle can help you look great while saving you more time on prep each morning.

Fortunately, simple hairstyles are really in now according to Glamour. Many of these are due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire for natural styles while stuck at home.

If you are looking to do the same after fussing with those curls and coils for far too long, consider these eight simple styles through the rest of this year and beyond.