Easy Summer Styles for All Hair Types


Step out into the sunshine with a bold, fresh new style. Summer is nearly upon us and warmer weather calls for sizzling summer hairstyles. Are you imagining fanciful boho curls or free-spirited locs? What about going short this summer with a color pop pixie or a trendy lob? The possibilities are as boundless as the long summer days!

his summer, we don't have time for clunky hairdryers or less than amazing looks. We're doing summer our way with the freshest trends and heat-free styling because the only thing that should sizzle are these hot summer hairstyles. Get the scoop before you book your first hair appointment of the season.

Summer Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Silky, smooth straight hair is highly versatile when it comes to summer hairstyles. You can dress it up or down, sculpt and shape your look with layers and face-framing, and keep cool by going short for the season. With so many possibilities, it can be tricky to stick with just one style!

Pixie Cut Daydreams

Pixie cuts are a classic summer look that's still trending in 2022. Going short with a layered pixie is a great way to create volume and depth for straight hair. If you're feeling adventurous, pair your pixie with all-over color. The hottest trending summer hair colors of 2022 include golden bronze, strawberry brunette, and bold. bright, and magical fantasy colors. 

Can't decide which color is right for you? Add extensions when you're missing your length so you can switch out your style and color without damaging your hair.

Half Up, Half Down Bun

Create some drama and volume this summer with a half-up, half-down do! When it comes to summer hairstyles for hot days, this look is one of our favorites. A half-up bun is perfect for when you want to keep your hair out of your face, but don't want to resort to another messy bun or pony.

There are a couple of different ways to rock this trend. The first technique is to gather the top section of your hair, gently comb back your strands, twist, and secure your bun in place with a no-snag elastic. You can also wear this style with more hair down by taking only the center section of your hair at the top of your head near the part. This will lend more volume at the top.

Dress up your look with scarves, scrunchies, or go full summer goddess with a flower crown.

Summer Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

To all those blessed with wavy hair -- it's your time to shine! Beachy waves are the look we'd all love to steal this summer. While most of us have to be content with products and styling tools to recreate the magic, you get to enjoy effortless, natural waves. Find the best style to suit your lovely locks this summer so every day feels like a day at the beach.

Air Dried Waves

Embrace simplicity with light, airy waves this summer. Air-dried waves are an easy look to create and a great way to embrace your natural hair with minimal styling. After you've washed your tresses, spritz a bit of protective serum to lock in shine, then get outside and enjoy some Vitamin D! This will keep your waves from frizzing so they'll dry with dimension and movement, with no fly-aways.

If your waves tend to dry straight, this technique can still work for achieving beachy curls. Wait until your locks are still damp, but nearly dry. Braid your hair and finish the dying process, then untie your tresses for gorgeous waves with no styling tools needed. Now that's the kind of relaxed and ready for vacation hair we want to see in our summer lineup.

Supermodel Blowout

Bring back the 90s with a rad supermodel blowout reminiscent of Cindy Crawford. This timeless style is a must for naturally wavy hair because you have lots of volumes to work with. This signature look is styled with stacked volume and flipped ends. Add this to your summer hairstyles list for special occasions or anytime you feel like your hair needs a little extra drama.

Summer Hairstyles for Curly Hair 


We're celebrating natural hair this summer with the best curly hairstyles for the warmer weather. These stunning styles work well with textured hair and will have you serving looks from the beach to the club. It's going to be a hot curl summer and we've got the summer hairstyles to capture your glow!

Twists with a Twist

Protective hairstyles for summer are a great choice for natural hair. Not only can you enjoy the bests of summer activities like swimming and sunbathing while protecting your natural hair from damage, but you can change up your style, color, and look every few weeks for versatile beauty goals. Twists are trending in 2022, but not just any twists. We're talking funky hair with bold accessories this summer!

Style your twists with metallic beads and streamers for a space-age vibe. This futuristic aesthetic works great with space buns and a half-up, half-down do's. Pair with kitschy earrings for a 70's inspired sci-fi moment.

Speaking of nostalgia, 90's chic is stronger than ever. Want to channel your inner Polly Pocket? Dress up your twists with chunky, bright rainbow accessories. Cute plastic icons are a hit in 2022. Think butterflies, hearts, stars, buttons, and beads galore. Light pastels reminiscent of Care Bears era fashion are adding a touch of adorable to summer hairstyles this year.

Of course, if you're after a more classical summer vibe, seashells and mermaid accessories are always a go-to for glamming up an everyday favorite style.

Messy Top Knot

Messy buns aren't always the curliest hair-friendly style. Opt for a trendy top knot instead! Start by wrapping your hair around the base, then divide it into two sections. Pull your curls to the top of your head and center your bun. Wrap the loose pieces around, pinch and fluff your bun to achieve the desired messy edge, and finish the look with a color pop scrunchie. You can accessorize a messy top knot with retro clips, headbands, and scarves. Chunky earrings and bold jewelry look great when dressing up a messy top knot or you can opt for the athleisure vibe with a cute crop and your favorite comfy sweats. No matter how you style this look, it's sure to be an effortless stunner.

Free-Spirited Curls

Let your natural curls soak up the sun this summer with your natural free-spirited curls and coils. Loose, natural afros are trending in 2022. Big, gorgeous hair looks great at any length and can be styled in a variety of ways, from the classic rounded poof to a punk rock undercut and faux hawk. Summer is a great time to let your hair breathe while you continue to grow out your curls and stretch your tresses to support luscious volume.

There are a few ways to maintain the look and keep your curls fresh, voluminous, and radiant all summer long. Foremost, always spritz your lovely locks with UV protective spray or serum before heading out for the day. This will keep your color from fading and fight the frizz by protecting your hair from excessive heat exposure. Second, follow a natural hair clarifying routine to keep any build-up from developing at the roots, while deep conditioning the ends and strands to lock in moisture. Because tight curls are more prone to dryness, it's important to hydrate in order to maintain these gorgeous summer hairstyles. As an added tip, always opt for a swim cap, especially in chlorinated swimming pools. Chemicals and saltwater can weigh down your curls and damage your natural hair.

If your curls are beginning to weigh you down and you'd like to opt for a cooler styler, try sweeping your hair into a three bun faux hawk or trim your tresses for an adorable mini 'fro. Let your natural curls shine as you embrace a summer state of mind.

Can't decide which style would suit your hair type? Reach out to our team for style tips, product recommendations, and more!

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