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The weather outside may be frightful, but your hair doesn't have to be. Take a look at these winter hair care hacks to add to your routine.

What are your new hair resolutions for 2023? Get inspired RevAir's new year's resolution list for healthy, glowing locks.

Natural hair is beautiful, from coils to curls. We know that embracing your radiance isn't always easy. The voice of our inner critic comes out on every "bad hair day," especially when we first begin the transition to natural hair. Growing out curly hair can test our patience and make us feel as if our locks are simply not enough.

Hydration is the key to health. Not only is your daily water intake important for things like skin care, metabolic health, and overall wellness, but natural hair needs luxurious moisture to thrive. 
Your sleep habits could be the culprit behind common hair problems. We've taken a look at top stylist recommendations for how not to ruin your hair while you sleep and pulled together the best tips and tricks for combating bedhead. Rest easy with these bedtime routine hacks.
National Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of Latin culture. We honor the legacy of Latinx style icons, pioneers in the natural hair revolution, and trendsetters that have inspired the hair and beauty industry to reach new heights. Explore the impactful influence of the Latinx community on natural hair.
Prepping for protective hairstyles is a fun and exciting part of the natural hair routine. Learn some tips and tricks on prepping your hair and scalp for a protective style!
Essence Festival of Culture is back in 2022, sweeping the streets of New Orleans and beyond in a dazzling celebration of black womanhood. 
One of the best things about naturally curly hair? The versatility! Natural body and curl pattern make it easy to rock an updo, half-up look, and everything in between. Check out our top 8 styles for curly hair that will have your hair looking #flawless and have you out the door in no time!
Growing out curls doesn’t have to be intimidating. Kickstart your journey back to healthy hair with these vetted hair care tips.
With spring right around the corner, many natural hair beauties are recovering from winter frizz and brittleness. With a few simple, universal rules for restoring your hair's integrity, you can add the bounce and shine back to your natural curls.
Washing hair isn't usually at the top of anyone's weekly highlight. Find out how to save time when washing hair, support healthy curls, and reduce frizz and flyaways.