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Curly. Coily. Kinky, Zig Zagged. So many ways one may describe their hair texture. But RevAir users agree on these three - sleek, soft and shiny.

The RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer continues to amaze those with textured tresses. Able to provide swoon-worthy results in a third of the time of traditional devices, and minus the heat and damage known to come along with them, RevAir really works. As reported, and raved about, from one customer REView, she has “VERY thick Type 4 hair and this was gaming changing!!!!!!” Yep, those are her 6 exclamation points, not ours. But that is just how mind blowing you will find the RevAir results.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, RevAir is continuing to WOW MOMs across the country with its unbelievable results on their Curly and Coily kiddos. This easy to use device has restored not only the health of their hair, but the health of their relationship too. The littles appreciate the lack of tugging and tangles, while the Mamas rave about the reduction in time it takes to go from wet to wonderful.

We get it - it seems too good to be true. We have all purchased something that promised revolutionary results, only to disappoint. Cluttered vanities and bathroom cabinets doubling as a product cemeteries, of sorts. RevAir believes in its ground-breaking technology so much, it offers a 30 Day Money Back Own It. Love It Guarantee, but if you believe these Customers and Influencers, you won’t ever want to part with this device.

In 48 hours, 1 tweet featuring RevAir brought on nearly 2 MILLION VIEWS! That’s 694 VIEWS PER MINUTE! A real RevAir Customer, named Candace (aka @chiquitacxndxce), shared a short, but impactful video that took her daughter's strands from shrunken to stretched in seconds. People couldn’t believe their eyes and scoured social media for more and more videos to prove RevAir is more than a one hit wonder on Candace’s crew. The curious were pleased to find more and more videos and validation from the likes of Vogue, The New York Times Wirecutter, Essence, Elle and InStyle.

We could say it, but why not let this Real RevAir Customer REView, speak for itself…

“Life saver for my tender headed 9 year old.

I usually keep her hair in twists and even wash them in the twists in order to prevent tears and make the detangling process easier. But, she’s getting older and wants different hairstyles now. She wanted a blow out this time, with hopes of also getting it straightened, so I ordered a RevAir based on a friend’s recommendation…No tears. No screaming. No nothing! I know this thing is expensive, but not having to deal with tears and screaming on wash day is priceless.”

"Amazing. I’m floored. OMG - I couldn’t believe it." All things written by real RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer owners, this week. It is true, RevAir is an investment in the health of your hair. It is not your typical blow dryer, so it is not your traditional price. It’s an example of the old adage of “you get what you pay for”and RevAir customers of all hair textures - including Type 4C - are raving, "It’s worth every penny.” With an average time savings of 60%, the absence of sweat and tears on Wash Day, along with long term benefits of only a hint of heat, RevAir is enthusiastically recommended by its customers who say "I am just so impressed!"

When a brand says they are going to announce contest winners on April 1st, commonly known as April Fools Day, people get a bit suspicious. Sadly, too many products in the beauty industry have made promises they can’t keep and claims they can’t support, so consumers have become understandably a bit disbelieving. But never fear, RevAir is here.