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    "Amazing. I’m floored. OMG - I couldn’t believe it." All things written by real RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer owners, this week. It is true, RevAir is an investment in the health of your hair. It is not your typical blow dryer, so it is not your traditional price. It’s an example of the old adage of “you get what you pay for”and RevAir customers of all hair textures - including Type 4C - are raving, "It’s worth every penny.” With an average time savings of 60%, the absence of sweat and tears on Wash Day, along with long term benefits of only a hint of heat, RevAir is enthusiastically recommended by its customers who say "I am just so impressed!"

    When a brand says they are going to announce contest winners on April 1st, commonly known as April Fools Day, people get a bit suspicious. Sadly, too many products in the beauty industry have made promises they can’t keep and claims they can’t support, so consumers have become understandably a bit disbelieving. But never fear, RevAir is here.

    The week was filled with WOWs from parents across the country, who discovered RevAir. The Mother of a 5 year old girl with 4c hair shared that her daughter would go from laughter to tears on Wash Day. This tender headed tot and her Mom found the hair drying and stretching process “contentious and anxiety provoking”. It was long and ended in tears for Mother and daughter. Then, they found RevAir…Their one hour plus painstaking process has turned to just 20 minutes. It has restored not only the health of their hair, but the health of their relationship too.

    We get it, we are beauty consumers too. We have a cabinet at home that is filled with products that made us big promises to only deliver a little of what they claimed. Products that won the internet, but lost you as a customer after one purchase.

    RevAir is an investment. An investment in the health of your hair. An investment in saving you time. An investment in simplifying your life. An investment so good, you now consider it a value...and well, priceless.

    With Spring is just around the corner, women can achieve the season’s hottest styles without breaking a sweat.

    RevAir’s patented Reverse-Air technology uses suction, eliminating any sign of heated gusts that diminish your gusto to switch things up. Pair the backward air with innovative engineering to simplify the stress of doing ones hair. No more comb attachment. No more blazing hot temperatures that have your “kitchen” curly again before you’ve even made it to the crown.

    60. 2. 1. 3. 7.

    Winning lottery numbers? It feels like it. The combination to unknown treasure? Essentially.

    60% Faster. 2-in-1 Dries + Straightens . 3 Heat Settings. 7 Tension Levels For All Hair Types.

    It is easy to discuss the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer by the numbers because it’s a device that delivers on it’s promise. It’s proven technology performs not just in formal testing, but at-home in the bathrooms, and on the vanities, of people across the United States and Canada. However, this week’s REViews added two other numbers to RevAir's winning formula: 4 and 100.

    This week’s REViews were filled with women who had all but given up on adoring their hair…until RevAir. The messy bun had become a daily staple for one, while another had a wash day tussle with terrible tangles. It was a mother-daughter pair who were ready to commence with a big cut, that gave us all the feels when they shared, because of RevAir, “We are falling in love with our hair all over again.”

    Girl powHER was in full effect this week! New customers celebrated their RevAir experiences, an Influencer who proved to be early adopter of RevAir reveled in a repost and an Author of a new inspiring book, as well as the Digital Director of all things, shared her famous subject with us Live on Instagram.