Twitter Users Taken With RevAir Customer Video!

Twitter Users Taken With RevAir Customer Video

REView for the Week Ending 4.23.21

In 48 hours, 1 tweet featuring RevAir brought on nearly 2 MILLION VIEWS! That’s 694 VIEWS PER MINUTE! A real RevAir Customer, named Candace (aka @chiquitacxndxce), shared a short, but impactful video that took her daughter's strands from shrunken to stretched in seconds. People couldn’t believe their eyes and scoured social media for more and more videos to prove RevAir is more than a one hit wonder on Candace’s crew. The curious were pleased to find more and more videos and validation from the likes of Vogue, The New York Times Wirecutter, Essence, Elle and InStyle.

The hot hits kept coming with more love from…

@ShelbySwain, Celebrity Stylist to the one and only Lizzo - as well as, an artist in her own right.

@Amina.Iris who exclaimed, “Isn’t this so cool?” and called RevAir “magic”.

@FaceOverMatter shared this sentiment in her stories, “Look at that stretch, y’all.”

@CurlyNikki whose page showcases just that - her curls, gave RevAir a whirl. Impressed, she shared the following impressions, “…it was pretty intuitive…After about 70 seconds, I released the section to find it smooth, shiny and straighter than I ever could have got it a regular blow dryer and hell brush.”

@ItsKamazing touted, “Boom, now It got inches!” and “Yes, the hair is poppin!”. She went on to share, “If the results don’t speak for themselves, I don’t know what will. It is going to save you so much time.”

@NaturalReign shared RevAir’s continued reign as one of her faves by boasting,”It works wonders and dries my hair and blow dries my hair faster than anything else I’ve tried. I’ver never got any type of damage from it.”

Hear it from them with your own ears, below...

Five Star Customer Reviews

I like!

"My hair felt healthy not dry. It left my hair feeling soft and I could feel the moisture. It only took 13 minutes my hair was a little wet. So if I do it was done on damp hair it would probably be faster."


"I have not blow dried my hair in over 5years because it would take almost 2hrs with a normal blow dryer. It only took me 15min to completely dry my hair. I have 2 babies under 2 and this is a much needed time saver. I love this thing. I’ve been inspired to do so many new things."

Game Changer For All Hair Types

"For my coily hair, this is the best hair product since the straightening comb!"

RevAir Post Reviews






Check out her blog: The RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer- Does it Really Work for Natural Hair?





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