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Hit Pause. Press Buy Now.

We get it - it seems too good to be true. We have all purchased something that promised revolutionary results, only to disappoint. Cluttered vanities and bathroom cabinets doubling as a product cemeteries, of sorts. RevAir believes in its ground-breaking technology so much, it offers a 30 Day Money Back Own It. Love It Guarantee, but if you believe these Customers and Influencers, you won’t ever want to part with this device.

Like so many messages RevAir receives each day, this Mom exclaimed, “I watched so many videos on this product and wouldn’t believe it until I got my hands on it…it’s definitely a game changer! It literally got my hair straight. I can’t even believe it - and I use it on my daughters hair and it’s amazing. If you’re thinking about buying it, please buy it. You will not regret it. I’m literally blown away!!!”

All too often, the health of the hair suffers in the quest to achieve a certain style - but with RevAir, REViewers say they achieved “softer, straighter hair with less heat than I imagined.” At an average heat level of 100 degrees less than traditional hair tools, it is understandable that many marvel at how the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer works so beautifully. But you can bet some of the most trusted Influencers on the internet are here to give you the goods on this one of a kind device.

This week, credible beauty savvy Influencers, such as @CurlyNikki, @FaveOverMatter, @DiscoveringNatural and @Anayah.Soul each shared their experience with RevAir. Rather than tell you about it, we've dropped it below for you to see for yourself!

Five Star Customer Reviews

I can’t believe it wow!!!!

"So I watched so many videos on this product and I wouldn’t of believed it until I got my hands on the Dezz and while it’s definitely a game changer. it literally got my hair straight I can’t even believe it and I use it on my daughters hair and it’s amazing. if you’re thinking about buying it please buy it you will not regret it i’m literally blown away!!!"


"I just got my RevAir today for my 6 year old daughter who is mixed with very thick, *****/curly hair down to her bottom. Our routine is usually to wash and braid/bun it at night before bed but I hated leaving it wet all night and she is too impatient to blow dry. I’ve only straightened her hair with heat a couple times ever, and wanted to avoid damaging her hair. This tool was worth every penny! Went from wet (straight out the shower) to dry and almost straight in about 15 minutes! I detangled and sectioned it in the shower which helped a lot. She even did a few sections herself since She's starting to learn to take care of her own hair. We ended up flat ironing it after just to try it out and it was a million times easier and faster because the ends were stretched really well and not tangled. I will definitely use this after every wash now whether straightening or putting it in a protective style. She loves it because there was no heat or tugging. Anything that makes doing my daughters hair a painless, fun experience for her is a win in my book!"

Softer, Straighter hair with less heat than I imagined

"The RevAir item itself is sturdy and bulky. I would recommend using it on a table or large open countertop. It's easy to use - my 10 year old uses it just fine. I wasn't expecting my hair to be dried in under 5 minutes, let alone be straightened with such low heat used. I used the recommended tension setting at 2 the first time - my hair was about 95% straightened, full of body and bounce. The next time I used tension setting on 4 - my hair looked flat iron straight, full of body and bounce again....Yeeesssss! Cleaning the system isn't hard either... after four uses, I had minimal hair in the filter, so thanks for tremendously cutting done hair breakage with a blow dryer.. Thanks so much for making this product!😁"

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