Straight Talk From Coily Heads | REViews - 5.14.21

Straight Talk From Coily Heads

Curly. Coily. Kinky, Zig Zagged. So many ways one may describe their hair texture. But RevAir users agree on these three - sleek, soft and shiny.

The RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer continues to amaze those with textured tresses. Able to provide swoon-worthy results in a third of the time of traditional devices, and minus the heat and damage known to come along with them, RevAir really works. As reported, and raved about, from one customer REView, she has “VERY thick Type 4 hair and this was gaming changing!!!!!!” Yep, those are her 6 exclamation points, not ours. But that is just how mind blowing you will find the RevAir results.

Another RevAir owner touted in her REView, “I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that, it truly is, better than any other hair dryer I’ve used hands down.” As if that wasn’t encouragement enough to try this pace setting technology, another enthusiastically shared,”This is definitely your sign to ‘Buy Now’!”

Along with the REViews from RevAir owners, social media pages across Instagram and TikTok were flooded with nearly 40 million views. Below are just a few of the videos that captured the attention of beauty savvy seekers of new products. With comments such as, “As much as I love my Dyson SuperSonic, I still choose my RevAir over that every time”, people clamored to learn more.

More can be seen on the pages of @EbonysCurlyTV, @Anayah.Soul, @Adelaine_Munson and @FaithChappelle. It was Faith’s video that spawn the TikTok Stitch that is going viral as we speak!

Five Star Customer Reviews 


"I got this dryer for my daughter’s hair. She his VERY thick type 4 hair and this was game changing!!!!!! It got her hair super straight and saved me a ton of time. She loved it and so do I!!!! Silk press in no time😊😍"

Absolutely love it..❤️❤️❤️❤️

"I was blown away of how my hair looked and feel, how fast and convenient it was, i was just amazed and happy all at the same time, i must admit its better then any other hair dryer i've used hands down and i promise i'm not over exaggerating when i say that, it truly is, im really interested in purchasing another one in the future, i would definitely recommend this blow dryer to anyone and i want to thank the RevAir Team for making such a wonderful and successful machine such as this keep up the good work and cant wait to see what else you have for the future."


This is definitely your sign to buy now! I wanted to try for a while and finally decided to buy. I initially tried it on my own hair and recently tried it on my girls’ hair. All I can say is WOW. I’ve never done their hair so fast. It would have taken multiple days to wash, detangle, dry, and straighten their hair. I was so impressed, I shared on Facebook. Now all of my friends are equally amazed!

RevAir Live Series

Crystal and Ladosha went live on Instagram again to discuss curly and coily hair care.


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For no brush and just being “blow dryed” I’m impressed 😯 #revair #revairhairdryer #curlyhair

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