Top Hair Trends of 2023

2023 hair trends

New year means new trends! Stay on top of the styles that will be popular this year - maybe it's time for a new 'do! If you're like many of us, you already have a vision for a new you in the new year. A fresh hairstyle is the best way to start the year off right. Whether you're looking for a big change or a subtle step outside your comfort zone, 2023 is the year for good hair. 

Low-Key Color, Over the Top Cuts, and Protective Styles

Sydney-based hairstylist Amanda Tua gave Refinery29 her 2023 hair trends predictions. The forecast might surprise you if you're considering the best cut and color combinations for the year ahead. Cuts are expected to be dramatic, with a return to edgy chic, layers, and bold angles and designs, especially for wavy and naturally curly hair. It's our time to shine in the natural hair community. Curls, waves, and tight coils are the perfect canvas for asymmetrical cuts, voluminous ponytails, and naturally bold lengths. Protective styles are going to be hot in 2023. Think chunky braids, intricate twists, and attention-grabbing faux locks. Stock up on sculpting products and deep hydration shampoos and conditions to keep your style vibrant throughout the year.

On the color front, muted, subtle hues that balance the need for bold, dynamic style are anticipated in 2023. Semi-permanent colors with a natural fade will be your best friend this year. Of course, low-key doesn't have to be boring. Fashion colors range from cool blues and indigo to violets and red. Pantone color trends on the runway are seeing a return to bubblegum sweet pinks and spring tones. We can expect hair colors to follow suit with cheery, bright palettes to add a pop of color to any style.

Fulani Braids

This 2023 hair trend traces its roots back to the Fula people of West Africa and the Sahel region. Although Fulani braids may be the hottest protective style of 2023, the technique has been passed down for centuries through communities of nomadic women. Naturalistas continued the tradition, bringing both heritage and style to the high fashion world.

Fulani braids are distinct in length and pattern, having intricate detailing with braids that hang or loop on either side of your part. A recent twist on this look involves side sweeping the braids to create a faux undercut. Whichever style suits you best, you can rest assured that your braids will blend seamlessly into your natural hair. Fulani braids are light and airy, lacking the bulk of heavier extensions, but resilient enough to withstand everyday styling.

Pixie Mullet a.k.a. "Mixie"

A mullet on our 2023 hair trends list? That's right! Chic pixie mullets are one of the cutest styles we're looking forward to in 2023. This short haircut offers more volume and texture than a traditional pixie. It's fanciful, feminine, and altogether fabulous. Pixie mullets are choppy and work naturally well with wavy hair. This is a great low-maintenance cut for anyone who doesn't love everyday styling, and is a good fit for straight to wavy hair textures. A medium-hold wax is all you need to pull your style together in the morning and keep your texture looking dimensional and chic throughout the day.

Marissa Wilson Inspired Beads and Natural Loose Curls

Designer Marissa Wilson graced runways with her natural hair inspired by her Guyanese heritage. The vision brought to life by stylist Kien Hoang blended a strong beaded aesthetic with natural loose curls. This half-beaded, half-loose look uses dynamic texture to create movement and bring the hair to life. You can weave in a few colored strands for an artistic flair.

 If you aren't ready for a dramatic haircut, consider a new style instead for your 2023 refresh. A Guyanese-inspired natural hair look is unique and on-trend. Best of all, this style is relatively low maintenance and easy to keep up with at home. If one of your New Year's goals is to grow longer, healthier hair, this style is great for stretching your natural curls. Be sure to keep your natural hair extra moisturized to get the most out of this style.

Brunettes, It's Your Time to Shine

Copper color combinations may have been all the rage for the past few years, but browns are back boldly. The brunette hair palette is set to be the most popular natural hue in 2023. Chocolate brown, chestnut with a hint of auburn, and deep brown raven all have a spot among 2023's best hair color trends.

 Pair your brunette chic with a gloss treatment to bring out the depth in your hair. A little added shine will start the year off right and keep you glowing through every adventure 2023 has in store.

Shaggy Chic

Modern meets vintage with shaggy chic haircuts. Think Billie Eilish's blonde layers or Taylor Swift's Cardigan hair. Hair trends in 2023 are getting more inclusive of diverse hair types. Shag haircuts pair well with curls, waves, coils, and straight locks alike. 

Be sure to let your stylist know you want your layers styled in the direction of your natural hair's flow. This will allow the cut to blend more gently without as blunt of an edge. A graduated fringe completes the modern mod aesthetic. Pair with gogo boots or pumps. Dress it up or down, add statement jewelry, or weave in highlights. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination with this shaggy chic look for 2023.

The Barbie Ponytail

With the upcoming Barbie movie set to hit theaters summer of 2023, fashionistas around the world are catching her iconic style in time for the premiere. The Barbie ponytail is sure to be a hit this year. What exactly is a Barbie ponytail? Think of a Barbie pony as a high pony with even more drama and flair.

This doll-like aesthetic captures both height and hold. Brush upwards to get the most volume out of your hair before gently air drying with your RevAir device to lock in the hold. Finish the look by using a small toothbrush to slick back any stray ends, spritz with hairspray, and secure with your best Barbie pink scrunchie.

Red Hot Hair Trends in 2023

Red is the color of the season this year. Of course, we're not just talking about any red. Sadie Sink-inspired natural strawberry blonde is on our 2023 style watchlist. This youthful, sunkissed tone is perfect for adding luminosity to your face.

If a deeper red is your ideal hue, cozy auburns are set to inspire this year. The best part of red hues is their versatility. Not every red tone will match every complexion. That's why your stylist can help you find the perfect hue for your unique look.

From warm cinnamon to bold vampire red, there's a hue for every red hot 2023 lookbook.

Susan Alexandra Inspired 80's Glam

Hair trends in 2023 include big hair to match your big goals. Susan Alexandra pairs stunning volume with beaded hair clips and headbands, evoking an 80's glam charm.

This hairstyle compliments bold blonde hues from platinum to iced coffee for a look that's a pure bombshell. Since maintaining this look at home will require plenty of product to hold the style in place, it's going to be extra important to combat build-up with a proactive scalp care routine.

Violet, Indigo, and Sapphire Dreams for 2023

This year, we're capturing cool tones with a rich violet, indigo, and sapphire fashion colors. Deeper colors reign supreme in 2023. While all over color is a trend that never fades, colorful babylights are growing in popularity, especially for these must-have hues. Babylights start a bit behind the root and weave seamlessly throughout your natural hair. These tones look especially stunning when blended with dark hair for understated chic.


We're making a New Year's resolution to try as many 2023 hair trends as we can this year. With so many glamorous styles to choose from, picking just one style to rock this year would be impossible. Mix up the magic with versatile looks for all hair types. If you're like us and planning on trying out a few different styles this year, be sure to protect your natural locks with gentle styling tools and reverse air technology.

Reach out to our team for more inspiration as we say goodbye to 2022 and hello to new-style adventures. Cheers to amazing hair!