The People Have Spoken | REViews for Week Ending 11.13.20

The People Have Spoken

Don’t worry, this is not a political post. While the election has left the world divided, the one thing RevAir Owners all agree on is that Reverse-Air technology is a “GAME CHANGER”! With REViewers boosting about the easy to use design, ability to apply virtually no heat and the genuine worth of the investment made, RevAir proved once again that it is making waves in the hair straightening industry.

The week brought about two opportunities to engage with RevAir Live in Instagram. The first was a Takeover Tuesday, where anyone could ask questions Live as how to use the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer was demonstrated. Then, Resident RevAir Expert, Ladosha Wright hosted the second installment of the Thankful Thursdays series. We laughed. We cried. We rev’d.

Social media was buzzing with a number of mentions by Hair Influencers and real RevAir Owners. One even remarked how grateful she is to “live in an era where the first Reverse-Air Dryer” exists! Children showed how Wash Days have gone from hair horror stories and tender headed tears to fun, bonding time with even a bit of a tickle to it.

And TikTok the counting clock has yet to stop on the video made by @SeaGreeneHair. As of this post, it has garnered 1.3 MILLION VIEWS and 88,000 LIKES.

Five Star Customer Reviews

Love this

Very easy to use. Even a child can do it without any issues. The design is perfect The color is great

Best Hair Dyer For Me

I have very short type 4 coily hair that makes a "z" pattern-The worst kind in my opinion. This hair dryer is awesome for my hair. Used lowest setting of heat and 4 on the suction level. I was able to wear my hair in a short bob. I purchased and used the RevAir hair care products. So far, I like the Wave Goodbye. Play It Straight- was more drying for my hair which is already excessively dry-even when wet!

RevAir Hair Dryer

Love the dryer, I did not think it would work. I have relaxed hair and it does exactly as described. I would love if the Company would create more attachments. I would like to see something that would bend the ends of the hair because this would be a dry, straighten and style all in one. All you need is a slight bend on the ends of your hair to create a simple style. I just need to find the product that will work on my relaxed hair while using the dryer...I would suggest this purchase to everyone. I know the price is up there but it is well worth it. I am very frugal and shop goodwill on a regular basis but I had to have this hair dryer.

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Another look at my favorite blow dryer! It’s a reverse air dryer @myrevair use my code SEA if you’re dying to try it 💞 video by @beautybyzacch

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