Let's Talk About Summer Hair Loss


As warmer weather approaches, we're seeing more and more "best of summer" beauty lists and trends to catch for beach days, festivals, and vacation style. We love celebrating all that summer has to offer, but one less glam aspect of summer is dealing with hair loss. So today, we're talking about it! 

Don't be embarrassed if you've ever experienced thinning, splitting, frizz, and more. Hair loss can be a natural part of summer that comes along with salt water, chlorine and sweaty summer days, but that doesn't mean you have to resign your lovely locks to breakage. Preventing breakage for all hair types is as simple as prioritizing healthy hair habits during the warmer season and cutting a few less than helpful habits that may be weighing down your style.

Salt, Chlorine, and Sunscreen

From poolside to trailhead our hair endures a lot over the summer months! A go-getter attitude and flawless style are all you need to conquer summertime hair loss. Let's review common irritants that contribute to thinning and breakage so you can feel prepared for any adventures that come your way.

Salt Water 

There's nothing quite like a day at the beach. But did you know that mineral-dense water and "hard" water can contribute to hair loss? This includes those amazing salty ocean waves we all love. When our hair is weighed down by the water as well as salt, it can often become brittle. Start a beach prep routine for your hair to keep your locks strong and healthy.

A few helpful prep tips include:

  1. Hydrate! Wet your hair with fresh water before entering the ocean. Dry hair is porous, like a sponge. That means it's more likely to absorb salt and any other pollutants during your swim.
  2. Skip styling products and embrace your natural hair while avoiding adding extra build-up on a beach day.
  3. Hydration is so important it's worth mentioning twice! Pack an extra water bottle so you can stay hydrated inside and out.
  4. Get your SPF protection on point. Spritzing head to toe with your go-to sunscreen can leave lots of build-ups and flaking behind which will eventually lead to breakage and hair loss. Get a hair-specific SPF serum or spray to compliment your curls and smooth your tresses.

When you get home, continue the self-care by treating your hair with a deep conditioning mask. This will refresh your locks and give them the extra "slip" they need to prevent tangles and snares.


Pools represent a unique dilemma when it comes to preventing summertime hair loss. Chlorine as well as other chemicals keep our favorite pools crystal clear. However, they can also damage our hair and weaken the keratin protein bonds in each strand. Over time (think the end of summer), those bonds become brittle enough to break. If you're finding a lot of hair in your comb after a day at the pool, this is your sign to avoid brushing or combing your locks once you get out of the water.

Try to time your pool days with hair wash days. A high-quality clarifying shampoo followed by an ultra-moisturizing conditioner is a great option for your post-pool routine. Avoid brushing out your hair with a comb and use a wet brush to gently smooth any tangles. Give your locks a spritz of detangling spray to work out any stubborn knots prior to brushing. If you're planning to stay out for a while, leaving your lovely locks to dry loose is the best option. Avoid tight hairstyles like buns that pull and contribute to hair loss.

Sunscreen, Spray Tan, and More

Any products you use during your summer beauty routine will inevitably leave behind some residue. It's important to avoid getting products like skin-ready sunscreen and spray tan in your hair. Even scented body sprays can leave behind a film that coats your roots in a sticky mess. In addition, consider opting for lightweight styling products and steer clear of heavy mousse, gels, and sculpting creams. RevAir's Wave Goodbye Cream Gel Hair Primer is a great option for easy summer styles that won't leave your hair in a knot.

The biggest takeaway for preventing summer hair loss? Build-up matters! Every product we use affects our hair for far longer than we might realize. Understand your hair's unique sensitivities and chat with your stylist about recommended treatments to prevent swimmer's hair, gain better edge control, and enhance shine. Olaplex, deep conditioning, and clarifying treatments are all great ways to get your hair summer-ready. Depending on your hair type, your stylist can recommend the best treatment for your hair goals. Strengthening takes time and commitment, but the glowing results are well worth it.

With a bit of mindful prep, you and your hair will be summer-ready in no time.


Can Mimosas and Ice Cream Cause Bad Hair Days?

Brunch, food trucks, and BBQs are some of the best parts of summer. However, it may be surprising to learn that our favorite foods and beverages are contributing to seasonal hair loss. 

If you're like most of us, your summertime diet may not exactly be health goddess goals. Our sugar intake goes up with everything from Froyo Fridays to soft drinks. Our alcohol consumption is a lot higher this time of year as we look forward to gathering with friends and celebrating the best of summer. To make matter worse, this sudden change can be a shock to our system after spring health kicks and post-holiday clean eating. 

Medical experts agree that "when you don't get the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your body needs from your diet, it can cause a loss of hair. For instance, too little protein in your diet can damage healthy hair, and inhibit your body's ability to build new hair follicles. This can cause noticeable hair loss after about two to three months of a protein-deficient diet. Very strict weight-loss diets can also cause noticeable hair loss, which commonly occurs about three months after losing 15 pounds or more of body weight."

This means it's equally important to avoid crash diets during the summertime. Focus on total body wellness rather than trends and extreme fad diets. In fact, when thinking about improving your diet for better hair and skin, experts recommend looking at what you can add rather than what you can eliminate. For example, many of us might jump to cutting out things like carbs and processed sugars. Rather than cutting cereal from your easy morning routine, consider adding almond milk, fruit, and hemp seeds to create a complete, balanced meal that will nourish your body throughout the day. If you've had a junk food day, aim for at least one wholesome meal or snack such as a smoothie or sneak a yogurt into your lunch pack. Fresh fruits are another easy, simple way to load up on hair-healthy antioxidants this summer.

Remember; the goal is to maximize vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair and an even healthier you!

Low Heat, High Sizzle Summer Hair Care

UV rays are the enemy of healthy skin and hair. It's easy to see where high heat exposure can contribute to the breakdown of protein bonds that bind healthy hair strands together. Imagine an egg in a pan. Now imagine your hair. That's right; heat and healthy hair don't mix. Avoid the "stringy egg" look and sizzle with amazing summer styles by going low heat this season.

Just like with a healthy diet, the secret to sustainable healthy hair care is taking things one step at a time. There's no need to throw your favorite curling iron away. Start with a few simple steps for going low heat this summer. Wrap your hair or wear a trendy sunhat when out soaking up the rays, reduce heat styling to once or twice a week, and ditch your clunky hairdryer with RevAir's reverse air technology. After all, who wants to sit under a hairdryer on a hot summer day?

With your RevAir device, you can dry your lovely lock 3x faster than a traditional, high-heat blowdryer, and stretch, straighten, and style at the same time. Best of all, you'll save time on sweeping up a pile of loose hair after every styling session. A long-term commitment to low heat styling builds stronger hair that's silky soft and easier to manage as the temperatures heat up.

Summer is the best time to focus on bold, new looks and carefree hairstyles. By getting pesky summer hair problems like seasonal hair loss out of the way, we can get back to the beach days and long, summer nights of sizzling style and fun. Hair thinning isn't a requisite summertime woe. With a bit of prevention and a lot of hair love, your beautiful locks will flourish year-round.

Ready for a big change this summer? Get inspired by these easy summer hairstyles for all hair types and contact our team to learn more about prepping your hair for the warmer days ahead.