Stay Radiant with 8 Hydrating Ingredients for Natural Hair

woman with natural hair

Staying hydrated isn't just the number one rule for total body health and wellness. Hydration is also the secret ingredient behind naturally radiant curly hair. Type 3 hair and type 4 hair are both prone to dryness from everyday wear, sun exposure, heat styling, and even factors as simple as using the wrong shampoo for your hair type. Lack of moisture can make styling natural hair difficult and time-consuming, with lackluster results that are anything but Instagram-worthy #hairgoals. 

Luckily, the solution to staying radiant is just as simple. Your natural hair care friends at RevAir have searched far and wide, pooled together expert research alongside natural hair tips from everyday beauty experts, and hand-selected the best moisturizers for curly hair. Hydration is the key to growing out natural hair that looks and feels as stunning as you are.

Take it from your holistic hair care besties, these 8 hydrating ingredients for natural hair are unstoppable.  

1.) Honey

Sweeten your curly hair care routine with a little natural moisturizer designed to nourish your locks with gentle hydration. Luxury hair care products for natural hair are closer than you think! The best quality ingredients for Type 3 and Type 4 hair may be right inside your cupboard. Plenty of whole food items provide excellent hydration for damaged and dry locks.

Honey is one of the best natural moisturizers for curly hair. A natural humectant (AKA an ingredient that binds to water to lock in moisture), you may be less familiar with "hydroxypropyltrimonium honey" as listed on the back of many high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and serums. Hydroxypropyltrimonium honey, more commonly known as honeyquat, is nature's deep conditioner that works well on all hair types. It's especially effective with Type 4 hair which tends to be classified as tightly coiled curls or "kinky" and is often prone to dryness that strips away the natural bounce and movement of the hair. Honeyquat provides vital hydration for natural hair through a combination of moisturizing humectants and powerful antioxidants designed to revitalize and re-balance. 

The science behind the sweetness? Honeyquat is a cationic (positively charged) quaternary polymer conditioning agent, which means it is attracted to the negatively charged hair strands (or neutral skin), and will absorb and cling on to the surface. Think of honeyquat as honey for your hair -- without the sticky mess! 

As a bonus, the natural antibacterial properties in honey are a great scalp cleanser. Honeyquat works to remove build-up and prevent fungal growth, which can aggravate dryness and flaking. Say goodbye to rough, itchy scalp and stiff, brittle curls with a touch of sweetness to brighten up your naturally beautiful glow!

2.) Glycerin

Like honeyquat, glycerin is a powerful humectant that maximizes hydration for curly hair. Humectants attract and retain moisture. Glycerin is especially vital in dry climates where your lovely locks may be frequently stripped of their dewy radiance. This amazing ingredient is also excellent for skin and scalp, pulling water into the outer layer of the skin to form a protective, nurturing layer. Flaking, build-up, and dryness don't stand a chance!

You can find glycerin as a hair healthy supplement used in my shampoos and conditioners along with other occlusives, or moisturizing agents. Many natural hair beauties find it helpful to add a bit of glycerin to a spray bottle for a quick spritz on days when their hair is especially thirsty. This is a great technique for type 3 and type 4 natural hair, as these textures tend to be prone to dryness. 

Try a spritz of glycerin water for a post-gym fix or in place of dry shampoo. Remember not to over "dew" it! Stick with a 2-3x weekly use and adjust as needed for your unique hair.

3.) Coconut Oil

Go nuts for coconut oil! This great smelling, all-natural hydration superhero is far superior to the mayonnaise conditioner treatments of bygone days. Natural beauty gurus need not suffer through messy DIY moisture masques to achieve glowing curls. Coconut oil is the ideal leave-in conditioner for type 3 and type 4 hair. The rich, yet lightweight, oil absorbs easily and penetrates deep into the hair shaft while other oils merely sit on top of the strand. Studies have found that coconut oil strengthens vital hair proteins, repairs damage, and hydrates the hair follicle for endless, silky-soft curls and free-flowing movement. 

Coconut oil works great for short natural hair, long natural hair, and everything in-between!

4.) Avocado Oil

Many wellness-focused beauties know avocados are a great source of antioxidants and "good fats," but did you also know these green goodies are excellent when it comes to providing vital hydration for natural hair?

An excellent source of vitamins B and E, avocado oil delivers rich Omega-3 compounds directly to the hair follicle. The benefits of avocado oil for natural hair include replenishing strength, softening the texture of your curls, and enhancing that show-stopping shine. Some holistic hair care lovers find that their hair responds better to avocado oil than coconut oil and enjoy the ultra-lightweight feel of nature's leave-in conditioner.

Avocado oil is great for growing out natural hair as the oil spreads quickly without weighing down your lovely locks. 

5.) Olive Oil

Olive oil is an age-old hair healing treatment that has been well-renowned for replenishing the natural oils of your scalp. This helps restore oils that are missing from dry and damaged hair. Many natural hair divas use olive oil as a holistic replacement for serums and heat styling protectant. This glow-infusing hydration booster is excellent for preserving moisture and creating a mirror-like shine.  

Treat your hair with a DIY olive oil mask for curly hair 2-3x per week for best results.

6.) Aloe Vera

Cheers to amazing hair! Aloe vera juice is the best hair-friendly "smoothie" to add to your at-home hair care kit. This brilliant botanical is made up of proteolytic enzymes designed by nature to hydrate the hair and scalp. Think of aloe vera as your hair's morning pick-me-up green juice. Aloe vera is a great maintenance serum for revitalizing natural sheen and luster. This fabulous hair-friendly ingredient forms a protective shield over your hair's natural oils. It's a must for active lifestyle natural hair care when it comes to protecting your delicate locks from wind, rain, UV rays, and any other environmental element that strips away moisture and threatens your flawless, frizz-free style.

Aloe vera is also one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to growing out natural hair. Add a little aloe vera gel or juice to your conditioning treatment for maintenance while growing out hair and enjoy silky, long, and luxurious curly hair. 

7.) Shea Butter

Vitamins A and E are essential for healthy hair and what better way to deliver these amazing supplements than through rich, nourishing shea butter?

Shea butter may be a favorite in the skincare world, but this natural emollient is also a great addition to any curly hair routine. Shea butter delivers essential fatty acids alongside vitamins that support hair health. The natural healing properties of shea butter make it a great restorative treatment for dry hair and scalp. Shea butter actively protects the moisture content of your hair due to its high concentration of vital fatty acids, including stearic, oleic, palmitic, linoleic, and arachidic acids. 

Our natural hair is made up of 10-13% water contained within the unique protein bonds of the hair shaft. The shaft is the powerhouse of hair protein and is fueled by fatty acids which bind and replenish damaged areas such as the hydro-lipid layer, the cortex, and the outer cuticle layer.

Best of all, shea butter is a powerful sealant that promotes softness by keeping your hair hydrated and fresh. Look out for this brilliant butter in your favorite natural hair shampoos, conditioners, serums, and masks!

8.) Seaweed

No mermaid hair care routine would be complete without the ocean's natural moisturizer! Seaweed is a great balancing agent to pair with your daily hydration routine. Stylists recommend looking for seaweed in the top five ingredients for clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Seaweed works to balance the natural oils produced by your scalp to encourage healthy hydration without producing excessive oil and build-up.

Studies also indicate that seaweed helps combat hair loss occasionally caused by protective styles or over-processing of natural hair. Seaweed stimulates the hormones responsible for hair growth, scrubs away dead skin cells to promote restoration. Break up with your current clarifying routine and go flawlessly flake-free instead with this mermaid beauty remedy for fighting dandruff and staying fabulously hydrated.

Of course, choosing the right products is only half of the natural hair journey. Trust in a hairdryer that's anything but basic for your unique style. RevAir promotes healthy, heat-free styling through an innovative reverse air design tailored for curly hair and everything in between. Reach out to our natural hair experts for more tips on staying naturally gorgeous!