Workout Hair - 5 Tips to Keep Your Natural Hairstyle Flawless

Woman with brown curly hair working out in the gym together with other women.

Whether you're doing curls at the gym or flaunting the curls in your hair, fitness-loving goddesses need not compromise between style and getting in a good workout. Managing post-workout hair can put a downer on that after-gym endorphin rush. Sweat, wind, tight buns, and ponytails can all stress out your lovely locks -- while you're trying to de-stress no less! The problem of gym hair can be especially frustrating when you're running on a tight schedule. No one likes running back to work with fly-aways and snares or heading out on a date night feeling less than flawless.

Luckily, you don't have to! At RevAir, we're firm believers in never accepting anything less than your naturally gorgeous self.

Health and wellness are the perfect accessories to gorgeous natural hair. Whether you have Type 3 hair, Type 4 hair, or anything in between, these simple at-home hair care tips for natural hair are ideal for all curly hair textures. Lengths from baby curls to box braids and full fros are gym-approved with a little natural hair TLC. Say goodbye to "taming the curl" -- let your hair be the wild, free-spirit it was born to be, and stop fearing post-workout curls with these 5 amazing natural hair tips for the gym.

Now all of our curl friends can workout with natural hair and feel confident in their beautiful mane. 

1.) Hydrate

Moisturizer isn't only the holy grail of skincare products; it's the most important beauty item to have in your natural hair care arsenal. Hydration is key when it comes to maintaining shiny, bouncy curls. Breakage, frizz, and dullness are the result of not enough moisture-rich vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair. Sweat strips away the shaft, exposing the hair follicle to damage when we exercise. 

Simplify your routine by replenishing moisture loss in three easy steps.

The Pre-Workout

Before putting your hair up for a killer workout, make sure you protect your delicate curls. A rich leave-in conditioner or hydrating serum is the best option for a pre-workout moisture blast. Holistic haircare lovers will be pleased to find that there are a variety of DIY hair moisturizers available. Our favorite go-to gym tonic is a simple, effortless recipe that calls for 3/4 purified water, a quarter-sized amount of your favorite conditioner, and a few drops of fabulous smelling essential oils (we recommend lavender or witch hazel).

Shake it up in a handy spray bottle and spritz evenly before hitting the treadmill, beginning at the ends and working your way towards the root.

The Midday Rush

If your workouts are usually crammed between lunch breaks and dinner dates, you may not always have time for a full hair care routine. This is where serums, dry shampoos, and radiance-boosting oils save the day (and your curls).

Try RevAir's Bright Spot Detangle & Shine Spray so you can go from workout to workday without missing a beat. The nutrient-dense essential oils deliver natural vitamins to your hair that promote shine and softness. This product works well on all hair textures from wavy to curly to Afro styles. Type 4 hair or more coily textures will especially benefit from the dual benefit of a detangling product that also moisturizes. Best of all, this amazing, great smelling spray can be used on wet or dry hair. 

No frizz, no sweat.

The Post-Workout

It's time to kick up your feet and relax! Reward your hair for a great day at the gym by pampering it with essential vitamins and nutrients to promote youthful elasticity, silky softness, and brilliance. 

One of the best all-natural hair care tricks is massaging a dollop of coconut oil through the ends of your curls after washing your hair. Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids and omega-3 that act just like a leave-in hair masque. Stick with sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that won't strip away color or moisture.

When it comes to drying your post-gym hair, nothing compares to the beauty of RevAir. The power of a reverse air hairdryer allows for flexibility and movement, creating a seamless dimension in half the time of a traditional hairdryer. Did we mention no high heat or chemicals? Post-workout hair has never been more stunning.

Woman with curly hair and a towel draped over her shoulders working out outside and drinking from a water bottle.

2.) Nourish

Nourishing your hair is no different than nourishing your body following a hard day at the gym. Be sure to include hair-healthy vitamins and nutrients as part of your daily health and wellness routine. Antioxidant dense foods like berries, kale, mango, and even dark chocolate are great at promoting a natural glow. Combine with "good fats" that are dense in omega-3's like avocado, salmon, nuts, and eggs for an ultra-soft curly hair remedy that starts in the kitchen.

Don't forget to clarify! Post braid buildup is a common problem among athletes. Natural beauty experts recommend prepping your braids with tea tree oil before working through each strand with a fine-tooth comb to remove dandruff. Begin at the ends and work your way towards the roots, detangling as you go to purify your lovely locks.

3.) Protect

Consider adopting a protective style while at the gym. Some fashionistas opt for wavy extensions that blend easily into their natural hair and hide any fly-aways after their workout is complete. Protective hairstyles also include high buns, baby curls, and knotless braids. Pay close attention to the products you use to keep your hair in place. Opt for silk hair ties, wraps, and no-pull elastics whenever possible to minimize breakage. This will keep your hair protected from the first mile to the last rep.

Looking for more at-home hair care tips? Try silk or satin pillowcases to start your morning jog off frizz-free. This will help with damage control post-workout too!

4.) Style

Finding a style you love is one of the best ways to make peace with workout ready hair. There may not always be time to achieve that fresh-from-the-salon style that we prefer, but that doesn't mean we can't let our creativity flow with adorable and functional natural hairstyles for the gym.

Type 3 hair (the traditional curly aesthetic) looks fabulous in low Afro styles with a little help from some mousse and styling gel. Low ponies and twisty updos are also great ways to take your gym look to a dramatic evening style in no time at all. Short hairstyles for Type 3 hair are also sweeping the athletic meets glamour scene by storm. Curly pixie cuts, lobs, and baby fros are some of the latest natural hair trends to hit the fashion scene this year. Add a bit of sculpting gel to your gym bag and you'll be good to go.

For Type 4 curl friends, try a pair of space buns for a fun half-up, half-down look. Side ponies and boho bandanas are great compliments to hair that falls more on the tight, coily end of the natural hair spectrum. Crown braids are a lovely, princessy touch for either hair type that will have you feeling like royalty even in leggings. If your hair tends to be on the stubborn side, try minimizing the number of times you wash your curls. Type 4 hair tends to thrive with minimal processing. Instead of shampoo and conditioner after each and every workout, invest in a high-quality dry shampoo, leave-in conditioner, and a variety of masques to enjoy during your downtime. This will make after gym styling much easier. After all, who has the time to fight with their hair after arm day?

Keep your favorite styles on standby whenever you need a quick and easy hair revival.

5.) Love

Most importantly, love your gorgeous locks.

There are so many versatile styles for natural hair that a relaxed do simply won't allow. Flat-ironing and frying our locks can also limit our range of expression and lead to many women fearing the gym or suffering hair anxiety every time they hit up a yoga class. So much of this misplaced worry lies in the misconception that we need to "fix our hair."

RevAir is here to say there's no fix for perfection.

From running to swimming to conquering the trails, there's no challenge you and your hair won't take on. We're here to inspire women to quit fearing the gym and start embracing every curl, wave, and twist. The more we adore our hair, the more creative we become in trying out new styles rather than falling back into the same old cookie-cutter mold. Reach out to other athletic beauty gurus for style tips and tricks. Because each head of hair is uniquely you, you might be surprised to find certain products and ideas work best for certain gym-goers. 

Looking for some inspiration to get started? Check out our Healthy Hair Blog and join our community of naturally beautiful beauty gurus at every stage of the natural hair journey. Our glam squad is always a chat away for all of your workout hair woes, questions, and comments.