Be Gone, Buns. Ta-ta, Tangles. Ciao, Cuts. | REView for the Week Ending 2.26.21

Be Gone, Buns. Ta-ta, Tangles. Ciao, Cuts.

This week’s REViews were filled with women who had all but given up on adoring their hair…until RevAir. The messy bun had become a daily staple for one, while another had a wash day tussle with terrible tangles. It was a mother-daughter pair who were ready to commence with a big cut, that gave us all the feels when they shared, because of RevAir, “We are falling in love with our hair all over again.”

Even on thick, long and curly hair, RevAir Owners rave about the results! A husband even mistaken his wife’s RevAir sleek, soft, shinny hair with her sneaking off to the salon. Of course, this made her feel less a sequestered schlub (that we are all relating to) and more of a quarantine cutie. The Reverse-Air Dryer “saved me a ton of time and saved me from hand pain” and “it’s a game changer" are all things that were exclaimed.

Later in the week, Instagram fave and talented hair stylist, @SeaGreenHair left viewers green with envy at her use of RevAir to prep her client’s extensions. Curly Hair Influencer, @SoJazzyAye, unboxed her RevAir with a teaser that has us all waiting for her results next week. Stay tuned...

Five Star Customer Reviews

Amazing, I’m Obsessed!

"I have thick and long curly hair… While I love my curls, I don’t love the maintenance to have them look good, so I’ve spent the last year with a standard top-bun. The evening that I received the RevAir, my husband looked at me, shocked, and asked me if I had gone to the salon! I still go nowhere, and see no one, but I feel a little more put together and love how easy it is!"

Well, well, well.

"Well, well, well. I finally got around to using this since buying it last year for Black Friday. I must say I am certainly impressed with this device. I had read and seen numerous reviews about the RevAir online, and think the hype for this device is well earned. I have type 3c/4a long hair, and I have been looking for something that would help me from snagging/ripping my ends, creating split ends, and creating single strand knots, and I have found it in this device. Usually, my hand would be throbbing after wash day, and today it does not. I spent more time detangling (and keeping my hair detangled) than I did using the device. People have said this device is heavy, and it kind of is, but I did not find it overly heavy to were I am struggling to carry it. The one thing I do have to say is that it does sound like a vacuum cleaner ( kind of is in a way), but I don’t really care. If you are looking for a quiet device, then keep looking. I’m not going to go looking for things to complain about. This device helped me a ton, saved me time, and that’s just that. The RevAir has saved me a ton of time and saved me from hand pain, so I am definitely going to recommend this device to anyone that is thinking of trying it!"


"I was about to cut all of my hair off, because I’m so tender headed and with thick 4c hair I was through. My husband saw the ad and brought the RevAir for me. Using the RevAir on my thick 4c hair has been a game changer. I love it, my daughter loves it. We are falling in love with our hair all over again. Thank you."

RevAir Live Series

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