New Year, New Natural Hair Goals


The new year is all about setting new goals and intentions. As we focus on our wellness, self-love, and connection to our broader community, we realize there's no better time than now to set your new natural hair goals for 2023. Our hair is so much more than a part of our everyday style, it's a link to our heritage and an intrinsic part of ourselves worthy of love, care, and attention. 

There's power in intention. When we plan a goal or resolution, we're more likely to take steps toward actualizing our aspirations. As Matt Valentine at GoalCast puts it, "intention is defined as a thing intended; an aim or plan.' The power of intention is the power of a focused mind. When focusing our mental energy on something, we can give more of our brain power to it." Whether you write down your intentions in a journal or planner, store them in a handy app to keep with you on the go, or save your goals for the new year in your head for a gentle way to remind yourself to take some time for yourself, we're here to support you.

Join the RevAir team in setting 2023 natural hair goals you'll stick to. Cheers to a new year and new hair!

Practice Positivity for Your Hair

We're often taught that we must "tame" our natural hair for it to be aesthetically pleasing. We're here to say, go wild in 2023! 

Practicing positivity is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves and our hair. Consider what you love and appreciate about your curls. List these traits off out loud or in your head. Identify the way your hair moves and behaves in its natural state. Rather than scrolling through hair inspiration of the "perfect curl," take inspiration from how your curls lie. Each curl is unique and responds differently to natural light and growth. Take a look at how your natural hair interacts with its environment. 

Next, follow up the positivity with a little self-care for your hair. Identify your hair's best attributes and bring those to the surface. If you want to enhance the shine of tight curls that cannot reflect natural light as easily, head down to the salon for a gloss treatment. If you have S-shaped waves, don't try to transform them into "soft curls." Embrace their shape and structure by fortifying your hair with keratin protein. Treat yourself to glow-enhancing natural hair products for your next home hair care day to capture the spotlight. If you're feeling particularly stunning, snap a selfie of your curls! Start a best hair day gallery to remind yourself of all the reasons to appreciate your natural hair whenever you feel down. This can also be a great style tool to reference the best looks on your curls.

Above all, love your hair. On its best day and its worst, your curls are perfect.

Learn What Makes Your Hair Unique

Get to know your hair better in the new year. As we prioritize the important relationships in our lives, be sure to include yourself on the list. Taking the time to truly understand what makes your hair unique is empowering and informative when caring for your natural curls. For example, do you know your exact curl pattern? Does your hair suffer from dryness and frizz, or are you more often combatting oily tresses and an irritated scalp? It may surprise you that many common hair woes are easily resolved by learning more about your hair. When we know our hair, we know what products work best and what home hair care routine is most effective. This boosts our style confidence and leads to healthier locks.

Ready to get started? Write down three things you've learned about your hair in the past year and three things you want to understand better. Need some inspiration to get started? Try these natural hair questions to ask yourself in 2023.

  1. What is my hair type? Does my hair fit distinctly into one type, or do I have combination hair?
  2. What is my hair’s porosity? I don’t know how to check. Try this simple porosity test!)
  3. What styles make me feel the best? What styles haven’t I explored yet (Or been afraid to try)?
  4. How does my hair respond to seasonal changes?
  5. What do I want to correct most about my hair’s health? What do I love most about my hair?

By doing this simple exercise, you can set a standard for healthy, vibrant curls in 2023.

Focus on Health Over Aesthetics

Healthy hair is beautiful hair! Let's face it; we're all guilty of over-processing our hair. Whether we're a little addicted to our straightener, overly obsessed with the latest hair color, or just haven't been the kindest to our curls when styling, we know what it's like to neglect hair care in favor of the latest trends. We encourage our natural hair community to prioritize hair health over style in 2023. 

The pursuit of healthy hair might look a little different for everyone. For some, a healthy hair goal may be to let your curls grow and nourish your natural locks as you embrace your naturalist beauty. For others, healthier hair might mean low heat and utilizing curl-friendly styling tools like our amazing reverse air dryer for gentle sculpting, stretching, and smoothing. We want to support each other in our unique goals by building a healthy hair community and sharing the knowledge and resources for embracing your curls.

Hair health runs far deeper than catching the latest trends. Don't forget to nourish your body as well. The right vitamins and nutrients are essential in fostering healthy hair. Antioxidants, B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, zinc, biotin, and iron are all part of a healthy hair lifestyle. Make sure to drink plenty of water to maximize hydration for total body health and wellness alongside curl care.


Be Bold and Inventive in the New Year

Have fun with your hair in 2023! The task of taking better care of your hair can often feel like a daunting undertaking. We want to change the notion that hair care has to be a chore. Set a goal of trying something new with your natural hair. This could be a new hair color, cut, style, product, or salon treatment. Research the best way to execute your plan on your curls and get excited about your new adventure.

Allow yourself the space to be creative and fearless -- but give yourself a little hair damage control too. Protective styles and hair extensions are fantastic alternatives to color or a drastic cut. These amazing faux locks protect your natural hair while allowing you to freely explore your style options. You can consult your stylist to determine the best fit for your style goals, face shape, and hair type. Whether you love your new look or prefer something a little different, the important thing is that you expand your style horizons.

Remember the joy of hairstyling we had as children before we knew what "good curls" were? Let's return to the fun and freedom of enjoying our natural hair. Let your inner child create, play, and explore fresh and natural hair in the new year.

Check-In with Yourself

Throughout the year, our hair changes as much as we do. Schedule check-in's now to get in touch with yourself and your hair. How are you doing with your goals? Has anything changed, grown, or transformed since you started your resolution? Are there any goals you'd like to retire, or would you like to add? Acknowledging that resolutions are not stagnant promises but the evolving target can help achieve the intent behind your aspirations.

Many find it helpful to keep a hair journal throughout the year. You may be surprised at how much you can learn by observing how your hair changes daily and month to month. Jot down your observations, goals, and what new products are working and which aren't, and see where your 2023 plan takes you.

We're ready to set off with a bang when the clock strikes midnight! Our natural hair goals are set, our vision is manifested, and our naturalist community is ready to go boldly into the new year. 

What are your 2023 hair goals? Tag us on IG and share your vision with the RevAir team! Contact our team for more RevAir insights, and have a beautiful new year.