15 Positive Affirmations to Love Your Natural Hair


Natural hair is beautiful, from coils to curls. Healthy locks glow from the inside out and the team at RevAir is determined to honor the shine in everyone. We know that embracing your radiance isn't always easy. The voice of our inner critic comes out on every "bad hair day," especially when we first begin the transition to natural hair. Growing out curly hair can test our patience and make us feel as if our locks are simply not enough.

For women of color, the world of homogenized hair and beauty is even more invalidating when it comes to feeling good about our natural hair. We're surrounded by media promoting the idea of "good hair" as Eurocentric locks that magically grow overnight. Afro-textured, wavy, coily, and curly hair types are tragically under-represented in the fashion world. In fact, by loving our natural hair, we're revolutionizing the industry for generations to come and take back the definition of beauty standards.

By practicing uplifting ourselves, we're empowering our whole community to uplift each other. Positive affirmations make all the difference in how we start our day. The way we speak about our hair manifests the way we feel about our beauty and ourselves. So put forth positivity and hair love into the universe with these 15 reasons to love your natural hair.

1.) My Hair Is Perfect Exactly the Way It Is

Every curl on your head is artfully laid. Every strand sits exactly as it should and compliments your gorgeous features. Your hair is perfect without alterations. Your hair's perfection lies in its natural beauty. The way your curls represent you means they are never short of flawless. 

2.) Investing Time in My Hair's Health is Worthy and Deserved

Never feel guilty for indulging in self-care for your hair. Loving your hair means honoring your natural beauty by taking care of your locks. Trading harsh chemical treatments, high heat styling, and daily straightening for a healthier natural hair care routine is a way to show appreciation for your hair. Your hair is worthy, your hair is glowing, and every indulgence is deserved.

Attractive and beautiful portrait of young woman smiling and doing a mustache with a hair strand

3.) My Hair Is BEAUTIFUL Even on a "Bad" Day

There is no such thing as bad hair or bad hair days. Bedhead is beautiful. Post-gym frizz is dynamic and edgy. Even your worst hair days are opportunities to show your curls some love. On a day when you're feeling lackluster about your curls, remind yourself of all the reasons why you love your natural hair. Think of how good your hair looks with your favorite outfit, the way your curls catch the light, and all of the new styles you look forward to exploring. Remember that lackluster hair is a reason to indulge in your favorite hair care rituals, gently nourish frizz and flyaways, and prioritize self-care starting with your beauty routine.

4.) I Will Always Advocate for the Respect My Hair Deserves

Declare your respect and appreciation for your hair. Demand respect for your natural hair wherever you go. Whether this means keeping unwanted hands off your curls (no touching, thanks) or rocking your afro coils at your next board meeting, never stop advocating for your natural beauty.

5.) I Love My Hair Because It Is a Part of Me

I love myself and, therefore, I will love my hair. My hair is a part of me -- and it's a pretty darn good part!

carefree and relaxed african-american female playing with curly hair

6.) No One Else Has My Unique Hair and That Is a Magical Thing!

Have you ever paused to consider that no one else on the planet has your exact curl pattern? Each delicate strand of hair is uniquely you. Every wave, coil, and curl is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of beauty. Consider the magic of being you as you go forth to conquer the day. There's nothing mundane or ordinary about you!

7.) I Define My Own Beauty. My Hair Is My Canvas. I Can Create My Own Visions and Sculpt My Masterpiece However I Like

Curly hair is distinct in being able to rock a diversity of styles and looks. Your hair is an expression of your creativity. You alone have the power to control your own style. You're a trailblazer who chooses your path every day. You are not confined by a narrow definition of beauty. Let your inspiration fly by honoring the vision.

8.) My Hair Comes From Generations of Strong Women. When I Honor My Hair, I'm Honoring My Heritage

I am one link in a mighty chain of women. Generations have come before me to empower others in honoring their natural hair. The natural hair revolution began long before my time and will continue long after. I am a part of the revolution and will do my part to love my hair every day. There is strength in every curl and beauty in every coil.


9.) I Will Enjoy My Natural Beauty, Treat My Hair With Kindness and Respect, and Shut Down My Inner Critic

We have a secret; your inner critic is a liar. Treat your hair with the same kindness and respect we expect from others. If we begin by loving ourselves and speaking positively and gently towards our hair, the world will respond in kind. A few simple follow-ups to practicing kindness include setting aside my time for your home hair care routine, treating yourself to a deep conditioning day at the salon, and getting plenty of sleep to honor your health and beauty.

10.) I Will Not Get Sucked In by the Comparison Game. My Hair Is Uniquely Beautiful. Her Hair Is Uniquely Beautiful

Comparison is the thief of joy as they say. There's nothing quite so demotivating as comparing ourselves to others, especially when it comes to our natural hair. Your hair is unique in every way, just as her hair is unique to her. Practice appreciation, not comparison.

Cute curly blonde with afro hairstyle laughs

11.) These Curls Are Soft, Silky, and Feel Amazing When I Run My Fingers Through Them

Take a moment to touch your curls and truly appreciate them. Your hair is soft, strong, and wonderful. The way it glides through the brush, the way it smells after a refreshing oil treatment, and everything else that makes your hair fantastic are just one of the many reasons to love your curls. Think of the way the sun feels when it falls across your lovely locks, then capture that feeling in your morning hype routine.

12.) My Hair Is Healthy, Growing, and Glowing. It Looks Great Now and It Will Look Even Better as It Grows!

Much like plants, speaking to your hair can help your curls grow. Don't get discouraged if you aren't seeing new growth every day. Remind yourself that your hair is growing and flourishing -- and that it's perfect as it is in the meantime. In-between growth hair is one of the best stages because you can experiment with layers, different medium-length haircuts for natural hair, protective styles, colors, and more.

13.) I Will Give My Scalp Some Love Today. Scalp Care Is an Essential Part of Skin Care

Don't leave your scalp out of healthy hair affirmations. Great scalp care is essential for nourishing your curls, encouraging new hair growth, and preventing irritation and flaking. Let your scalp know how much you love it by creating a healthy scalp routine. Your hair will shine while your skin revitalizes and refreshes with a little TLC.

redhead curly-haired woman

14.) I Love Learning About My Hair! The More Time I Spend Researching Natural Hair Care Tips, the Better My Relationship With My Hair Becomes

Embrace your curiosity. Studying the best natural hair techniques is an excellent use of time. We're often too hard on ourselves for watching endless videos and scroll health and beauty blogs. The truth is, this is a vital part of our downtime and a key component of our self-care routine. Time spent on your hair is never wasted. We love your natural hair and we love your desire to learn more about caring for it even more.

15.) There's No Other Hair I'd Rather Have Than Mine

My hair is the dream hair I've always wanted. I get to wake up feeling vibrant with just my natural curls. While it's fun to play with different styles, colors, and healthy hair treatments, I don't need a single thing to accentuate the beauty of my hair. These curls are the definition of perfection.

The RevAir team appreciates your natural hair in all its beauty. Take a moment in your morning routine to appreciate your wonderful curls too. Positive affirmations speak power into our curls and allow them to thrive and flourish. We're defining our own beauty standards. Setting a mantra of confidence within the natural hair community is a great way to practice pride and self-love. Let's love our locks and inspire others to do the same!

Looking for more reasons to love your natural hair? Reach out to our experts for tips and insights on beginning the natural hair journey.