A Love Letter to My Curls

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If you're like many of us in the curly hair community, you probably grew up without seeing your hair type represented in beauty products and media. Curls weren't frequently portrayed on the red carpet and worst still, most commercial styling products were not designed with your hair in mind. Ideas of "good" and "bad" hair are easily perpetuated when there isn't enough natural hair love in the world. We're here to break down false beauty stigmas and celebrate the incredible diversity of healthy hair. Appreciation for natural hair starts with us. 

Sometimes, writing things out on paper - while seems corny - helps us to really bring the affirmation to life. Let's write a love letter to our curls. We want to honor our hair, our heritage, and ourselves. We promise to commit to a healthy hair care routine, to adore every wave, curl, and corkscrew, and most importantly to recognize the beauty of natural hair.

I Will Appreciate You

Dear Hair,

I'm making a promise to celebrate you. By celebrating my natural hair, I'm celebrating myself.

I will not give power to negative stereotypes and self-perceptions. I will be a disruptor for myself and my community. Loving my hair is an act of revolutionary self-care. Whenever I am tempted to give in to negative self-talk, I will list all of the things I love about you instead. Consider the rich texture of my curls and how they have so much movement and grace. I will appreciate my softness, the ethereal beauty of each wave and coil. My hair is magic! These curls defy gravity and defy expectations.

I will give credit to my hair's resilience. My curls are strong! Just look at the way they bounce back and shine brighter. I will foster my curls' natural attributes and compliment my hair's style and texture. My hair is healthy. The depth, color, and structure of my natural locks are beautiful. I am thankful for my hair and will take steps to appreciate it by treating my curls with kindness. My hair is "good hair" because it is mine. I define my  

Even on a "bad hair day," I can see the creative potential to reinvent myself. I'll nourish you, love you, and cherish you because you are worthy of appreciation.

Do you need more inspiration on ways you can practice kindness towards your hair? Take a look at 15 Positive Affirmations to Love Your Natural Hair.

I Will Learn Something New Everyday

Learning about my hair is an exciting pursuit. Do I know what my hair type is? What about my hair's texture and porosity? Discovering new things about my hair empowers me in my natural hair journey. I promise to take the time to learn more. I want to grow alongside my natural curls by figuring out what my hair needs seasonally, how my hair reacts to different products, and what my hair's main needs are.

Understanding my hair is the best way to honor my curls. I will learn how my hair retains moisture so I can provide nourishment by sealing the ends or adding strengthening products to improve its natural elasticity. I'll get up close and personal by going beyond the four main hair types and truly assessing the shape of my curls. Helpful curl pattern guides like this natural hair companion are excellent references for learning more.

Tackling my hair's seasonal needs means I will stop treating you the same from one month to the next. I know changing weather conditions and fluctuating humidity can be stressful for you. I'll take the time to prep my hair in advance by learning all I can about seasonal care needs for natural hair. Of course, seasonal hair needs are often a process of trial and error. I'm committed to learning as I go and will strive to embrace change alongside routine. If my hair care ritual is no longer working for my curls, I won't be afraid to switch it up and try something new.

If new hair growth is my goal, I will look at different ways to style my wonderful hair. I'll be patient with you, hair, because I know that good things take time. High heat styling may seem like a quick fix, but the long-term damage to my ends is not worth the habit. New, innovative ways to work with my hair's natural texture are going to be my priority. I'll take care of my ends, support new hair growth, and encourage my curls to flourish by transitioning to a low-heat lifestyle. I can stretch my hair as I style with reverse air technology that was designed with my curls in mind.

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to acknowledge my heritage by loving my natural hair. Educating myself on my hair's roots (no hair puns intended) connects me to the legacy of amazing women that paved the way for natural hair love. One place to start my journey is by expanding my community and listening to other women's stories of their natural hair love affairs. Check out what these naturalistas had to say about celebrating their roots.


I Will Take Care of You

My hair is worth investing in. I'll book that salon appointment that I've been putting off because hair care is a vital part of self-care. Hair, I know that you are intrinsically a part of me. Pampering you boosts my confidence and empowers me to be my best. Let's commit to regular healthy hair treatments. A few of my favorites to consider include deep conditioning and Olaplex treatment, Keratin treatments for natural hair strengthening, and getting in for routine trims to keep my ends healthy. Rather than allowing protective styles to wear out their welcome, I'll stick to a style transition routine. I will schedule days for braiding, twisting, or my preferred styling method and come up with a system of wash days that work for my lifestyle.

I'll create an active hair day kit to take with me on the go! A cute gym bag, tote, or backpack is all I need to get started. Dry shampoo, no-pull scrunchies, and my go-to DIY hair spritz are all I need to take on the world. I'll go minimalist where I can by investing in all-natural styling products that nourish my hair without stripping away its natural moisture and resilience. On days when I'm low on time (or energy), I give myself permission to skip a wash day and opt for a low-maintenance natural hairstyle instead. Co-washing will be my new best friend to get me through those in-between days.

Downtime is just as important as an active hair routine. I'll unwind by untangling. I will not go to bed with wet hair and will create a relaxing bedtime routine for my natural curls. Think guided meditations and soothing music alongside the calming ritual of dedicated hair care time. I'll protect this time by marking it as my "do not disturb" hour. Bonnets, silk pillowcases, and scarves are the best companions to my nightly routine so I can wake up feeling my best. On days when I feel especially luxurious, I'll even incorporate a rich moisture hair mask. This is my time. I permit myself to take a few extra minutes of silence and relaxation. I deserve it and I'm embracing my well-being alongside my natural beauty.

I Will Stay Curious

Natural hair is exquisitely versatile! I promise to embrace my curiosity and permit myself to have fun. I do not need to be cookie-cutter when it comes to styling my hair. Instead, I'll be a trendsetter. The wealth of colors, styles, and cuts to try is anything but boring. To keep my natural locks healthy, I'll consider incorporating protective hairstyles. I know protective styles are a game-changer for natural hair, especially when it comes to creating a low-maintenance style that's easy to care for. I want to take the chore out of natural hair care and get back to enjoying my curls. I'll discover new ways to wear my curls and new accessories to accentuate their beauty.

I'm going to team up with my hair to make a commitment. Let's try one new style every three months. My purpose is to inspire creativity within myself. I want to change the narrative of hair care being a boring task to natural hair care as something I enjoy. Allowing my ideas to flourish will help to reinvent my daily routine. I will stay fearless in my creativity. There are so many style risks worth taking when it comes to the boundless versatility of natural hair. I will be bold, and daring, and seek out my distinction in a world of cookie-cutter hairstyles. Whether I'm going for a big, dramatic change (colors, extensions, a full fro?) or a small detail (baby bangs, lowlights, beads, and gems?), I'm going to love the adventure. 

My natural hair is my crown and I promise to cherish it.

Sincerely, Me.

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