Simple, Healthy Hair Practices


Is healthier hair one of your 2023 resolutions? Maybe your goal is to grow out your locks, improve volume and texture, discover new styles for your glorious curls, or simply bring out the shine in your color a little more. Every hair goal is a unique and exciting adventure. The team at RevAir wants to inspire you by making healthier hair your number-one priority this year.

If you're looking for new ideas to improve your natural hair care routine, check out these naturalista-approved tips for healthier hair.

Learn Your Hair Type

Get to know your hair a little better in 2023. Understanding your hair type is a great way to achieve healthier hair. Not only will you gain a better appreciation for your natural hair, but you'll learn the best products and techniques for caring for your lovely locks. There are a few key characteristics to know when determining your hair's makeup. Hair type, curl pattern, porosity, texture, and density are just a few of the elements that come together to make your natural hair unique.

Get started by learning the 4 basic hair types and 3 main curl textures and shapes. If you aren't sure where your hair falls, refer to this helpful hair type guide.

Type 1: Straight

Type 1 hair is generally considered to be straight locks, but this doesn't mean your natural hair needs to be pin-straight or without texture and movement. This type can range from slender, delicate A-type textured strands to C-type strands with a slight loose curl and angle. This hair type is the least porous, meaning the cuticles are tightly aligned with low moisture absorption, but high moisture retention. Conditioning is especially important for this hair type.

Type 2: Wavy

Wavy hair is so versatile and light-capturing! Type 2 waves are usually S-shaped, but they can range from loose (A) to tighter and more defined (B-C). This hair type falls right in the middle of the porosity chart along with curly hair.

Type 3: Curly

Although we tend to call all textured hair "curly," this hair type refers to a specific style and texture ranging from tight S-curls to springy loops and ringlets. Curly hair has plenty of volume and springs from the root.

Type 4: Coily

Coily hair is usually set in a "Z" pattern, densely curled, and dramatic with lots of body. This hair type is the most porous. The cuticles are loose on the hair shaft, meaning moisture is absorbed and lost quickly. Moisture retention and sealing the cuticle ends are key styling techniques for nourishing this hair type.

Get to know your unique hair type better so you can best target your healthy hair care routine in 2023.

Stock Your Shower With Hair Healthy Products and Accessories

Start your year off right by stocking up on your favorite hair products and accessories. Keeping your go-to healthy hair up will be much easier with a little planning. Permit yourself to invest in the quality hair care products you've been eyeing. Not only is this an investment in ourselves, but purchasing the right products will benefit your hair's health in the long term. Most find that they use less when they stock quality products as opposed to commercial hair products that often require a copious amount of product to see any result.

So what are the basics to get started on your at-home salon kit?

First, grab a cute shower caddy and vanity organizer. If saving space is one of your 2023 goals, opt for vertical floating shelves over your sink rather than storage tubs. Next, fill each section with the supplies you need on hand. We recommend keeping a wet brush in the shower to remind you to detangle your mane. Have an extra styling brush in your vanity organizer along with serum, hair butter, leave-in products, volumizer, and shine-enhancing natural oils. Keep all of your clips, scrunchies, and hair ties together with cord organizer bungees. Then stock your favorite nourishing conditioner, shampoo, and scalp-clarifying products in the shower to help you stick to your routine.

Grab some dry-erase markers for your mirror to make yourself a weekly hair care schedule and add in some positive hair affirmations each day.

Up Your Hydration Game

Keeping your hair hydrated is the key to healthier hair. Just as water fuels our bodies, moisture also brings out our hair's best volume, elasticity, and shine. Water molecules are what cause our hair not to become brittle and snap off during brushing and styling. Seasonal changes in humidity and dryness can routinely impact our hair's moisture retention. That's why it's important to keep a consistent hydration routine.

Conditioner is a must for all hair types. Be sure to choose a formula that is sulfate free and contains minimal additives. Harsh chemicals can increase dryness, causing split ends and hair loss. For dense curls, opt for adding lightweight hair butter like coconut or shea to your routine. If your hair is wavy or right in the middle of the hair texture spectrum, a restorative natural oil-based serum is a great way to prep damp ends before styling. This will get you started on a great go-to moisture routine for healthier hair.

Target With an Effective Moisturizing Routine

Now that we've covered the basics of keeping your hair hydrated, it's time to level up to a more targeted moisturizing routine. Do you know your hair's seasonal moisture needs? What about your hair's porosity and curl texture? Focusing on the small nuances can help you develop a more effective hair care routine. 

For example, if your hair is prone to tangles, you will want to use a conditioner that has plenty of "slip" which allows the brush to glide through more easily. If your hair suffers from seasonal dryness, a spray bottle with a combination of lightweight hair oil, aloe, and water is the perfect go-to for your countertop or gym bag. The more you experiment with different hair care routines, the more you'll discover how your hair reacts. For hair that tends to be more oily, you can incorporate a few more wash days throughout the week. However, dry, dense textured hair often benefits from the build-up of natural sebum and can go a bit longer between washes. 

Part of your moisture routine will be determined by your hair goals. If you're actively growing out your hair, hydration will be key in encouraging new hair growth. It may seem counterintuitive, but getting regular trims is fantastic for hair growth and moisture retention. If you're content with your hair's length, you can spend a little more time rehabilitating dry, dead ends with moisture masks and deep conditioning treatments.

However you hydrate, be sure to focus your moisture routine to suit your 2023 style goals for healthier hair.


Stop Neglecting Your Scalp

Don't leave your scalp out of your 2023 hair care routine. Scalp care for natural hair maintenance is essential in encouraging healthy hair. The scalp is responsible for new hair growth, shine, and strength. It's important to regularly take care of your scalp by removing dead skin cells with a scalp brush. Hot oil treatments can also help exfoliate the skin and improve circulation. A few additional ways you can treat your scalp with kindness include following a recommended maintenance regimen for protective styles, ensuring you aren't leaving extensions or locs in for too long, and protecting your scalp line seasonally with UV protectant spray. Healthier hair starts at the root!

Nourish Your Hair and Your Body

Good health is a total body habit. When we eat well and drink enough water, our hair benefits too! The most important vitamins and nutrients for hair and nail strength are iron, zinc, keratin, collagen, biotin, and vitamins B, C, D, and A. B vitamin compounds are especially key in supporting the growth of new hair follicles. In addition to incorporating veggies, fruits, and healthy fats into your diet, getting at least 6-8 glasses of water per day will help your hair shine brighter in the new year.

Too often, we focus on what we can cut from our diet rather than what we can add to improve it. Nutritionists recommend a more positive approach to a healthier lifestyle. For example, if you enjoy a bowl of cereal each morning, don't cut the carbs! Improve them by adding protein-rich almond milk and antioxidant-dense berries. Focus on making healthy, whole-food choices rather than limiting your diet. Your body and hair will thank you!

Establish a Bedtime Hair Care Routine

A nightly pampering routine for your hair is the perfect way to wind down. Grab a warm mug of tea, put on your favorite lo-fi beats, and get ready for some beauty rest.

If you're an evening hair wash kinda gal (who has time in the morning?), we see you. Our glam squad respects the ritual of a luxurious hair treatment before bed. Make sure your hair care doesn't end after the shower. Protect your hair before hitting snooze by always drying your hair and applying moisturizing serums or leave-in conditioner before bed. Hair is especially susceptible to breakage at night when static and friction combine to pull at the hair shaft. Avoid high heat just before bed and give your hair a break until morning when it comes to using your favorite style tool. Your RevAir reverse air dryer is the perfect addition to your routine, featuring gentle, air-drying technology designed to help your hair retain more moisture overnight.

Wrap your natural hair up nice and cozy in a satin wrap or scarf. If your hair is more fine and straight with less texture, opt for a silk or satin pillowcase instead to keep away static. You'll wake up feeling refreshed with hair that's been revitalized overnight.

Let's step into 2023 with vibrance, boldness, and style! Healthy hair is the foundation of confidence. These simple tips can help you refine your routine in the new year for softer, more luxurious natural locks.

Looking for more ways to love your natural hair? Check out our Beginner's Guide to Moisturizing Natural Hair and reach out to our team for more tips.