Curly Hair Summer Haircare Guide

Beautiful Woman Enjoying the SunshineCurls pair best with sunshine! We're looking forward to debuting our shiny, vibrant natural hair this summer and RevAir has put together the ultimate summer hair care guide for curly hair. We're talking fighting frizz, stretching, growing, hydrating, and preventing damage while looking absolutely amazing.

Check out our hottest summer hair care tips for curls and let us know what your summer hair care bucket list is!

Get Ready for Summer Curls Now!

Ready to prep your hair for the best summer ever? Start by giving your curls a mini spa day. 

The beginning of summer is the best time to fortify your curly hair. We recommend a trip to your favorite salon! When considering which professional treatments are best for summer hair care, many ladies (and gents!) feel a bit daunted at the array of options. Salon quality treatments can quickly add up, so it's important to prioritize the best ways to target curly hair, maximize shine, and get your lovely locks prepped for summer.

We've paired down the best summer hair treatments for curly hair to book before hitting the beach.

  • Deep Conditioning Treatment. This ultra-hydrating hair treatment is a great option for all hair types and a must for curly hair. Dry winter air can leave curls especially vulnerable to frizz and breakage. Avoid heading into the summer with compromised hair by replenishing lost moisture at the start of the season.
  • Hot Oil Treatment for Your Scalp. Great hair starts at the root! Start with a healthy clarifying routine prior to visiting the salon for a hot oil treatment to restore your scalp's natural oils and enhance your curls while growing longer, fuller locks.
  •  Highlights, Lowlights, Balayage, and More! Thinking of going lighter this summer? Most curly-haired ladies wait until later in the season to get their summer hair color. If you lighten your hair earlier in the season, you get to enjoy the full benefit of sunshine on your curls. The sun will lift and enhance that color and bring out the vibrance in your highlight.

Of course, we can't mention the sunny side of summer hair care without a few cautionary notes. Avoid straightening and smoothing treatments, including strengthening options such as Keratin treatments. These formulas are not designed for curls and can ruin your curl pattern and cause severe damage right before the best season of the year. Stick to curl-approved salon care and get ready to rock a radiant natural look.

Woman drinking a glass of water

Prioritize Hydration Inside and Out

We love an iced coffee as much as anyone, but as the temperature heats up, it's important to ensure you're getting your daily recommended water intake. Summer favorites like cold brew lattes, margaritas, and sangria are delicious  - and dehydrating. When combined with the heat, this is a recipe for disaster, including but not limited to dried-out hair and skin.

A good rule of thumb is that for every dehydrating beverage you drink, be sure to drink one extra glass of water. You can continue to prioritize summer wellness by snacking on moisture-dense foods like cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, and grapefruit. Pair a few healthy treats with your next coffee break to keep you energized and hydrated throughout the day.

When it comes to targeted hydration for curls, try a summer DIY project! Create your own moisturizing hair spray. Start with a water-soluble base like glycerin, mix a dash of your favorite oil (we recommend coconut or argan oil), add a pinch of aloe for shine and curl clarifying magic, and spritz lightly with lavender or essential oil of your choice. Section your hair each morning and apply your DIY hydration mist liberally before heading out into the sun.

Beautiful Black Woman Lounging in a Pool Enjoying the Sun

Get Poolside Ready

You wouldn't jump into the water without sunscreen, so don't entrust your hair to nature either. Invest in a high-quality, SPF 30+ protectant for your curly hair. Many curly-haired beachgoers find success with DIY alternatives as well. Shea butter and sesame oil are natural UV protectants and can be used in place of store-bought protectant sprays. They're great, simple products to keep on hand for a day of sunbathing.

If you're planning to swim in a pool, beware of chlorine and other harsh chemicals. A bathing cap is a great way to keep your curls fresh and unbothered without missing out on a pool party. Saltwater presents another unique dilemma for curls. However, curly-haired beachgoers can take advantage of the seaside by allowing the salt water to work its magic. Tighter curls often loosen to relaxed waves, giving your hair that beachy glow. To prevent your curls from running too wild, boost their strength with a rich, ultra-slick detangling spray alongside sculpting gel or primer. This will allow you to go from beach to snack bar looking like a mermaid rather than a castaway. 

Hats are also a fashion-forward option, especially if you're planning to enjoy some lounge time. Wide-brimmed, retro-style hats are on trend this year and provide the perfect, stylish solution to protecting your natural curls.

Woman Applying Hair Treatment Spray to Curly Hair

Consider Sunny Day Aftercare

It's easy to remember to care for your curls in the heat of the moment, but curl protectant is only half of an ideal summer hair care routine. Nourish your curly hair after a long day in the sun with proper aftercare products.

Vitamin C mists are a great cooling product for curly hair. The natural antioxidant properties neutralize free radical damage, support collagen production, and boost shine. While all hair types benefit from an extra dose of Vitamin C, curly hair that is susceptible to breakage has the most to gain. Look for sprays mixed with aloe for an ideal post-sun chill session.

Another fantastic curly hair tip for the summer is refrigerating your shampoo and conditioner. You've heard of refrigerating moisturizers and skin serums. Now get ready to enjoy a refreshingly cool shower after a long day in the heat. Chilled hair products allow the cuticle to seal in moisture more readily while also providing your scalp some relief. Opt for products with a more acidic PH to balance your hair's natural base. After all, there's nothing basic about your flawless curls or this summer hair care routine.

 Woman Conditioning / Co-Washing Her Hair in Shower

Co-Wash More Frequently

Avoid over-washing your hair in the summer. It's easy to assume sweaty hair always means dirty. However, when it comes to caring for curly hair during the summer, that isn't always the case. Co-washing (i.e. washing with conditioner only) is a great solution for reviving your hair and removing build-up, without stripping away the cuticle.

You can supplement this tip with a moisture-rich emollient to keep your hair from drying out between washes. Not only will this step lock in hydration, but incorporating emollients into your routine will give you tighter, bouncier curls. Honey is one of the go-to emollients for curly hair and can be found in many styling products or DIY emollient mask recipes. 

Woman Combing Wet Wavy / Curly Hair

Treat Wet Hair Gently

Treat wet hair gently by detangling tough knots with patience. Use your fingers to work through stubborn snares and a wet brush or wide-toothed comb to get started. A high-quality conditioner with plenty of slip is recommended. Never, ever detangle curly hair when dry. You want to minimize breakage whenever possible by working with your hair in its most pliable state. 

Avoid tying wet hair up in tight buns or ponytails. While it may be tempting to go from the pool to a messy bun, elastics and tight hairstyles pull on your already fragile locks. Leave your curls loose to dry or opt for a no-pull hairstyle. Scrunchies, scarves, and satin or silk wraps are a great way to stay in style without torturing your locks. You can also use a spritz of moisturizing spray to slick your hair back and style wet hair into messy waves or curls. No matter what style option you choose, be sure to treat damp hair kindly and give your curls time to dry and detangle.

Summertime is the best time of the year for natural hair. From waves to coils, curly hair shines at the beach and dazzles at the pool. Be sure to go into the warmer season with a sunshine-ready curly hair care routine.

Looking for more summer hair ideas? Our team is happy to offer style hacks and recommendations! Contact us today and check out Easy Summer Hairstyles for All Hair Types.