All Treats. No Tricks. | REViews for Week Ending 10.30.20

All Treats. No Tricks.

As Halloween approached, RevAir REViewers discovered our patented and innovative Reverse-Air technology is all treats, no tricks. With their introduction to RevAir coming from people such as Savannah James (wife of 3 time NBA Champion, LeBron James) and salons who incorporated our device into their services, each new user reacted with a type of enthusiasm that typically alludes one as they try the latest beauty tools.

One REViewer touted RevAir is “A blessing from God”, while another shared that her getting-ready routine was cut from 60 minutes to merely 18! An Instagram Influencer raved, “This is definitely going to come in handy for my protective style series”…and speaking of protective, a Mother who cares for her child’s natural hair, allowed it to be dried and straighten for the first time in 16 years using RevAir.

We would be remiss if we didn’t wrap up this week with our RevAir Wrap Multi-Function Hair Band. From a mask-like buff to a workout-ready headband, from a bed-head protector to a fun hair accessory with flair, an in-the-know gal on the gram showcased multiple ways to wear the RevAir Wrap.

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Five Star Customer REViews 

Love love love!

Omg this is my newest favorite thing! I love how fast it works! How straight my hair is after only a few secs!

A blessing from God!

My daughter has very thick curly hair and absolutely hates getting her hair done, but when I saw Savannah James use this dryer years ago on daughter who also has a lot of hair. When I saw what it did and what it could do for my daughter I knew I had to have it. I was finally able to get it this fall and it didn't disappoint! I was nervous at first because it seemed too good to be true but now I
almost can't stop using it on myself who has wavy hair and my daughter who I mainly bought this product for. She gets excited when I use the dryer and knows that it won't be as painful. I strongly suggest this product and I was glad that I made the investment! It stretches any hair type really well, reduces stress and pain. The only thing I wish it came with was a stand and or holder for the long hose. Other than that I'm in Love!

Love This Beast of a Dryer!

I used it on my 2 daughters and then myself. One has coily hair & the other is curly/wavy. I am curly. We all have super long & thick hair. It was amazing. It is easier to use on them than me doing it myself. Def need a bottle of water for misting. It usually takes me over an hour as I have waistlength hair but it was roughly 35 mins to dry it. Hair felt less brittle and I didn't need to flatiron it after. I
twisted each section with some pomade and after a day my style is gorgeous. I really adore this dryer after only 1 use. My hair is lovely.

PR REViews


Yohanna highlights the RevAir Wrap, saying “If you had this multifunctional bandana, what would be your favorite option?” 




Talks about her kids' first time at a Natural Hair Salon in 16 years. Check out the video below or read her blog


 Sian used RevAir to elongate her curls and received a beautiful blow out. 



Twist N Coils uses the RevAir to achieve a beautiful stretched look and shared it on Instagram. She said, “We love to use our RevAir dryer to stretch our hair…” 



Victoria said, "Normally it takes me 60 min to blow dry and straighten with a regular blow dryer. With the RevAir it only took me 18 min."



Aleka said, "This hair dryer is my new favorite hair tool!"




Mai says, "This is definitely gonna come in handy for my #protectivestyleseries."