123 Gel Method For Maximum Curl Definition

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Getting the perfect hair solution for both the summer and autumn is probably every woman's dream. Most women think they must use two different hair styling methods for each season. Luckily, you can keep your curl definition throughout the seasons with proper care for people with hair types three and four.

If you are looking for the most efficient way to achieve well-defined curls, look no further than the 123 Gel Method. This hair care procedure hit the headlines during the summer of 2019, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. The 123 Gel Method brings out the best in your curls for maximum definition while also controlling frizz in high humid conditions. Since then, people with wavy, curly, and coily hair have responded enthusiastically from all over the globe. The stand-out advantage of this method is its ability to moisturize and retain moisture in the hair.

You are probably wondering what the 123 Gel method is, what it entails, and how to achieve it. This piece will give you all the essential details to help achieve and maintain frizz-free and bouncy curls.

What is the 123 Gel Method?

The 123 gel method is a styling and hair care procedure that moisturizes and locks hydration into curly and wavy hair. You achieve this by layering three separate gels over a cream hair styling product. This way, it keeps your hair fully moisturized since the cream-styler functions as a moisturizing base. Therefore, the outcome of your strands will not have a hard feel and look.

The plopping procedure also helps give your strands a smoother appearance. That said, you should expect to have well-defined curls without any frizz on them. Therefore, even when it's raining, the high dew days will not lead to fuzzy hair that lacks shine and definition.

Why is 123 Gel Method Different From Others?

Note that each gel in the 123 procedure has unique ingredients, and they provide specific strengths. With the combination of all those benefits, your hair will gain more than when you use a single gel. It's the same case as eating different vegetables or fruits in a day. The more variation, the higher your chances of obtaining multiple types of nutrients. Consequently, when you use different gel types, your hair will bring out a better outcome. Again, keep in mind that applying some hair gels for extended periods might flake or have a weird feeling on your hair.

What Are the Best Gels For Your Curls?

Start by watering down the cream hair. If your hair is dry, start by using moisturizing gels to help add a bit of moisture with the definition. This way, even in a watered-down scenario, your hair will still have the moisture from the gels. You can follow this sequence of applying the gel in the 123 gel method as part of your curly hair care: The first gel should be one that doesn't contain glycerin or protein. The following three products would be an ideal pick as a first gel:

  • Camille Rose Curl Maker
  • Curls Goddess Curls Botanical Gel
  • Camille Rose Aloe Whipped Butter Gel

The second gel should have both protein and glycerin, preferably using these products:

  • Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Gold Twisting Gel
  • Bounce Curl Light Crème Gel
  • Mane Choice Crystal Biotin Styling Gel
  • The Eco Styler Gels
  • Mane Choice Crystal Biotin Styling Gel

The third gel should have protein but no glycerine. You can opt for these three products:

  • Ampro Clear Ice Gel
  • Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly
  • Aliah Waajid Green Apple Gel

You can pick one gel in each section and apply them progressively. After thoroughly applying different gels, scrunch your hair with one of your t-shirts or a microfiber towel to help squeeze out excess water and product. Still, you have the freedom to pop your curly hair if you like it that way.

How to Implement the 123 Method in Your Routine

Once you have the necessary gels at your disposal, the next step is to implement the 123 gel method to bring out that quality curl definition. Here is a step-by-step procedure that delivers the desired results on your hair:

Start by Washing Your Strands with a Moisturizing Hair Care System

First, you should look for a moisturizing hair care system that can assist you in hydrating all your hair strands deeply. The procedure is vital for your strands to reap the full benefits offered by the 123 gel method. You must also hydrate your hair as much as possible to get the right defining curls. Therefore, go for the products that moisturize your strands to ensure your curly hair has luminous and soft strands.

Apply Hydrating Styling Cream

Once you've washed your strands, it's time to apply some moisture-enhancing styling cream to act as the foundation for your wet hair. Alternatively, you can use the bowl method by mixing the cream with some water. In this stage, you can use the gels with the capability to deliver styling and curling power.

Layer on Three Hair Gels

After having your hair prepped, it's now time to make use of the styling gels. You can layer one pump of each, using up to three of your favorite gels. You can choose the gels with a progressing level of hold as long as they offer enough hydration to your hair. You can try out the following gels, which are similar to what Elizabeth Alex, the creator of the 123 gel method, proposes while scrunching:

  • Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oil High Porosity Moisture – It assists in moisturizing and availing some essential protein to your curly hair care to reinforce your curl's structure, including those that tend to lose their definition quickly.
  • Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel – It is a good solution when you want to hydrate your curls and leave them softly defined. It's also easy to apply on your strands due to its thin texture.
  • tgin Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel – It holds your hair in place to prevent flaking and also provides a lot of hydration to your curls.

Depending on the hair type, some people also prefer using moisturizing gels.

Plop Your Hair to Keep the Strands Moisturized

You can now plop your hair. To achieve the best outcome do the following:

  • Flip your hair upside down, then place a towel or clean t-shirt at the nape of your neck to ensure it acts as a cover to your strands.
  • Take the side of the towel or t-shirt to help you tie a knot at the back of your head.
  • In case of any extra fabric hanging, tuck it underneath the knot instead of leaving it hanging.

Relax as the Excess Water Absorbs

In the following process, leave your towel or t-shirt to sit in place for approximately ten minutes and absorb the excess water from your hair. Alternatively, you can choose to do it in a cool setting for about five to ten minutes.

Diffuse Your Hair

Finally, use a diffuser to bring out defining curls. Using this hot tool will thoroughly dry your curls while also preventing frizz on your hair. In the last steps, ensure you give your strands a cool shot of air. It will help create defined curls with a shiny appearance.

What Curl Types Should I Choose in The 123 Gel Method?

In most cases, the curl definition methods go hand in hand with specific curl types. However, that's not the case with the 123 gel method since it was designed to fit in with all textures. As a result, opting to use this new method gives you the freedom to have fun with what you prefer to work with.

Essential Tips For a Successful 123 Gel Method

Although some of the outlined steps have a specific product suitable for a particular process, you can still use another one that suits you. For instance, scrunching gels work well for many people, since it gives them adequate volume and definition. However, if the gel doesn't work for your hair, feel free to use your preferred hair product.

Also, remember to clarify regularly to prevent product buildup in your hair. Come up with a routine where you can clarify at least once or twice each month. You can achieve the right outcome using your preferred clarification treatment or try out bentonite clay.

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Key Takeaway

If you've been looking for the best way to achieve curls with a brilliant shiny appearance, the 123 gel method is the solution. No matter what texture you prefer on your hair, you can work it out using the 123 gel method and have fun with well-defined, frizz-free, and bouncy curls. Also, proper curly hair care will easily beat humid conditions. For more hair products and accessories to maintain your hairstyles, contact us today. Also, be sure to follow our healthy hair blog for the latest hair care tips.