Tribology Complex 101

INTRODUCING - The first three hair care products from the RevAir Tribology Complex Collection.

Since the launch of the groundbreaking, industry-changing Reverse-Air Dryer, beauty-savvy women everywhere have been clamoring for more from RevAir. Never fear, new products are near...

Debuting in early September 2019, the RevAir Tribology Complex Collection features a proprietary blend of active ingredients designed to improve not only the aesthetic results of a hair style, but the actual health of the hair.

Rest assured, Tribology Complex is not just another beauty brand facade that lacks the proof consumers crave. Like the Reverse-Air Hair Dryer that so effectively delivers on its promise, Tribology Complex is based in science that is used for style.


While the most well known benefits of the Reverse-Air Hair Dryer are that it dries and straighten in a single, hassle-free step, three times faster and with substantially less heat, it’s lesser known attributes lie in its role in the hairs health.

The aerodynamically designed Wand is an example of the word Tribology, (Tribology is the science of wear, friction and lubrication, and encompasses how interacting surfaces and other tribo-elements behave in relative motion in natural and artificial systems. Tribology is highly interdisciplinary) and where the inspiration for the name of the innovative complex was born.

The wand and hose use tension to dry the hair in its natural direction, smoothing and sealing the cuticle in the process.

It got us to dreaming and then developing...what if we could capture good-for-you ingredients under the cuticle before it closed?


Each and every strand of hair on our head consists of three main parts: the medulla, cortex and cuticle. The medulla is a honey-comb like core made up of amino acids and sugar.

The cortex surrounds the medulla and is composed of protein. The outer layer of all of that, and on every hair, is the cuticle. The cuticle serves as the “protection” for the inner two layers, and is made up of overlapping scales of protein.

When the hair becomes damaged from all that it is put through, including chemical processing, singing curls into submission or forcing wave with hot tools, and even UV exposure, the cuticle (the outer protective layer) opens and stays in a raised, jagged angle.

If your hair is frizz prone or suffers from everyday flyaways, it is a strong indicator that your hair has a raised cuticle.

RevAir Reverse-Air Hair Dryer works wonders on raised cuticles, as the airflow (suction) dries hair in the natural direction in which the cuticles are intended to lay. This is why your hair stylist works so hard to overdirect her blowdryer down and why you have had a difficult time, prior to RevAir, replicating their results at home.

This process of sealing the cuticle results in smoother hair that holds style better and has a healthy shine. The RevAir team saw the positive benefits from a smooth, closed cuticle and used their engineering and innovation-driven background to create products that will exponentially amplify and work beautifully with the RevAir Reverse-Air Hair Dryer.


This is where the Tribology Complex comes into play. RevAir thoughtfully and methodically designed a line of products specifically formulated to work synergistically with the RevAir Reverse-Air Hair Dryer to boost the results that already make RevAir a game-changer.

The Tribology Complex products are formulated on three principles, or “core values” if you will - SHINE, STRENGTHEN and SEAL.

Each hair care product RevAir creates is rooted in these principles that compose the Tribology Complex. Think of it as our promise to you. While the active ingredients may vary as new innovations are discovered, we guarantee each product we create has been carefully developed and chosen based on its ability to SHINE, STRENGTHEN and SEAL your gorgeous strands.


Shiny hair is healthy hair! Every Tribology Complex product is proven to increase the gleam and sheen in your hair.


Strong strands are beautiful!. All products that proudly wear the Tribology Complex logo contain beneficial ingredients designed to improve hair’s elasticity and decrease hair fiber fatigue.


Seal the deal! Open cuticles not only create frizz and flyaways, they allow active ingredients to dissipate faster.

While the RevAir Reverse-Air Hair Dryer is ideal for seizing the hair-healthy ingredients under the sealed cuticle, Tribology Complex utilizes compounds that assure a smooth, sleek results no matter your drying device.


The Tribology Complex Collection is formulated with forward thinking, benefit-rich ingredients.

The three main active ingredients are featured in each of the products, and are called Keravis™, Seriseal® and Seridefrizz®. Regular use provides impressive results.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself below.

Keravis™ is a natural vegetable protein that penetrates hair cortex to strengthen from within. Keravis™ creates stronger hair, reduces breakage and split ends and utilizes veggie-based protein that has proven far better for hair health than Keratin.

Seriseal® is a compound that improves hair condition, repairs damaged cuticles, increases shine, and enables better penetration/absorption via nanotechnology.

Seridefrizz® is a heat-activated compound that reduces drying time, locks out frizz, strengthens hair and provides a cumulative effect- which means that continuous use increases the benefits.


The Tribology Complex Collection launches with three carefully created products designed with an individual’s hair type(s) and RevAir’s core values in mind. All products must SEAL, STRENGTHEN and add SHINE to your locks.

These products are designed to work in tandem with the RevAir Reverse-Air Hair Dryer, however, have been formulated to amplify results no matter the drying and finishing routine.

Need a refresher on discovering your hair type to find the product made for you? Our "How Well Do You Know Your Hair Type" blog is the perfect resource!


Bright Spot is a leave-in shine, detangling and smoothing spray. The superfine mist is multitasking magic that is thoughtfully formulated with light-reflecting properties (UV protection!) giving hair a healthy-looking luster while going beyond with “good-for-you” ingredients.

Crafted with a unique blend of nutrient-rich oils, Bright Spot is formulated to feel weightless, proactively acting as a detangler on wet hair, reducing drying time, and providing instant frizz and flyaway control to finish.

Bright Spot is designed for all hair types - whether your hair is straight, coily or anywhere in between! It is applied to clean wet hair prior to brushing/combing as a detangler, and can also be used on dry, styled hair to add extra shine without weighing down your style.

Other Key Ingredients in Bright Spot:

Kukui Nut Oil: Strengthens hair, while preventing dandruff

FSS Acai Berry Oil: Reduces hair loss and nourishes the scalp

FSS Blueberry Seed Oil: Repairs damaged hair

Avocado Oil: Fortifies hair to prevent breakage

Refined Cocos Nucifera Oil: Prevents protein loss

Acacia Concinna Fruit Extract: Seals in moisture

Tamarindus Indica Fruit Extract: Maintains collagen

The Bottom Line: Reduces dry time, tames flyaways and frizz, and intensifies shine without weighing down your look.

WAVE GOODBYE HAIR PRIMER - TYPES 1 + 2 (straight + wavy)

Wave Goodbye is a Cream Gel Hair Primer for types 1 & 2 hair that preps the hair without adding extra weight. Formulated with RevAir’s proprietary Tribology Complex, Wave Goodbye Hair Primer smooths and aligns strands by gently encompassing the cuticle to seal in moisture.

This weightless, non-greasy primer is crafted for convenience into a cream base that increases hair flexibility, reducing hair fiber fatigue. Together with a “thermo-protective effect” that protects from UV and heat aggressors, Wave Goodbye enhances color, locks out humidity and intensifies shine.

Wave Goodbye is designed for types 1 & 2 hair, and provides moisture, shine, and strength without leaving the hair feeling oily or weighed down. It is applied to clean, wet hair prior to drying or styling to prime and smooth strands.

Other Key Ingredients in Wave Goodbye:

Botanisil ME-10: Smooths and conditions

Shineblend MAX®: Increases shine levels

RonaFlair White Sapphire: Smooths and increases effectiveness of actives


9.34% Thickness Boost

13.62% Strength Gain

32.8% Glossmeter Surge

358% Shine Improvement

The Bottom Line:Primes hair, reduces drying time, adds moisture and boosts shine without weighing down type 1 and 2 hair.

PLAY IT STRAIGHT HAIR PRIMER - TYPE 3 + 4 (curly + coily)

Play It Straight is a Rich Balm Hair Primer for types 3 & 4 hair that smooths, moisturizes and preps your hair for the day. Custom blended for curly and coarse hair, one of a kind Play It Straight Hair Primer with Tribology Complex, smooths and aligns strands expertly encompassing the cuticle to seal in moisture.

This moisturizing, non-greasy primer is crafted for convenience into a balm base to increases hair flexibility, reducing hair fiber fatigue. Together with a “thermo-protective effect” that protects from external aggressors such as the sun, and threatening heat tools, Play It Straight reduces drying time, elongates strands, enhances color locks out humidity and intensifies shine.

Play It Straight is designed for hair types 3 & 4. It is applied to clean, wet hair prior to drying or styling to seal in moisture, while smoothing and aligning strands. Other

Key Ingredients in Play It Straight:

Kukui Nut Oil - Strengthening hair, while preventing dandruff

Meadowfoam Oil - Effectively forms a barrier to lock in moisture

Marula Oil - nourishes hair from root to tip, without making it overly greasy

Coconut Oil - promotes scalp health, adds luster, shine and softness, prevents hair breakage and split ends

Daikon Seed Extract - provides delicate slip with good absorption


13.62% Strength Gain

32.8% Glossmeter Surge

15.36% Lengthening Benefit

The Bottom Line:Primes, smooths, reduces drying time and intensifies shine while providing the perfect amount of moisture for type 3 and 4 hair.

There you have it! A comprehensive breakdown of the Tribology Complex Complex benefits, along with the brand promises.

Worth the wait, right? As with every RevAir purchase, each of these products is backed by the RevAir 30 Day Own It Love It Guarantee that ensures 100% satisfaction. Using the Tribology Complex Collection with the RevAir Reverse-Air Hair Dryer will take your tresses to a whole new level.

Don’t own a Reverse-Air Hair Dryer yet? Tribology Complex stands alone and will work wonders regardless of the hair drying and styling routine.

As always, please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to our team of passionate, educated Advisors, if you have any questions about the RevAir products, Tribology Complex, hair health, or anything in between!