Tips For Transitioning to Natural Hair


If you've been considering going natural for a while now, there's never been a better time to join the natural hair revolution. Embracing your natural hair is an empowering journey. There are plenty of reasons to ditch harsh chemical treatments for good. The chemical-free life is healthier overall, promotes a wellness-driven lifestyle, and allows your hair to truly flourish. Natural hair strengthens over time, making your lovely locks fuller, more radiant, soft as silk, and ready for endless style options as versatile as you are. Once you've got your natural hair regimen down, many curly-haired goddesses find that going all-natural saves time in their morning routine. 

We believe the natural hair journey should be a pleasant one. That's why our curly hair experts have put together these tips for transitioning to natural hair.

From curly hair hacks to hairstyles that make the road to all-natural beauty a little easier, there's a trick for every hair type on this list.

Ease into Natural Hair Love

Big changes don't happen overnight! There's no need to rush the process when it comes to transitioning hairstyles. Catching up on curly hairstyle inspo is a great way to get excited about the fabulous journey ahead. However, it's easy to feel like we have to change everything about our style routine overnight. If you aren't ready to fully switch out your old hair routine, that's okay! Now is the perfect time to prep your hair for a natural style and allow your hair time to grow out. Four months is a good growth period for your hair to gain some length prior to going all-natural.

Protective styles are a great solution for growing out natural hair. Enjoy bold, versatile braids, locs, and twists that change as often as you change your mind. A few of our favorites include knotless box braids, fulani braids with beads (and colors!), Senegalese twists, and wavy Bantu knots. This low-maintenance approach to transitioning hairstyles helps curly-haired ladies (and gents!) embrace natural hair without the awkward growth period.

Prep Your Scalp

While you wait for your natural locks to grow out, the in-between stage is a great time to give your scalp some extra love. After all, our hair normally steals the spotlight, so why not use this opportunity to focus on your scalp care? 

Type 3 hair and type 4 hair will especially benefit from a scalp care routine. The scalp stimulates hair growth and improves blood circulation to the follicles, which ultimately gives your natural hair its shape, shine, and radiance. For a simple scalp care routine, our curly hair experts recommend:

  • Apply a scalp mask or scalp oil. If going the DIY scalp oil route, we recommend coconut oil! For store-bought beauty, hemp oil extract is highly nourishing and gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation. Consider including a scalp massage as part of your salon routine as well as your at-home haircare routine when transitioning hairstyles.
  • Complete your normal wash routine. Be sure to rely on a high-quality conditioner to provide hydration to your roots and follicles.
  • Finish your routine with a moisturizing scalp serum to lock in nutrients and protect your hair follicles.

Repeat this routine 3x per week or as often as you wash your hair.

Detangle with Care

To ensure a smooth transition to natural curls, you'll want to avoid damaging your natural hair as much as possible. This means being mindful of breakage, especially when brushing out your lovely locks.

Make a habit of detangling your hair when the curls are wet. Use a wide-toothed comb and a healthy amount of leave-in conditioner to keep ends moisturized. Loosen stubborn knots with your fingers rather than yanking them apart with a comb. Start from the ends and work your way up. The end-to-root technique minimizes frizz and fraying while smoothing each strand. Never start at the scalp! This will make small tangles into impossible knots by the time you've worked your way to the end.

When detangling coily hair, sectioning the hair into 4-8 strands can help tame tangles more efficiently. Be sure to use curly hair-approved clips instead of bobby pins. Chunky hair clips won't pull or break your delicate strands. 

Remember; perfection takes time. Detangling can be a process. Make the best of it by putting on your favorite podcast or playlist. You can even listen to a guided meditation or try some breathing exercises while detangling to work in a little self-care alongside your hair care routine!


Be Runway Ready with Transitioning Hairstyles 

There are no awkward growth spurts at RevAir! If your natural hair isn't growing as quickly as you'd like, there's no need to worry. The curly hair of your dreams may be just around the corner! Different curl patterns and hair textures grow out in their own time. Some curly hair types may be long and luxurious after just four months, while others need a little extra time and TLC. No matter where your hair is in the natural hair journey, you can live in the moment with a great transitioning hairstyle.

We've already proclaimed our love for braids, locs, twists, cornrows, and all manner of protective styles for growing out natural hair, but have you considered these trending transitioning hairstyles that are anything but basic?

Faux Hawk

This style gives us all the modern punk vibes we've been missing from our lives. The edgy yet chic pair well with chunky earrings and statement necklaces to show off your exquisite cheekbones. There are a few different variations to the faux hawk, including the Bantu knot hawk which is our personal natural hairstyle obsession.

When it comes to transitioning hairstyles for short hair, this one is at the top of our list and ideal for curly hair that's still in its growth phase.

Stitch Braids + Curls = Style Goals

If you're somewhere between a protective style and fully embracing your natural hair, you're in luck. We have just the look for you with stitch braids and curly ends. This hairstyle is more unique than the average braid and gives short to medium hair a little extra length. 

Try accessorizing your look with hair streamers or metallic string throughout!

Faux Locs

Locs are a great protective hairstyle, but when transitioning hairstyles, it can be challenging to want to commit.

Faux locks are the perfect solution to this natural hair dilemma! These gorgeous extensions can be installed without touching your natural hair. That means your curly locks can keep growing while you get to enjoy the fun and versatility of locs without the commitment. You will still need to have your faux locks set properly, ideally by a salon professional, and take care to maintain your locs to maximize their life and vibrance.  

Of course, when you're ready to take them out, simply swap your locs for natural curls.

Crochet Braids

If your natural hair inspo board is a collection of full, voluminous curls, waiting for your hair to grow out can make even the most patient beauty gurus a little tense. There's no need to stress yourself or your hair out when a full glam, full volume transitioning hairstyle exists. Say hello to crochet braids!

These chic braids have a slightly vintage aesthetic to them. Think 90's daydream! Crochet braids can be styled to closely match your natural hair texture. Don't let the name fool you; these braids are highly versatile when it comes to curl pattern, length, and color. Crochet braids are a gentle alternative to sew-ins, color treatments, and frequent hair cuts, especially when you're growing out your natural hair.

With a few handy guidelines, crochet braids can even be installed at home.

Classic Wigs

We all love styles that go beyond the basics, but sometimes classic hairstyles have earned their place as timeless looks for a reason. When growing out natural hair, wigs are the perfect alternative to protective hairstyles and fully embrace your in-between natural locks. 

100% Remy (human hair, non-synthetic) wigs are the most natural-looking faux hairstyle. These wigs can also be heat styled so you can enjoy the freedom of rocking curls one day and pin-straight chic the next -- all without damaging your actual hair. The transition to natural hair is the best time to start your own fashion wig collection for every occasion. Rock bold fashion colors, ethereal pastels, sunny balayage, and more. Wigs are high fashion, high drama, and perfect for all hair types.

There are no bad hair days in this natural hair journey. Embrace creativity with wigs to bring out your inner red carpet moment.

The natural hair life is an adventure. Make sure you're well prepared for every twist and turn with RevAir's guide to transitioning hairstyles. 

Let us know your favorite transition style and keep dazzling with your naturally beautiful signature style!