Back to School Hairstyles: 15 Style Ideas Kids Will Love

School Girl Wearing Bandana HeadbandBack to school season comes with lots of excitement from a new back-to-school wardrobe, new school supplies, new classmates, and, of course, cute hairstyles. Some kids love having a hairstyle that grabs the attention of other classmates. Others want a new hairstyle that is easy to maintain or one that can save them time as they rush to attend an early morning class. Whichever preference you have when choosing your next back to school hairstyles, now is the best time to have that stylish hairdo.

Here we'll highlight some of the top back to school hairstyles that are suitable for kids, regardless of age, grade or gender - we have something for everyone!

1 - Easy Bubble Ponytail

bubble ponytail twist

If you want an easy-to-go hairstyle, this retro look is a perfect option. You only need to tease the hair at the ponytail for extra thickness and volume, then create a bubble using an elastic band. Make it look like the ponytail has sections while also pulling the hair slightly out of each chunk. While it takes little effort for this style, note that it requires a lot of hairspray.

2 - A Simple Twist

For kids with thick hair with a medium or long length, a simple twist is good to go. This hairstyle brings out a simple and elegant look. You can easily form a bun by making a ponytail at your neck's nape, then tie it and twist your hair around the ponytail. Once you've twisted your hair, secure the bun in one place using a hair accessory, bobby pins, or sectioning clips fromRevAir. Finally, use your hairspray to give it a spritz or two, and your simple twist is ready for school.

3 - Half-Up Half-Down 

Half-Up Half-Down

This is an easy look to master! Section hair at the top of the ears and upwards. Then, secure it into either a ponytail, top knot, or messy bun. To make the look even more casual looking, pull out a few face framing pieces. You can even do this look with hair that is in a protective style or braid!

4 - Headbands

Adding accessories to your hair is one of the most effortless back to school hairstyles!. Although many people underestimate the power of having a cute headband, you'll be surprised at how elegant headbands make hair look. You can get lots of style options and fabrics to choose from, and if you want to try out this style, you only need to slide on the cute headband. You can choose to either style the headband with the front section of hair pinned back by the accessory or leave the front section of hair loose.

5 - Curly Ponytail with Scrunchie

Generally, ponytails are one of the most effortless styles you can have, and the addition of scrunchies will make you look trendy. Even in a rush to get to school, you can simply put  your child's hair into a ponytail, add a scrunchie, and then curl the ponytail ends to suit your style, or rock the natural curls! In about ten minutes, they'll be ready for school. 

6 - Bows and Fancy Hair Ties

child with ponytail and pink bow

For those who like additional accessories on their hair, this is an easy hairstyle to try out. With just a simple, pretty bow addition to your hairstyle, they'll end up looking elegant and still stand out from your classmates. You only need to pull two sections around or above the ears on both sides of their back, tie both sections with a hair tie then clip the bow above the tie. If you want some extra flair, you can add a bow to the ponytail or add a beautiful hairpin. You can also add hair ribbons for those who love colors or try the ribbon around the bun or around the hair tie. 

7 - Cornrows


Cornrows remain a popular choice for school-going kids. Although many parents view it as a protective style, it still looks great! Also, your kid can have cornrows in various ways, such as in a half bun, in a ponytail, or simply leave it loose. You can even add some accessories to this hairstyle, which many kids enjoy having in their hair. Even better, kids can have this style for weeks or even months with proper care before changing it, provided you watch out for build-up.

8 - 5-Strand Dutch Ponytail

If you are well skilled in braiding, you can try out this stylish 5-strand Dutch ponytail with an accent braid or seek assistance from a hair specialist. This style is unique and will also grab the attention of other schoolmates. 

9 - Fishtails on Straight Hair

For kids with medium-length hair, simple fishtails are an ideal hairstyle for school. This style only requires you to leave a significant part of hair down, either straight or curly, then pull back the front sections and bangs to form a type of braid. Fishtails have a cute appearance and are still simple to make and maintain. 

10 - Sleek Braided Knot

hair in a sleek braided knot

If you are not yet an expert at doing braids, but still love the look, sleek braided knots are the way to go. You can easily crack this style by having the braids moving backward and leaving them loose. The main focus should be on braiding and twisting the hair back together in an impressive manner. 

11 - Pretty Halo Braid

halo braid hair

The pretty halo braid will most likely be the go-to, back to school hairstyle this year. Therefore, if you love being trendy, you might want to try it out on your child. You can accomplish this style in about five minutes, and it still leaves the back of the hair all done up and your front section looking natural. You only need to wear two tightly wound braids while going to sleep and then place the braids into a pretty halo braid the next day.

12 - Big 3-Strand Braid

thick single braid

For kids with long hair or even those who use extensions, the big 3-strand braid can be a perfect back to school hairstyle. The voluminous Dutch braids extend to the back of your neck and even further downwards to the second braid style. 

13 - Soft, Loose Curls

soft loose curls

Wearing loose curls is a popular hairstyle among young ladies specifically. This style is easy to recreate and still brings out an instant bombshell look. One great advantage about loose curls is that they have the freedom to wear them by itself, or with a hair accessory! Even without a curling iron, you can use a flat iron on the soft, loose curls to create a perfect look within a few minutes.

14 - Girly Space Bun Updo

Space buns are a classical back to school hairstyle that many kids still love. While it may look a bit difficult to achieve, it's easier to wear than you may expect. To have this classic style, you only need to part the hair into ponytail sections, usually at the top part of your head. Make sure you braid them loosely and then wrap them to bring out a Princess Leia look.

15 - Relaxed Fishtail Updo

Many school kids will hardly resist the impressive and studious look of the relaxed fishtail updo hairstyle consisting of pulled-back hair and fishtail braids. This braid style begins with parted hair, then neatly works its way off to the side of the head, then gets wrapped around in a tuck behind the ear. You can pull some volume loosely to bring out a more relaxed finished product.

Key Takeaway

The above hairstyles are ideal for kids who are unsure of the best hairstyles as they plan to go back to school. Even for kids who have decided to have a fall haircut, there are various ways to have a classic and practical hairstyle as they head back to school. For kids who love simple hairstyles such as cute headbands or simple twists, you can have a different style from Monday to Friday. Add the above hairstyles to your school calendar and try them all, from the simple ones to those that are trendy and attention-grabbing, and you'll be ready for all school days.

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