Time-Saving Tips for Straight and Wavy Hair


Looking for creative ways to save time when styling your hair? Want to capture that fresh from the salon look without the appointment? 

Styling your hair doesn't need to be a time-consuming process every day. Straight and wavy hair can be challenging to style, as many have both straight and wavy sections present in their hair. 

We've taken the planning step out of your home hair care and put together a short, simple guide on hair tips for straight and wavy locks. Save time with these easy tips to make your routine more of a treat and less of a chore.

Save Your Hair and Save Some Time With Conditioner

Finding a high-quality conditioner designed to moisturize your hair and repair damaged strands is among our top favorite hair tips. What you may not know is that conditioner not only smooths and strengthens the hair, it can help your hair dry faster too!

The magic of silicone-based conditioner creates a water-repelling barrier that seals hydration into the hair shaft while blocking out excess water in the process. When added to the end of your shower routine, a little conditioner goes a long way in speeding up the hair drying process. When paired with your trusty reverse air dryer, you can enjoy hair drying three times as fast as your usual routine.

Wet Brush to Detangle

Start your styling routine in the shower to save time detangling. Brushing your hair after you've properly conditioned it is a great way to gently remove knots and fight that post-shower frizz. It's a common misconception that only curly hair needs wet brushing. Straight hair and wavy hair can also benefit from lightly combing through the strands while damp. Opt for a wide-tooth comb or wet brush, and a conditioner that provides plenty of "slip." This will evenly distribute the conditioner while smoothing your hair. 

You can step out of the shower already feeling flawless with tangle-free tresses!

Embrace Dry Shampoo

Did you know that skipping a few wash days is actually good for your hair? Giving your hair a break from harsh shampooing allows your lovely locks to retain moisture. However, straight hair and wavy hair can be prone to excess sebum build-up, more commonly referred to as oily or greasy hair. This can make in-between days feel like more of a chore than wash days. 

However, a no-wash day doesn't mean a bad hair day. Take control of your style by embracing the dry shampoo life. Incorporating a hydration-rich dry shampoo is a great way to refresh your hair, eliminate build-up at the scalp, prevent flaking, and absorb your scalp's natural oil before it has time to give your hair a greasy texture. The key is to find a dry shampoo free of sulfates, parabens, and harsh additives that are known to create build-up. Nourishing natural ingredients work best for revitalizing your hair without the need for water.

If your hair suffers from going flat between washes, spray a little powder at the roots to boost up the volume. When it comes to hair tips for using dry shampoo, one easy trick is to dampen your fingers first to better sculpt each strand. 

Volumize Without Extra Drama

Straight hair and wavy hair often suffer from a lack of volume. Take a proactive approach to fight lackluster hair. Try backcombing your hair or "teasing" to create dimension. This simple technique is best locked in with a styling spray to hold the look.

Other tricks include changing your part to give your hair an asymmetrical edge, sleeping in a bun (we recommend a low bun for a comfortable night's rest), or clipping your hair up in sections to create the illusion of volume. Finish the look with a bit of hair gloss. Dullness is a common complaint about those pesky, in-between hair days. Hair serum or gloss products are designed to restore your mirror-like glow without weighing your hair down like mousse or creating build-up and residue.

Even on your worst hair day, you can restore that fresh from the salon volume, movement, and flair without adding extra time to your morning routine. These hair tips won't fall flat when you need an extra boost.


Sleep on It

If styling your hair in your sleep sounds like a dream, we're pleased to say it's a dream come true.  Wavy hair specifically is prone to frizz. Start by preventing bedhead with satin pillowcases. Your lovely locks will thank you for the anti-static properties. If you'd like to wake up with beach waves, try heatless overnight curl styling. Heatless curl wrapping is trending for a reason! This simple technique is a comfortable way to style your hair before bed.

Alternatively, you can opt for the tried and true braiding technique. French braids will give your hair uniform curls, while a single braid will add a softer curl to the end of your strands. The latter is a great technique for straight hair. Seal the style with Wave Goodbye Hair Primer to keep your hair flawless, even if you're prone to tossing and turning in your sleep.

Of course, if you'd rather keep your hair sleek and smooth overnight, try adding a spritz of hair oil before bed to lock in hydration and fight frizz. Argan or coconut oil are among our favorites. For pin-straight locks, pin it up! Pinning your hair before bed is a tried and true technique for maintaining shape. Wrap your hair afterward and sleep well knowing your style will be radiant in the morning. 

Choose Your Battles

Bad hair days happen to the best of us. Even with an amazing home hair care routine, you may still find yourself with frizz, unruly locks, and not enough time to style them. It's important to have a bad hair day backup plan. Knowing exactly how to tackle a lackluster hair day will save you the stress (and time) of attempting different hair remedies.

In a hurry? Pick your battles. Finding a time-saving hair care routine is all about prioritizing what we can. We realize not every morning will allow for a full styling session, so we'd like to offer some practical suggestions for busy glam goddesses.

Focus on your beautiful face and give your baby strands and curls some attention. Plan to wear your hair up and clipped back. Prioritize the face-framing sections of hair and do a bit of "spot styling" to ensure you're putting your best hair forward. If your hair is especially messy, rather than attempting to fix or smooth it, go with the flow! Use a spritz of water or anti-frizz serum to style messy or wet waves throughout. This will make the style appear intentional so your bad hair day secret stays a secret.

Accessorize With Flair

Accessories are the perfect way to speed up your home hair routine on days when you don't have time to fully style your hair. Never underestimate the power of a good scrunchie. The right accessories can bring so much drama to a look. Think old Hollywood glam with loose scarves or casual street chic ball caps and headbands.

Out of dry shampoo? In a rush after the gym? Clip it up! Chunky '90s hair clips are all the rage and we can't get enough of the trend. Of course, if you'd rather create a sleek, hidden look, plain but effective bobby pins are a must to keep in your gym bag or purse. Consider a modern updo, messy bun, or half up and half down look. If your hair is long enough, a wet mermaid braid can be achieved with the help of a little hair oil. 

No matter how you style your amazing hair, there's a speedy hair hack to suit your routine. From preparing your home salon with the best products for your hair type to remembering the small details like wet brushing and nightly care, saving time while saving your hair from the occasional bad hair day can be done.

Interested in finding a hairstyle that suits your vibe and cuts down on styling time? Reach out to our team for recommendations and check out more self-care and hair tips from the healthy hair experts at RevAir.