Thankful Thursday Gives Oprah-Esque Experience | REViews for Week Ending 11.23.20

Thankful Thursday Gives Oprah-Esque Experience 

This week was filled with grateful hearts and beautiful hair. Ok, every week seems to have that in store for RevAir...but this week was bursting with it!

On Thursday, spirits soared as we surprised 7 women with RevAir Total Packages in the Finale to our Thankful Thursday Series. In past weeks, we gifted 2 college students and a mother of 4 including a set of twins along with baby number 5 on its way. However, this week brought all the feels and left the audience reaching for tissues.


This weeks Thankful Thursday began by honoring a Frontline Worker, Nurse Monique Brady of Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. In July, during the height of the first wave of the Covid, Monique wrote to us about the morale of her coworkers as they faced the unprecedented pandemic. We gladly donated our Hair Wraps as a small gesture of our goodwill for their hard work and sacrifice. Since then, Monique has remained on our minds.

When we developed Thankful Thursday, we knew we needed to pay tribute and reward Monique. As you’ll see, our road to Monique brought about 3 other praiseworthy women from Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. One even commenting about RevAir’s impact being more than a brand and instead a movement where women raise up other women. A sisterhood of stellar hair and confidence beyond compare!

With 4 women gifted, we made the virtual leap to Las Vegas to connect with an Occupational Therapist from Michigan named oh-so appropriately named Charity.

Charity wrote to RevAir after seeing a family on TikTok that shares their journey of @LivingwithLilac, a young girl with autism. Charity provided us a video of Lilac distressed during the process of her Mom trying to dry her hair with a traditional blow dryer. Lilac’s senses were aggravated and the experience was stress filled. Seeing this inspired Charity to ask us to consider sending Lilac a RevAir or she so generously offered to start a fundraiser in which she offered to donate.

During the Instagram Live, we had Charity share why she wanted Lilac to be a Thankful Thursday Award recipient - but then, we turned the tables on her! For her selfless spirit and her willingness to not just talk about helping but take action to help, we gifted Charity with her own RevAir Total Package. From off screen, Charity’s daughter Gabby squealed with surprise and delight.

We moved from Charity to Lilac and her Mom, Tami. They were overwhelmed to have been noticed by Charity and in turn, RevAir and could wait to try our patented Reverse-Air Dryer. For them, it could take something others take for granted as simple and solve a difficult dilemma for them. We can’t wait to see the video they promised to share when they try it.

Finally, we picked one Follower at random. Alex was such a joy to surprise! She is kind, beauty savvy and had a hair problem we could solve. While Alex was wearing a truly beautiful wig, under it she has waist length hair she is unable to enjoy because of the cost of the salon and the exhausting home maintenance required. Enter RevAir - and Alex can now rock the locks she loves so much.

In the end, though RevAir gave away 10 devices in November, we received more than you could ever predict. In the end, we received the real gift of love from each of them and our entire audience.

Five Star Customer Reviews

Game Changer

I am in love with this product. My sister told me about it over a year ago and I have been waiting patiently to get my hands on it. I am so happy to have invested in this item. Worth every penny :)

Exceeded my expectations!

I usually air dry my hair and then straighten it the next day, but I have always hated that the straightener gives my hair a slight burnt smell. If I don’t straighten it, my hair looks too frizzy and unstyled to wear down. The RevAir truly REPLACED my need for a straightener. I am able to go from towel dried hair to perfectly straight, frizz-free hair in just 15 minutes! My hair feels even softer and healthier than after using my straightener, and it still smells like my shampoo. I can tell this process is much less damaging too! I didn’t think there was any way I’d like the RevAir this much, but it’s perfect. Totally worth the money! I also love the shine spray and alligator clips. Very satisfied!

Less maintenance after use

My dry time was cut in half. My hair didn’t feel fried after blow drying. After using the RevAir, I was able to flat iron my hair with less heat. Words really can’t explain how well this dryer works. You have to have one. 

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