6 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Any Hair Type

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Summer is here and temperatures are soaring high. We all love the season because it's the time to vacation, travel, and enjoy barbecues with friends. If we are being honest, the heat can be downright uncomfortable! The high heat and humidity get to most of us - and our hair. Summer means fun, pools, and beaches, but it also means cute and easy summer hairstyles. Finding the right hairstyles that protect your hair and accentuate your style and beauty can prove challenging.

On one hand, you want to keep your summer hair breathable and easy to style. On the other hand, you want to avoid sweat and greasy products that can weigh your locks down. At RevAir, we completely understand. Fortunately, there's a summer hairstyle for everyone that will help protect your long- to shoulder-length hair so you can feel comfortable throughout the summer months. Keep reading to find the perfect style as unique as your hair!


If you have type 1 (straight hair), avoid heavy products. Dumping hair product on your hair will only weigh it down and make it greasy. The best part of type 1 hair is that oils travel down your hair strands, giving it a shiny appearance. However, you need to wash your hair frequently to prevent dirt buildup. Wash your type 1 hair at least every three days, especially in the sweltering heat.

1. Back Braided Crowns

You can never go wrong with a signature back braid to cover your crown and create a halo effect as your hair falls to your shoulders.

To create a back-braided crown look, part your hair at the front for a starting point. Grab strands from one side of the part to create a Dutch braid as you move towards the midpoint at the back of your head. Repeat the pattern for the other side of your hair and let the braid meet at the center. Pin the braids together and hide the ends to create a continuous band.

2. Headband Summer Style

It's time to bring out the tiaras, braided headbands, and flowery headbands to hold hair back and let the wind flow through. Headbands are the perfect summer hairstyle accessory!

3. Face-Framing Mini Braids

A simple braid on each side of your mid-parted hair frames your face and lets your hair and scalp breathe, which equals relief from the summertime heat. Part your hair in the middle and braid the front strands straight down. Enjoy this cool hairstyle when those

4. Classic French Braid

A classic French braid is a great way to keep your summer hair up and off your neck. Grab some hair from the front part of your head as if you're creating a ponytail. Push the hair to the midpoint of your head, and then braid it down. Finish off the braid with a pretty band to keep it all together.

5. Layered Hair

Creating layers is an easy way to remain chic throughout the summer. Use your curling wand to create a few waves. Create a side part by pinning some of your hair back behind the ear.

6. Top Knot (Half-Up, Half-Down)

Grab the front part of your hair and fold it into a simple ponytail while letting the rest of your hair fall back to your shoulders.

Summer Styles for Wavy Hair

Summer is the perfect moment to bring out those waves (type 2 hair) and let your hair blow free in the wind. Humectants and gels are excellent for fighting frizz and retaining waves. It's also a great season to invest in a sun protection spray after styling your hair to protect your crown from the sun.

1. Beach Waves

After washing your hair, apply your silky creams or styling milk to define your waves. Since your hair forms waves naturally, skip the hairdryer and air-dry your hair.

2. Space Buns

Space buns are an easy way to stand out and feel cute this summer. Part your hair in the middle from the front to the back of your head. Roll the hair on each side into messy buns and pin down the bun. To achieve a "laid back" look, be sure to let the strands at the front fall down your face.

3. Pull-Through Braid

This style helps you play around with colorful bands while creating a braided look through the middle of your head. If you can't braid your hair, this is one of the best styles for your wavy hair this summer. The trick is to pull the hair close to your hairline and pass it through a band.

4. Side Bangs

It's time to visit the hairdresser for side bangs. This style offers simplicity and a classy, timeless look. As long as you nourish your hair and comb, you're good to go.

5. Chic and Choppy Shag

It's an excellent time to try a wispy hair look with bangs. The general hair trim creates a ruffled look as opposed to a straight, neat cut. This look can be created by scrunching in a lite mousse through the waves and allowing the hair to air dry while applying makeup, dressing, or finishing up a quick household chore. Finish off the look by using a flat iron to define the curls at the end.

6. Combination Style

For a neat hairstyle that shows off your face retaining some waves, try this style. Part the front section of your hair through the middle. Press down the hair near the roots and the middle part. However, instead of flattening the entire strand, leave half of your hair with its natural waves. Tuck your hair behind your ears, and you're ready for your next summer event.

Summer Styles for Curly Hair

It's time to show off those juicy type 3 curls while protecting your hair from the high humidity and the heat. Pre-poos with conditioner and oil on damp hair are an excellent way to protect your hair during swimming. Rinsing out your hair after a swim and re-hydrating your hair keeps the curls soft and bouncy. Invest in hydrating products and deep conditioners that rejuvenate your hair.

1. Curly Crown

There's no harm in showing off your curls by combing them out into a halo. For this look, you need to dampen your hair and moisturize it before combing out the hair until the strands rest on your shoulders. The hair gradually increases in volume as it moves towards the shoulders to avoid a triangular shape.

2. Bobby Pin Crisscross

Do you ever comb your hair down perfectly but want to show off your ear without a side part? Bobby pins are a clever way to pull part of your hair back while retaining the "combed-down" look. Press a part of your hair from the front towards the ear, and use a bobby pin to hold down the hair. Grab another pin and cross it over the first pin to create a cross. Repeat the process with more pins until you achieve the desired style.

3. Loose Side French Braid

This is an easy way to braid your hair while letting some air through. Begin from one side of your head, and grab three small sections of hair to create the braid. Move towards the back as you add more hair into the braid. Gently slope the braid from one side of the head to the other side at the neck. Once you finish off the braid, use a colorful band to prevent unraveling.

4. Twist, Cross and Tuck

Create a stunning office or date night look that keeps you cool and your curls contained.  Simply create a low ponytail from behind your ears at the nape of your neck, leaving the sides and top for twisting.  At your natural part (either side or middle), simply twist your hair down the sides and across the ponytail. Secure each twist with a bobby pin and tuck the ponytail over the twists to create a low chignon.  Secure the style with additional bobby pins and hairspray.

5. Side Braids and Ponytail

Create three small-medium braids on each side of your head. Push the braids to the back and grab the rest of the hair too. Make sure you catch all the strands and hold them together with a band to form a ponytail. If you're going swimming, roll the ponytail into a bun and secure it with a hairband or pin.

6. Flat Twists

Create a middle or side part through your head, and create a flat twist on either side of your head. When you get to the end, secure each twist with hair bands.

Summer Styles for Coily and Kinky Hair

If you have type 4 hair, moisture is your friend during the summer. However, lay off the heavy hair butter and use a hair spritz instead. Since it's hotter, you'll sweat more, which means more cleansing and co-washes to remove dirt. After a wash, stretch out your hair with hair twists, braids, or your Reverse-Air Dryer.

1. Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a great way to get through swimming and parties. Gel down the edges and add a few beads to finish off the look. You can also combine the bantu knots with small hair twists that form bangs at the front of your head.

2. The Pineapple

Pile your coils high and secure, this easy, polished up-do is a quick option for a day at the pool, or an afternoon of errand running. This is a great option for a tired twist out or wasn-n-go when in between washdays, or those last minute camera ready zoom calls.

3. Crown Braid

A crown braid is an excellent alternative to a flat twist. This style holds your hair strands longer and creates an elegant finish, especially with gelled-down edges.

4. Slicked-Back Ponytail

Contrary to how sleek and polished this coily hairstyle looks, it’s actually pretty simple to recreate. Smooth back your roots with a rat-tail comb and a layer of edge control gel. Secure your ponytail at the nape of your neck with your fastener of choice.

5. Frohawk

Looking for something with a bit more edge? Opt for a fauxhawk/mohawk style. This look is SO festival ready.

6. Cornrows

You can never go wrong with cornrows. Adding in braiding hair to boost the volume can really amp up the style.


You simply cannot run out of hairstyles for your shoulder-length this summer. Try out any of these styles for a stunning summer. Or contact us for more details.

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