Summer to Fall Hair Care


The leaves are falling and change is in the air! If you've been using the same hair care routine year-round, it's time for a refresh. Our hair's needs change seasonally, just like our skin care needs. Think about all the best parts of fall; cooler weather, jumping in leaves instead of pools, changing humidity, and less direct sun exposure. All of these factors affect our hair.

Welcome autumn with the team at RevAir and these fantastic summer to fall hair care tips for transitioning in style.

How Does Summer to Fall Hair Care Differ?

Summer hair care has a lot to do with mitigating sun damage and protecting your hair from the elements. That means using an SPF protectant, clarifying your locks after exposure to chlorinated pools and hard water, and managing an oily scalp during the busy, active days of summer.

Once the seasons change, you'll begin to notice a difference in your hair's texture and overall health. You might find that rather than oily strands, your soft summer locks are becoming brittle along with frizz and a dry, itchy scalp. Fall hair care focuses primarily on hydrating your hair to protect that natural softness and shine. A proactive fall hair care routine will help ease into the transition and prevent your locks from becoming stressed.

Prioritize Scalp Care

Just as dry skin can start to creep up during the fall months, a dry scalp is the start of hair care woes as the seasons' change. A rapid drop in temperature accompanied by a change in humidity is especially irritating to your scalp. This may sometimes cause end-of-summer hair loss or slow hair growth as we head into autumn.

"The transition between summer to fall is when it is vital to add a hair mask or change your shampoo or conditioner so your hair can adjust to the change in temperature," Sasha Ivanovsky-Schow, stylist at Estetica Salon in St. Paul, Minnesota, advises. Take it from the professionals and stick to natural, gentle products designed to nourish and also protect. Jojoba oil is a fall favorite! This natural hair care remedy rapidly hydrates the scalp. In addition, jojoba oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe redness, reduce itching, and promote new hair growth for fuller, healthier autumn locks.

Coordinate Your Color

New fall hair color trends are the first thing on everyone's mind when the seasons begin to change. Take a moment to consider how best to maximize the life of your color before booking that salon appointment. While it can be tempting to run out on the last day of summer and get your fresh look ready to go before the first leaf falls, waiting a few weeks will spare your color from lingering sun exposure. There are always a few hot days left over as the seasons begin to turn.  UV exposure and heat are the main culprits behind why hair dye fades quickly. If you can push your hair appointment back long enough to enjoy the cool, cloudy autumn days, your hair color will last longer and fade more slowly.

Darker colors are also an autumn must. While lighter shades might rule the summer, rich chocolates and sultry auburn will bring out your complexion better during the fall months.

Prioritize and Volumize

Humidity drops along with the temperature as autumn draw near. Make sure you're prepared for it by investing in a high-quality volumizer. Seasonal transition can leave your fall hair falling flat. Boost your style with a go-to spritz of volumizing powder or spray. A lightweight formula works best for fine, delicate hair types, while curly hair may benefit from a dual sculpting and volumizing product to give curls their natural shape and bounce. Volumizer is best applied after washing your hair, with a few touch-ups throughout the week to keep your style fresh.

Consider a Trim

Split ends are one of the worst fall hair care woes. All hair types suffer from dryness at the beginning of a new season. A fresh cut can help eliminate split ends and reduce frizz. If you aren't ready for a big chop, consider simply revitalizing your hair by taking off a few inches. This will ultimately allow for new hair growth and prevent the hair from splitting all the way to the hair shaft. Aim for a trim every 3-4 months, prioritizing regular salon care, especially during the autumn to winter months.


Deep Conditioning is a Must

When it comes to seasonal hair care, there's one universal product that never goes out of style. Deep conditioning treatments will carry your hair from season to season. A mask or serum is the best way to deliver essential vitamins, nutrients, and proteins to your hair. This will combat the fall brittleness and keep your locks soft and luscious all season long. 

If you suffer from oily hair and scalp during the summer, you may find that you can decrease your deep conditioning routine to once a month. For fall hair care, try doubling your usual cadence. A good rule of thumb is to aim for working in a deep conditioning treatment 2-4 times per month. This will keep your hair soft, vibrant, and glowing without frizz or flyaways.

Looking for a salon-quality deep conditioning treatment for dry or damaged hair? Olaplex is a great option to book at your next hair appointment. This innovative treatment not only moisturizes your hair and scalp but rebuilds the chemical bonds in the hair so your look is nothing but flawless. Olaplex is a safe option for color-treated hair as well as virgin locks. This high-quality hair treatment works well with all hair types and textures, from pin-straight strands to curls.

Be Mindful of Hat Hair

Fall hat hair is a very common occurrence for those in cooler climates. Some trendsetters practically live in hats and beanies for the colder seasons. However, it's important to be mindful of how much time your hair is spent confined beneath your favorite slouchy beanie. Over time, this can contribute to hair loss as well as scalp irritation. Be sure to give your hair a breather every so often and brush out any tangles before they become a bigger issue.

A few great alternatives to wearing hats in the fall include earmuffs, scarves, scrunchies, and shawls. A satin bonnet is a great idea for bedtime, especially for curly hair types. Finding a hair care routine that's right for your unique hair type and texture may take a bit of work. However, identifying stressors as you go is the best way to be proactive in caring for fall hair. Hats off to healthy hair!

Treat Your Hair to a Steam Bath

Steam treatments are a fantastic way to work in some self-care for your hair during the colder months. As outside air temperatures wick away moisture, we need to replenish that hydration in our daily hair care routine. One simple way to do this is by steaming your hair. Steaming combats dryness by allowing the cuticle to open and moisture to enter. Steam is excellent for overall scalp health as well. This technique reduces inflammation, discomfort, and itchiness while providing a deep moisturizing experience.

There are a few different ways to go about steaming your hair. You can invest in a hair steamer or you can pop on a shower cap and get in the shower. Whichever method best suits your hair care budget, we promise the results will be stunning. 

Go Low Heat

Leave the heat behind for summer! Fall hair care is all about mitigating dryness. That means you'll want to avoid any styling tools or products that strip away hydration. Go easy on hair curlers, straighteners, and hair dryers. More and more glamorous fashionistas are opting for the low-heat approach to styling. There's never been a better time than fall to try it for yourself!

Instead of relying on your curling iron to achieve soft, autumn waves, try a heatless curling technique instead. This heatless curls tutorial is still trending in the hair styling world. The simplicity of wrapping your hair is the best part of this quick, easy, and damage-free technique. Utilize other low-heat styling tools like RevAir's fantastic reverse air hair dryer to straighten and stretch. Rather than burning your hair with direct heat exposure, RevAir can replace traditional styling methods with a gentler option. The low-heat technology dries hair 3x quicker than a traditional hair dryer while straightening, stretching, and perfecting all in one step.

Get ready for your best fall hair yet with these amazing healthy hair hacks to ease into the transition. Change is in the air and your hair care routine needs a refresh to embrace the season. If you aren't sure where to start in developing a seasonal hair care routine, reach out to us today and keep loving your locks!