Skeptical to Grateful | REViews for Week Ending 11.06.20

Skeptical to Grateful

This week was filled with minds not just blown - but changed - and raving fans recognized!

Among the REViews submitted by real RevAir Owners, were two that shared their skepticism. Women are sold a plethora of pretty gimmicks and broken product promises, which made them fear RevAir was just too good to be true.

After tons of YouTube time and the peace of mind our 30 Day Money Back Love It. Own It. Guarantee brings, their chance turned into a textured hair game changer. One exclaimed, “...this thing does it ALL that and then some! It’s a ‘natural hair’ savior” and another with mixed Hair Type 3c and 4a celebrated, “I literally don’t know how I lasted my whole life without this. Invest in this product, it’s worth it!”

In an effort to pay back the unparalleled support RevAir Owners and our 100K social media followers have bestowed upon us, we began a new Instagram Live Series entitled Thankful Thursdays.

Live on Instagram, we surprised two college students who are each giving their lives to the service of ours. One is in Veterinary School and the other a Duke University Alum now studying Emergency Medicine at Ohio State University.

The debut segment of the Thankful Thursday series was goosebump, tear and “feels” inducing. It showed our followers that we see them, hear them and appreciate them.

For more details and to see other happenings from this week, check out the post below.

Five Star Customer REViews


I have very thick, 3B curls, and straightening them is a chore. It's normally a 1.5-2 hour process. I've had my RevAir about 10 days and I cannot tell you how much time I've saved. I'm still trying to perfect my RevAir process, but I'm already 100% sold on the product. Love it!!!!


Omg, I’ve watched YouTube videos on this hair dryer and was a bit skeptical...BUT let me tell you, this thing does ALL that and then some! It’s a “natural hair” savior lol!

Life changing

I watched 100 videos on YouTube before I was sold.... I have 3c and 4a combination hair that is fine, but, unruly. I Now use the RevAir once per week on wash days and it has cut the damage and my dry time done to nothing. I literally don’t know How I lasted my entire life without this. :) invest in this product, it’s worth it! 

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RevAir Post Reviews


 Some things she had to say:

“Her hair feels moisturized, and it doesn’t feel too dry, and her hair is not wet at all.”

“The shine in her hair is amazing!”





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Check out this blog post with pros, cons, and a Q&A.





She states she would die without her RevAir. 


VACUUM HAIR HACK?? 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍@myrevair #myrevair #revair #hair #fyp #beauty #tutorial

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Here's what Iyana had to say about RevAir: 

"This saved me hours of time!" 

"I def rate this 10/10."

"Such a better alternative to regular blow dryers."