8 Simple Natural Hairstyles for Curly or Coily/Textured Hair


beautiful woman with medium-length coily hair in a natural hairstyle


Finding a natural hairstyle that can keep hair maintenance simple is not always easy, what with all the expectations for how hair should look. If you have naturally curly or textured hair, a simpler hairstyle can help you look great while saving you more time on prep each morning.

Fortunately, simple hairstyles are really in now according to Glamour. Many of these are due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire for natural styles while stuck at home.

If you are looking to do the same after fussing with those curls and coils for far too long, consider these eight simple styles through the rest of this year and beyond.

1. A Brunch Bun

woman with natural hair in a bun


No doubt you have tried creating a bun on occasion with your curly hair, though perhaps found it too complicated. A brunch bun is a simpler way to get this done so it looks stylish for just about any occasion — including attending brunches!

To make this work, you have to tighten your existing curls with a curling iron. Then, take that mane of hair and shape it into a sock bun.

Rather than stick with a normal hair tie, many women decorate with a headscarf, another trendy way to look classy with the simplest of items.

While this is the simplest hairstyle you can possibly do for curly or coily hair, it is one of the classiest that even works in most formal situations.

2. Variation on the Updo: A Messy Top Knot

woman with natural hair up


One of the simplest hairstyles making the trends list is the simplified upstyle or updo. Many stylists call this style "messy, but on purpose," making it perfect for even formal events.

A lot of variations on the updo exist for those with Type 3 or 4 hair. You might find the top knot style one of the best.

Influenced by the famous French Chignon hair bun, the top knot is great to highlight your curls in a new way. When you create your ponytail, you want to put some mousse in there for better texture. Do a rough blow dry at the same time to add more volume to the ponytail itself.

Once you tuck the end of your ponytail under the bun, you can let down some of your curls to finish it off. The look is classy and perfect for any type of casual occasion. It plays up the “messy on purpose” vibe without making your hair look unruly.

3. A Bob Style for Curly Hair

natural hair bob cut


Older women with curly or coily hair now consider the bob as one of the simplest and easiest styles to care for. Many younger women with similar hair types take these on as well to prevent dealing with more complicated treatments before going to work.

A bob cut known as Naturally Spunky Spirals is an awesome way to highlight your curls at chin length. Glossy black curls are especially best suited for this hairstyle. It also does not take too long to prepare.

All it requires is some artful layering and mousse to give your curls more body, along with a haircut. The final look is suitable for many formal occasions, including weddings. Keep in mind you should let your curly hair grow in its natural directions, so take heed before deciding.

4. A Pixie Cut for Curly and Textured Hair

pixie cut for natural textured  hair


Sure, the pixie cut is nothing new and has been rocked by many women for decades. It has still come and gone in popularity over the years. Nowadays, of course, you see it more often since it makes hair so much easier to care for when life is overly busy.

A pixie cut for those with curly and textured hair perhaps sounds overly complex. It really isn’t! Think about how often you see famous women with curls rocking this type of natural hairstyle at home and on red carpets.

In many ways, the curly pixie hairstyle looks classier compared to a straight one. Halle Berry's curly pixie is arguably the most famous of all, one she continues to wear today. To ensure a glossy and smooth look like Berry's, experts say you need a good blow dry primer first.

Other notables you can take inspiration from for this type of cut are Zoe Kravitz, Rihanna, Rachel Wood, and Jennifer Hudson. Some of them keep this look indefinitely, no matter what project they are working on.

5. The Twisted Halo

twisted halo long natural hair


One popular natural hairstyle this year is the twisted halo. You can wear this style for days without any maintenance as long as you tie up the halo before going to bed.

African-American women find this hairstyle a convenient favorite lately. For directions, you need to first part your hair in the back down the middle. Clip sections to the side with a pin.

After mixing in moisturizer and hair gel, take each section of hair and do an upward flat twist up to the hairline. Then you need to turn each hair section into a two-strand twist. Crisscross the twists in front of your head for that unique halo look.

Many women tie down the twist with a scarf to help protect it when out in the elements. It really is a handy hairstyle you can do at home, and it offers something different from the ordinary. Plus, it helps hide curls and coils in need of a wash until you get around to washing them.

6. Space Buns for Curly Hair

space bun hairstyle for natural curly hair


Remember Princess Leia's space buns from 1977's Star Wars: A New Hope? Many women with curly or textured hair types love wearing this style to bring some added pizzazz to their locks.

As complicated as the style looks, it only involves creating pigtails first before tying those into two separate buns on each side.

To start, you want to part the back of your hair in the middle. Have a friend create two pigtails. You can choose where you want your pigtails to go: either up high on your head or along the sides. Use hair ties that match your hair color so the ponytails stay in place.

For more volume in your pigtails, have your friend run a comb through them. Then, have your friend twist your pigtails into a rope. Coil the pigtails into a bun on each side, then tie them. Doing this may help give some relief if your curly hair is getting a little too long lately.

A good way to finish this off is to add some twists down the sides of your face.

7. The Sky-High Ponytail for Curly Hair

sky high ponytail for natural hair


No doubt you have seen superstars like Rihanna manage to make the sky-high ponytail look cool. For all curly heads, this is a great formal look you can set up in just a few minutes.

As you create a high ponytail, secure it with an elastic if you have one on hand. Be sure to make the ponytail as high up as you can take it. Place several bobby pins under the tail to secure it further since that helps lift the elastic.

That is basically all there is to it, with your only challenge being how to keep your curls looking bouncy. You could use some curl cream to help keep them looking great. 

Overall, you can wear this style anywhere, and it is usually enhanced based on the type of makeup you wear. With Rihanna above as an inspiration, you can see how many times she uses this style at numerous important events. Best of all, you can easily bring your curly hair back down in an instant and not have to worry about hair growing back after a cut.

8. A High Bun with Curly Bangs

high bun for natural curly hair


Yet another good and simple look is to try out the high bun with curly bangs hairstyle. All women can make this look good. African-American women make it look chic every time.

If you have naturally curly hair, this becomes simpler to do without prepping your hair with curling irons. Some variations exist, like what is known as the Messy Cascade. All this requires is a tie of the bun on top; leave some curls to dangle over your forehead out front.

Some prefer to have those curls hang over a little farther than with a Messy Cascade. The regular high bun with curly bangs look is a little more collected and not quite as messy-looking as the above style. Nevertheless, both are great casual, natural hairstyles you can wear anywhere while going out to run errands.

A good variation to this is the high bun with sidelights rather than the forward curls.

beautiful woman with a braided bun and chunky accessories

What Tools Can You Use to Make Hairstyling Simpler?

Some of these styles may require a shampoo beforehand and a necessary blow-dry. What if you could find a tool that not only dries your hair but also gently straightens it at the same time?

It is not easy to find a hair dryer like this on the market for curly-haired women. We can help achieve that dream here at RevAir.

Keep rocking your natural hair with our RevAir dryer and achieve a shiny, frizz-free finish for your locks in a manner of minutes. Contact us today!
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