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Impressed + Impressions

"Amazing. I’m floored. OMG - I couldn’t believe it." All things written by real RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer owners, this week. It is true, RevAir is an investment in the health of your hair. It is not your typical blow dryer, so it is not your traditional price. It’s an example of the old adage of “you get what you pay for”and RevAir customers of all hair textures - including Type 4C - are raving, "It’s worth every penny.” With an average time savings of 60%, the absence of sweat and tears on Wash Day, along with long term benefits of only a hint of heat, RevAir is enthusiastically recommended by its customers who say "I am just so impressed!"

Dubbed by the media as a must-have, this week, RevAir enjoyed millions of impressions via mentions by tastemaker Whitney Whiteof @Naptural85, star of the Bravo hit series Real Housewives of Dallas - D’Andra Simmons, the terrific threesome known as the @Palimore_Triplets, a trend setting teen named @Anayah.Soul, the wonderfully informative and the ever popular The RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer was proudly selected as one of the “20 Best Blow Dryers for Curly Hair”, as well as one of the “25 Hair Dryers For Salon Level Blow Outs At Home”. Now….all we are waiting for now is to be your favorite too.

Five Star Customer Reviews


If you are thinking about getting this, do it! It’s worth every penny. It took me no more than 20 mins to dry my 3c-4b combination hair. I cannot sit under a hooded dryer for health reasons, and most are too rough when drying by hand. This helps a lot, I cannot imagine doing my hair without it now.

I can’t believe it !!!!

I just received my RevAir and I’m floored ! My hair felt stronger after using the RevAir. It was straighter than it had ever been using a traditional hair dryer. I am so excited about this future journey with the RevAir and maintaining length through healthier hair!!!!! Thanks RevAir !

OMG I couldn’t believe it

I’m a mom to two mixed daughters and my oldest at type 4b/4c hair! Her hair takes so long to dry naturally and with a normal dryer. I’ve never been able to get it as stretched out as the RevAir did with just drying it!!!! When I tell you this machine made it so much easier to dry and straighten her hair for box braids!! I’m just so impressed, It’s money well worth spent! This easily saved us an hours worth of round brushing with a dryer. I haven’t tried it on my hair yet because it’s super short but once it grows out a tad bit more I’ll give it a try!

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Crystal and Ladosha went live to talk no poo, pre poo, and shampoo.

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RevAir was listed as one of the best hair dryers for curly hair on Who What Wear.



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RevAir was featured as one of the 25 Hair Dryers For Salon-Level Blowouts At Home on