An EGG-cellent Experience | REView 4.1.21

An EGG-cellent Experience

When a brand says they are going to announce contest winners on April 1st, commonly known as April Fools Day, people get a bit suspicious. Sadly, too many products in the beauty industry have made promises they can’t keep and claims they can’t support, so consumers have become understandably a bit disbelieving. But never fear, RevAir is here.

With the validation that RevAir is the real deal from tastemakers such as Vogue, Essence, Naptural85and Grav3yard Girl, as well as, celebrities and their stylists like Lizzo and Shelby Swain, more and more people across the United States and Canada are believing in the benefits and results of Reverse-Air technology. It’s no wonder the Egg Hunt RevAir hosted on Instagram was hopping with excitement! Below you can watch for yourself, as overjoyed and nervous entrants participate in trying to select an egg that contains a coveted RevAir Total Package valued at $499. It’s like an egg-citing game show - don’t miss it!

While the RevAir Egg Hunt on Instagram produced enough energy from viewers to last all of April, the accolades didn’t stop there. From 5 Star REViews to unboxing videos, from one teenager’s dubbing her RevAir results “…so amazing…” that she is dubbing it her “new go-to product” to a TikToker named @TiannahMarie_ who speaks to over 400K followers that raved RevAir “…changed the way I dry my like magic”, this unconventional hair device is proving the only thing foolish is not owning one!

Five Star Customer Reviews

Must have!

"Used it on my 6 year old tender headed daughter and it improved hair wash day drastically makes the hair soft and easier to comb thru.. Worth the price!"


"Yes it is expensive but it is so worth it omg. I have very long *****/coily fine hair that is very prone to breakage, fairy knots, and tangles so I prefer to keep my hair stretched and on occasion I flat iron. A process that takes me 4-6 hours only takes me 3 with this device AND it prevents breakage helping me retain length. I'd pay the $300 all over again (I got it on sale) THAT is how good this product is. If you're browsing reviews trying to decide whether to buy it or not, BUY IT NOW."


"As a teenager, I am always trying to get straight hair fast without going to the salon. I have tried many straighteners, but they all take so much time and my hair ends up damaged, frizzy, and wavy. After using this product, I was SO amazed at how well it worked. This is now going to be my new go-to product."

RevAir Live Series 

Crystal went live at 2pm EST on April 1st to host the Egg Hunt Giveaway.

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