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No Joke & Totally KID’ing At The Same Time

The week was filled with WOWs from parents across the country, who discovered RevAir. The Mother of a 5 year old girl with 4c hair shared that her daughter would go from laughter to tears on Wash Day. This tender headed tot and her Mom found the hair drying and stretching process “contentious and anxiety provoking”. It was long and ended in tears for Mother and daughter. Then, they found RevAir…Their one hour plus painstaking process has turned to just 20 minutes. It has restored not only the health of their hair, but the health of their relationship too.

Another Mommy and me pair, this time with an 11 year old whose hair is made up of a myriad of textures, suffered the stress of stretching her tresses. Described as “wild and wavy” and “coily at its base”, this young gal with the help of her Mama would spend 90 minutes using traditional hair tools. With RevAir it was only 30 minutes, the duo can spend time together doing something other than her hair. A bonus? The other daughter in the family took only 8 MINUTES to go from wet to wonderful!

The rave REViews kept coming with a third Mom touting, “This machine saved my life.” Sound like a stretch for a hair tool? That’s because you haven’t tried RevAir. See for yourself below, especially the results experienced by @LoveMilanMarie (whose BROTHER DID HER HAIR), @DiscoveringNatural and @Anayah.Soul.

Mothers weren’t the only ones sharing their love for RevAir on social media this week, the one and only Cassie Russek share her first Rev’ experience ever. A Celebrity Stylist, who has any hair device ever invented at her fingertips for us on films such as, The Avengers and hit television series like The Masked Singer and Live with Ryan & Kelly - Cassie “marvels” at the technology of Reverse-Air.

Five Star Customer Reviews


I have a 5 year old girl with 4c hair. She is extremely tender headed. Hair care has always been contentious and anxiety provoking. Blow drying her hair with a paddle brush or wide tooth comb was long and always ended in tears; for her and me. My expectations for Rev Air were exceeded. This product is amazing. I can quickly blow dry her hair in 20 minutes, down from 1+ hour. I get the length I need without concern for heat damage occurring. The best part, absolutely no pulling or tension to her head. She now demands that I ONLY ever blow-dry her hair with RevAir. I wish I knew about this year's ago.


I bought this for my 11 year old. Her hair is so difficult. It started wavy and wild but as she gets older it’s coily at the base! It was taking 90 minutes to get her hair dry and manageable and this took 30 minutes! It was 8 minutes on my other child’s hair and 5 on my thin hair!

This machine saved my life

My daughter has very thick coily hair. When using a blow dryer with the comb, the hair just snaps back. It would take me over two hours to blow dry her whole head... now it’s done in 30 minutes!!!!

Amazing Hair Dryer!

I couldn’t believe how fast my hair dried. I didn’t use any hair products and I was pleasantly surprised. The next time I use it I will use the RevAir hair products. I am so impressed with this hair dryer! I highly recommend it!!!

RevAir Live Series

Crystal and Ladosha went live again to finish the hair Q & A topic for the month.

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