Best Beauty Investment? Believe it |REView 3.19.21

Best Beauty Investment? Believe it.

We get it, we are beauty consumers too. We have a cabinet at home that is filled with products that made us big promises to only deliver a little of what they claimed. Products that won the internet, but lost you as a customer after one purchase.

RevAir is an investment. An investment in the health of your hair. An investment in saving you time. An investment in simplifying your life. An investment so good, you now consider it a value...and well, priceless.

Customers celebrated their RevAir results by sharing, “I can’t believe this worked! Worth every penny!” and “I have a 12 year old daughter who has Autism with thick 4c hair. She’s EXTREMELY tender headed...usually takes me a day and a half to wash, detangle and blow dry her investment I could have made!”

Among the celebrities, and their stylists, who love RevAir for real - and not because they have an endorsement deal - are the only and only Lizzo and the incomparable Shelby Swain. The RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer played a part in prepping the extensions that graced Lizzo’s hair in her gorgeous Grammy’s-look.

Check out this week’s highlights and all those who shared their confidence in RevAir! Let them and our 30 Day Money Back Own It. Love It. Guarantee to help you to see that RevAir is the real deal.

Five Star Customer Reviews

I can’t believe it worked! I have very thick, course, type 3 curls and usually when I try to round brush my hair it looks like a big fuzzy mess. This made my hair nice and straight without the sweat and sore shoulders - even at the roots....again, Amazing! In my perfect world this would have some sort of button to clamp down the hair between two hot iron plates as you are pulling the hair out to help flat iron it as well. Also, an attachment available in different barrel widths that has air-wrap technology for nice big bouncy curls after straightening. Worth every penny!  


I have a 12 year old daughter who has autism with thick 4c hair. She’s EXTREMELY tender headed so she’s never had her hair professionally done. It normally takes me a day and a half to wash, detangle and blow dry her hair. This saved me sooo much time and she didn’t complain or cry as she did when using a normal blow dryer with the comb. For a while I debated paying that much money but glad I did. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of how LOUD it is but overall I would say this is the best investment I could have made!

Wow, just wow
I'm not the kind of girl who does her hair and make up on regular basis. The most you normal can get out me is putting on makeup 3 times a years and blow drying/straightening my hair the same amount of times. The worst Bart about the blow drying is that I get hot and feel like I need another shower after and the fly aways. So many dang fly aways, no matter what I do! Then it gets tangled easily, and it looks like a big mess. I saw revair on a review video and knew I had to try it. My initial reaction was that it is big and bulky but with what this machine does, I can understand why. I plugged it in and played with the knobs and buttons before I actually used it on hair. I dont think it's louder than a normal hair dryer. The tube that hair goes into is really long so I don't have worry about my really hair getting tangled in the inner portions. It's a sturdy machine, the wand is kind of heavy when actually using it on the hair (I have to hold the wand and the tube due to the length of my hair) but you definitely don't have to hold it up for long which is wonderful for my arms. What would normally take me 45 mins to an hour blow drying, took my less than 5 mins with this beautiful machine. With an added bonus of more volume and more shine to hair, I haven't had any fly aways all day! I love this machine. It's the best investment I could've ever made for myself. Now all I need is to figure out a quick apply technique for make up.  

RevAir Live Series

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