The Hottest Styles? No Sweat. | REView for the Week Ending 3.12.21

The Hottest Styles? No Sweat.

With Spring is just around the corner, women can achieve the season’s hottest styles without breaking a sweat.

RevAir’s patented Reverse-Air technology uses suction, eliminating any sign of heated gusts that diminish your gusto to switch things up. Pair the backward air with innovative engineering to simplify the stress of doing ones hair. No more comb attachment. No more blazing hot temperatures that have your “kitchen” curly again before you’ve even made it to the crown.

Followers didn’t have to take our word for it. On Tuesday, Tia Streaty joined our Rev’ing in Real Time series on Instagram Live. Tia, who discovered RevAir on NBC’s The Doctorswhen she volunteered to see how a new hair device worked on her hair, showed how effective and simple drying and stretching can be.

The week’s excitement continued with the announcement of a RevAir Giveaway on a celebrity’s Instagram page. Ayisha Issa, of the NBC hit series Transplant, graciously celebrated her birthday by giving one lucky winner her favorite hair tool. You guessed it - the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer! Followers got to watch Ayisha Rev’ her hair in a cool video sharing the news.

This 7 day period ended with some exclamation mark moments when mega-influencer and podcaster, @Alle_Elle (who purchased RevAir on her own) shared a story where she did her daughters hair, touting “ investment!”. Next up, TikTok titan @MattLovesHair, reveled in his love for RevAir calling it, “...the most magical tool!”

See the details below and stay tuned to see what next week brings...

Five Star Customer Reviews


Finally a way to control my hair without the sweaty and damaging blow dryer sash. Straightens better than a flat iron and it's so easy. My boyfriend could do my hair! This will be especially amazing when the weather gets hot and the humidity sends my entire under layer to frizz and curls. I've been trying to grow out my hair for a while. As my hair is so sensitive to heat, I am thrilled that I will finally be able to have nice hair without sacrificing split ends and breakage. Love it!

Time Saver

Definitely cuts down the time when drying my very long and thick type 4 hair. Each section I part to dry does so in 2 mins or less like for real! I definitely recommend it as oppose to hairdryers with comb attachments. Mind you it may not have your hair bone straight (didn't really expect that, styling is always needed for me after drying) but it does help to blow it out enough to run a comb straight through with out a fight. I love it! 

Huge Timesaver

This dryer is everything it's cracked up to be. All that AND a bag of chips!!! So glad I made this investment. Yes, it is heavy and bulky but it is so worth while! I normally do a wet set and sit under the dryer in 2-3 shifts because it is so uncomfortable. The RevAir took me 40 minutes the very first time.

RevAir Live Series 

Another Tuesday Rev’ing in real time with Crystal and special guest, Tia Streaty.


Crystal and Ladosha went live to talk about hair growth myths and truths.

RevAir Post Reviews




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