REV 4 100 | REView for the Week Ending 3.05.21

REV 4 100

60. 2. 1. 3. 7.

Winning lottery numbers? It feels like it. The combination to unknown treasure? Essentially.

60% Faster. 2-in-1 Dries + Straightens . 3 Heat Settings. 7 Tension Levels For All Hair Types.

It is easy to discuss the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer by the numbers because it’s a device that delivers on it’s promise. It’s proven technology performs not just in formal testing, but at-home in the bathrooms, and on the vanities, of people across the United States and Canada. However, this week’s REViews added two other numbers to RevAir's winning formula: 4 and 100.

  • 4 hours with a traditional hair dryer. 1 hour with RevAir. ”Would 100% recommend this product.”
  • 4C hair complete with a daughter’s wash day woes. 0 tears with RevAir. “Stretches her hair out, but keeps it still 100% natural.”
  • 4 the money? “This is 100% worth it." 

Celebrity Stylists, Influencers, beloved RevAir Customers are experiencing endless excitement seeing their RevAir results. See for yourself below.

Five Star Customer Reviews

100% worth it

Don't let the money put you off, this is 100% worth it - Wow, I was really surprised by this product. At first when seeing the price, I could not have imagined spending so much on a hair dryer but this product is definitely worth the money. The device itself is big for a hair dryer but I find the long tube ideal as you are not restricted and can easily move around to get to all parts of the head.

Would 100% recommend this product

My daughters hair is thick and coarse and normally takes around 4hrs to blow dry with a regular blow dryer but RevAir is amazing, now it takes me around a hour. The way it stretches out the hair is amazing, left me shocked at how good it really worked. The texture after using RevAir is sleek and leaves it looking really healthy. This definitely was a good investment. Very happy customer. Would 100% recommend this product.

4C Hair Stretched Out Beautifully

My daughter and I have 4c hair and my daughter always struggles with wash day. She cries all the time when I have to blow dry her hair out, with the RevAir it has been wonderful and no tears at all on wash day. She loves her hair and I am pleased with how the RevAir stretches her hair out but keeps it sill 100% natural.

Simply Amazing

When I first purchased this product I had my doubts. However, it works. Not only does a dry your hair but it straightens it at the same time. I was blown away (no pun intended) by the ease of the product. I have curly hair that I think it’s frizzy this made it soft and shiny. Well worth it 🙌 ❤

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