RevAir To The Rescue | REView for the Week Ending 2.12.21

RevAir To The Rescue

Still using grueling hair comb attachments? Spending labor-intensive hours straightening and stretching? Straining your wrists and backs? Locs that take what seems like a lifetime to dry? A special needs child that hates the blow dryer so much that they want to cry? Maybe a Dad who wants to bond with his little babe while he helps care for her hair? For all of this (and more), there is one solution - the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer.

This week, from written reviews to those where video was used, the sentiment was RevAir changed the way they do their hair. In place of the problems they once contended with, RevAir users delighted in the discovery that there is finally a hair tool that delivers on it promise. Called “Sheer magic! A must-buy! Amazing!” and the “Best hair purchase I’ve ever made”the investment customers made in RevAir was now deemed priceless.

Given it was the week of Valentine’s celebration, love is in the (H)air around RevAir, and it was seen in the coverage it received. A mother tending to the tresses of her special needs child who now smiles instead of stresses during wash days. With RevAir replacing the blowing of hot air toward the face and scalp to the use of suction allows sensory issues to be less present...and finishing 3x times faster helps too! A father-daughter duo who have taken TikTok by storm, traded in their ShopVac ponytail protocol for the innovation of Reverse-Air. Together, they giggled their way through their get-ready routine. And lastly, was the Best Friends foREVer Galentine’s Giveaway where Besties were each gifted a RevAir Total Package! The initial entrant, bound up and down Live on Instagram and even shared how she had been asking for a RevAir for the past 3 Christmases.

See below just how grand RevAir love is...

Five Star Customer Reviews

Dryer Magic!

"This hair dryer is sheer magic! It's effortless and does not pull like the comb attachment dryers. A must buy!"

A lifesaver

"Best hair purchase I've ever made, took my styling time down from hours to 20 minutes."

Overall, happy with the purchase

"When I first heard about RevAir it seemed awesome but I did not rush to buy since my hair is wavy and not difficult to style. Eventually, I decided to purchase. I have a lot of hair (which is why I considered RevAir to begin with); however, styling my hair with RevAir takes about 5 minutes--amazing! Additionally, the dryer does not blow out hot air into the room. The down side is that the machine takes substantial space, is heavy, and much more expensive than traditional hair dryers. Nonetheless, this hair dryer is like no other, and is a good purchase overall."

Totally worth it!

"I am so happy I purchased this. It works exactly as described. Even though I watched a lot videos and read reviews I was still nervous. I followed the directions and had great results on my 3c and my daughters 4b hair. No tension, no breakage, no arm and back pain!!!"

RevAir Live Series 

Crystal and Ladosha went live again to discuss single strand knots. 

RevAir Post Reviews




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