2020? Oh no! 2021? LIZZO! | REView for the Week Ending 1.8.21

2020? Oh no! 2021? LIZZO!

At RevAir, every customer deserves the “star treatment” and so does their hair. It's the ideal blend of a product that delivers on its promise, offers a faster and healthier alternative to traditional tools, and customer service that is second to none, that makes it easy for RevAir device owners to return the star power - the 5 Star REView power, that is!

Flat irons were bid farewell and blow dryers banished to the bottom of the drawer in exchange for this 2-in-1 drying and straightening solution deemed a sensation by REViewers that said, “…RevAir exceeded expectations…” on their Coily, Type 4 hair. While 2020 was difficult in many ways, RevAir was one bright spot that eliminated wash day woes and gave women a sense of normalcy among a sea of salon closures.

And it doesn’t take a global pandemic for nearly all women to wish they were a celebrity who had a hair stylist to get them ready every day. That is something women always dream of! On New Year’s Eve, Instagram Followers of Celebrity Stylist extraordinaire, Shelby Swain, witnessed a wig being readied using Reverse-Air for the one and only Lizzo. Even those who have only the best stylists on hand, with budgets that allow them their choice of any product on the planet, trust their tresses to RevAir.

If starting the new year with Lizzo is any indicator, we think it’s safe to say that if 2020 was “100% that b****”, that 2021 is going to leave us “Feeling good as hell!"

Five Star Customer Reviews

RevAir is amazing. 

RevAir is amazing. I love that it takes less time to dry my relaxed hair and guess what? I don't even have to use a flat iron to smooth! I will showcase on instagram soon. I'm loving my hair!! Great job team RevAir.
- Judy N. 

TRULY a game changer...

RevAir is TRULY a game changer... I have ordered so many hair tools that I hoped would deliver the way they promised only to realize it wasn’t for MY coily curls... I AM SOOO impressed and thrilled that Rev air exceeded my expectations!!!!
- Jennifer L.

Could not be more pleased with this product. 

Fantastic! My hair goes from curly/wet to straight/dry in less than half the time a normal blow dry and flat iron would take. My hair retains moisture and looks like I do when the salon does my hair. Could not be more pleased with this product.
- Jodelle D.

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