RevAir Customers Rave 'Great Investment!' | REView for the Week Ending 1.15.21

RevAir Customers Rave 'Great Investment!'

It is said an investment is the following: /inˈves(t)mənt/ noun - an act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. In short, RevAir.

When it comes to hair, it is rare to find a product that exceeds ones expectations. In financial investing, many terms are bantered about - Appreciation, Benchmark, Gains Versus Loss, Cut Off Time, Diversification, Growth, Interest Rate, Portfolio, Share, Valuation. It seems, RevAir has more in common with these Wall Street terms than one might think!

We have REVised this investment glossary to give you an overview the things this weeks REViewers noticed:

Appreciation - 1. After years of trying products sold with false promises, RevAir customers respect the results of this innovated device. 2. With other tools singeing curls into submission, customers relish in how sleek, shiny and healthy their hair looks.

Benchmark - In a world where every day there is a new product fighing for your attention, it is more infrequent than not that true newness is discovered. RevAir devices owners are saying, “bye bye, blow dryer” and “see ya, straightener” as the results of Reverse-Air are beyond compare.

Gains Versus Loss - Brushes cause hair breakage and loss. The gentle nature of the Reverse-Air utilized to straighten and stretch, minimizes hair loss and over time is likely to increase hair thickness and length. Taking it from loss to locks!

Cut Off Time - The methodic engineering approach taken in creating the RevAir Wand ensures hair is suspended in the air without flapping about. This careful consideration translates to a diminishment in the amount of split ends incurred by traditional hair drying and styling methods allowing one to go longer between hair cuts.

Diversification - 3 Heat Levels. 7 Tension Settings. 1 Device for All Hair Types, especially suited for Curly and Coily.

Growth - One can wear their hair nearly as long as they like with RevAir. (Sorry, for those with hair longer than 6 feet) With a true 360 degree, root to end, dry and straightening process, that is unique to RevAir, one need not cut their hair short because they only have a short amount of time to tend to their tresses.

Interest Rate - RevAir continues to be sought after by savvy beauty consumers around the globe. To the disappoint of many, it is those located in the US and Canada that are able to get their hands on one.

Portfolio - In a world where much is done for the photo rather than the experience, RevAir gives more “great hair days” to choose from. Customers feel so good, we could swear before they image is snapped we hear, “Say RevAir!”

Share - Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok - you name the platform and you are sure to find customer testimonial videos encouraging others not to believe RevAir is too good to be true and to try it.

Valuation - One glance at our 5 Star REViews and it is easy to see, RevAir customers find their device priceless.

Five Star Customer Reviews

Remarkable results that last!
Remarkable results that last! My daughter and I have used other devices to ‘tame’ our hair, and though the initial results were great, the ‘wildness’ returned within a couple hours. With the RevAir, we’ve noticed our manes remain tame for hours on end. Thank you!!
- Lori B.

It's definitely a worthwhile INVESTMENT!
I completely dried my hair in 50 minutes. It usually takes 2 hours, not including styling it. I have combination 3c/4a thick, waist length hair. I rarely straighten it because it's too much work. The moment I realized how fast I was getting done with my hair, I knew this was a game hanger! It quickly dried and straightened my hair, while leaving it baby soft. I used the Olaplex system (minus oil) and the Play it Straight balm. It only took 10 minutes to lightly flat-iron it and a week later, this hair is STILL bone straight and baby soft! Yes, it's bulky, it's loud and it's pricey. But it pays for itself when you have hair like mine. Saves me money, trips to the salon and hours of my time. It's definitely a worthwhile INVESTMENT!
- Chris B.

THE best thing...
It's THE best thing I've ever invested my money in!!!!!!
- Jacqueline W.

RevAir Live Series 

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